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Pretty cool, but quite hard! Would you be kind enough to check out our submission?

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Unfortunately you were not trapped per say, as there was a death pit to your left, which upon entering would have restarted the level. But the issue the person below is mentioning is that the part you fell in felt a little cheap given it was at the end of a level, in a seemingly safe area, and repeating the level was something they didn't wish to do. 

Thank you so much for checking it out! I am really sorry to hear they weren't responsive, as everything is snappy on my end. But of course it will vary system to system. I think the major issue is I was using an outdated version of unity, and alot of the packages used in this project were still in experimental for me. This has also led to reports of major inconsistencies and frame loss aswell. Upon updating the engine, I hope I will have more success guarenting consistent results, thank you very much for your feedback as I had yet to hear of issues with the controls, but most of all, thank you for playing! :)

Thank you so much for playing, and the kind words! That is an extremely valid point! Unfortunately I added the cutscenes near the end of the jam, and despite really wishing I could, didn't have time to implement checkpoints. If we ever continue working on it, I will remember your feedback and implement them right away! Thank you again for checking it out, it really means a lot! :) 

Thank you so much for taking the time to recreate it. I will definitely have to move that wall on the left closer so the block must be against the wall in order to get up there. I'm sure you figured out that was the intended way things were supposed to play out. Thank you again! 

No problem! If you run into problems, you can contact me on here, or the brackeys discord. Always happy to help someone who is willing to learn :) 

Thank you so much for streaming our game, I really appreciate the kind words and the feedback I received :)

Thank you so much :)

Thank you so much! While playing your game, I could definitely see a resemblance to ours, which made me happy someone else had the same idea :) .. Yes the two major things that ate at my time was the AI and cutscenes, I really wish I had more time to refine both of them!

I totally agree with the music track! I had asked the composer for a loopable track, but it was slightly shorter than expected. If it wasn't for the time constraint I'm sure he could have made it longer, or made multiple to fix that issue. Thank you so much for letting me know you got stuck, if you can remember, do you mind telling me what part?

Thank you so much for your feedback and trying it out, it really means a lot :)

Thank you so much! "White cute puff" is so wholesome, it should become her official name :)

Thank you for playing it :)

Thank you so much! I'm really glad you enjoyed it :)

Thank you so much! The lighting is a combination of semi transparent bg sprites, layer orders, and glow effects using the soft round brush in photoshop directly on the sprites. Also by using Unity's 2D renderer, I was able to add 2D lights, which further enhance the glows I made. The fog was a wispy cloud  I drew in photoshop being spawned via particle system. The settings on the particle system were size over lifetime, and color over lifetime. The result made the fog spawn in small and transparent, grow to a reasonable size while slowly becoming semi-transparent, and finally it would go transparent again, and despawn.  I just started a youtube channel about 2 weeks ago, and since everybody has been commenting on how nice the game looks, i'm thinking the next video I will show how to make a similar environment. 

Thank you so much for playing! I have heard about the performance issues, which doesn't make sense, because it ran at a solid baseline of 250fps in the unity profiler. As you said there isn't anything all to complex running , so I think the performance issues are because i'm using an older version of unity with the 2D renderer. So if I were to update unity and build, it would likely fix the issues! But thank you for letting me know that your pc is actually half way decent, I wasn't sure how bad the performance issue actually was, and I will update once the jam is over. :) 

I really liked the concept, but I got stuck at the stone part when the souls button didn't work :( ... I really liked the art, you did a fantastic job, might I suggest coyote time for the platforming if you decide to update it after the jam :) 

The clone feature was a one time use, which I didnt know, but I restarted the entire game and was able to finish. The silhouette style is really cool, and reminds me of my game! :) 

Just a tip:  because your doing movement with velocity, put a frictionless physics material on your character, up the linear drag on the rigidbody, and then adjust the jump force and gravity scale to compensate. This will make it so your player doesn't stick to walls anymore! :)

I'm not very good at it, but it was fun nonetheless! You can tell how much love went into the art, very good job guys! :)

I think the combat needs a little tweaking, and as others have said, the knight followers dont work sometimes, but solid submission :) 

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Very cool game! Nice visuals! :) Although a speed up text button would've been nice! I seen the skip, but I still wanted to read it :P

Really awesome game! I didn't know you could raise my first few playthroughs, so maybe add a prompt. The necromancy genre is always so fun to play, and I feel like you did a good job making it super satisfying :)

Cool idea, Although probably the point, I just wish it wasnt so spammy. 

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Pretty cool game! Unfortunately I had to restart many times because I found the safe key before I unlocked the padlock, and you can only carry 1 key at a time.  Edit: After reading the game page, I realize I could have dropped the key, so maybe add a prompt when your inventory is full?

Very cool game! Idk why but I felt a little motion sick from the scrolling bg though :/ 

Otherwise I thought the puzzles were really thought out! :)

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Thank you so much for checking it out! I'm really glad you enjoyed it, and it is very flattering to be compared to the likes of limbo and hollow knight! It could have been the ai, but as a tip, she can't jump as high as you, which requires you to solve some puzzles, so it could have been that as well. Thank you again for your kind words, I have checked out your game, and left you a comment :) 

Really cool game, I could see that you were inspired from RCTN. Solid submission :) 

Really cool game! Even though I couldn't die, I still enjoyed myself :) 

Very cool game! The visuals are stunning! Hard to imagine it was made in a week! :D

Very cool game! I really liked how all the characters have different abilities, the sunglasses and minigun  for the first character was hilarious! As said by others, I think a few control prompts would have been good, but at least you displayed them on the itch page. Nicely done!

Very cool game! I lost my first few times, but quickly got the hang of it!  My only suggestion would be a bar that shows the overall song progress, because towards the end of the song, I was nervous that it was an infinite game.

Very interesting submission! I wasn't expecting something like this to be in the jam! At first I didn't know I was being penalized for missing notes, but quickly realized when people started disappearing.  My only suggestion would be to make a custom cursor, which would add to the immersion. Very good job though! I really enjoyed it :) 

Very cool game! I struggled at first, but quickly got the hang of it. Although it may be per the design, but I wish when you touched other segments with the tail they would attach, and maybe a power up to heal all your segments, but I found it quite fun and played more than a few rounds. :)

A little slow paced, but man those explosion particles were satisfying! Good job! :)

Very solid submission! I really liked the double jump animation, and the dialog was very well written! Good job! I know it has been mentioned before, but the door animation is about a second to long. But other than that, it was a very enjoyable experience. :)

Thank you so much for checking it out! It really means a lot! :)

Thank you so much :)

I think it's because i'm using the 2D renderer on an outdated version of unity. I'm sure if I update, it will run a lot better! :) .. Thank you so much for checking it out, and the kind words! I really appreciate it! :)

Haha, thank you so much! It was a weeks worth of struggling, so i'm really glad you enjoyed it! :)

Haha, thank you! I updated the theme details, to better explain it! 

Thank you so much! :)