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The leaderboard does appear to be broken for you. Im not to sure why you only have 11 scores shown, as it should be filled. With that score though, you would have been 7th, not 2nd. 

This is likely something on loot lockers end, or maybe a problem with internet connectivity. 

Dev here, your score should definitely be showing up. As of this comment, we have a total of 39 unique users on the board. 

However, it only submits your best score per device/pc. You can't submit multiple scores to 'fill up' the leaderboard. Only your best will be displayed. 

I should also clarify, you can overwrite your score if you get a better one, when hitting submit. 

Hitting submit with a worse score will do absolutely nothing.

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Thanks for playing! Sorry you had a bad experience. We were aiming to make a bit of a 'rage' game. So something similar to games like jump king, or getting over it. In those games the lack of fine control is actually an intended feature. 

Thanks so much for playing our game! We have heard the same sentiments over the charge shot! I agree, it's a bit to slow pace of a mechanic for this game!

Thanks for playing our game! I really liked your submission as well

Very cool submission! Feels really polished!

Awesome job! Very challenging submission!

Very cool interpretation of the theme!

Thanks for checking out the game!

Thanks for checking it out!

Thanks for checking it out! Glad you liked it! :D

Glad you enjoyed it! :)

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Hey man! Thanks for playing! :) There is a flop button someone else added, but it doesn't work on the sides I guess.

Thank you, that's quite the comparison! I was trying to go for a more moody feel, so I guess it worked! :) 

Haha, thanks! Glad you liked it! :D 

Pretty cool entry, reminds me of the old popcap games! I made it to level 4. I wish you didn't have to do earlier levels over again. 

Oh, Okay. That makes so much more sense now lol. I guess it just goes to show the 'no communication' part of the jam. xD! Nah, the code was easy enough to figure out without comments, no worries! :) 

Really? I beat the entire game, and only seen them during the tutorial, unless i'm blind and just missed them. :O

This submission was so cool! At first I was terrified that it was going to be one massive punishing level (jump king). 

Really cool game! Feels super polished! I was a little concerned about the Martians, until they didn't show up xD!

Haha, thanks for checking it out! :) ... I'm not sure about winning, but I had a fun time working on it! :) 

Haha, thanks for checking it out, glad you liked it! Honestly, AI can be super tricky lol. To make things easy, I tend to create AI in a very basic way, something that follows a 'predictable' pattern. So in bobs case, he just wanders around down there until he sees you, and then chases you until you get to far away, or he gets 'tired', rinse and repeat.

When I first got the project, somewhere along the way, he was defaulted to chasing the player, until a minute has passed, then set to wander for a minute. There was also a teleport to player feature that was being used at 'seemly' random intervals. I wasn't entirely sure why things were setup that way, what was intentional, and what wasn't.

I just refactored the good bits that were already there,  changed some values, and made the visuals match. Overall, what was there was already setup nicely with A* and made it easy for me to come in, and add a sneaky surprise, lurking in the depths. :)  

Haha, thanks! I had a lot of fun working on this project! It is really cool to see how the project has evolved since you worked on it!

I made a variation of this for day 6! :)

Was pretty entertaining. I beat it on 28 because I didn't understand the castle objective until I was already maxed out lol.

Initially I also thought the price of an upgrade was what my stat currently was - ex: I thought I had 25 strength, but it cost 25. So I was a little confused on how to purchase upgrades at first. 

Overall good job! In the future maybe some more enemy variety, bullet patterns, and some different upgrades - projectile amount, size, etc.

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I had quite a bit of fun with it! My suggestion would be to remove mouse for retry. Only using spacebar is really great, and would be nice for that as well.

The slope felt kind of empty, which could be fixed by giving the player a slight break, and adding a few 'checkpoint' props. (A cabin at 100m, a ski lift at 200m, etc.). This would also help give a sense of progression outside the leaderboard.

Overall really good job though! The main loop, and competition from the leaderboard is addicting! :)

I think the objective could maybe be stated in the game itself. To add to that, I seen a bunch of useful information about the game on your itch page as a reply to another person.

I could just say general statements like 'make it more fun to kill enemies', 'make the robot arms more interesting', but I think the main thing you should work on is giving the player a sense of purpose. Why am I killing these enemies? How does that impact the player? What do robot arms do? What are these orcas? It seems you have a general storyline or idea about all of that, but it isn't conveyed in a meaningful way, rather than adding length to the arms.

To add a few positives, the arm idea is pretty cool, and congrats on finishing a game! You did what most game developers fail to do, you actually finished a project! I can see the game being pretty fun to revisit, later in your game dev journey, after you make a few more small games, and learn from those experiences. Keep at it! :)

Good job! :) 

Pretty cool, but quite hard! Would you be kind enough to check out our submission?

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Unfortunately you were not trapped per say, as there was a death pit to your left, which upon entering would have restarted the level. But the issue the person below is mentioning is that the part you fell in felt a little cheap given it was at the end of a level, in a seemingly safe area, and repeating the level was something they didn't wish to do. 

Thank you so much for checking it out! I am really sorry to hear they weren't responsive, as everything is snappy on my end. But of course it will vary system to system. I think the major issue is I was using an outdated version of unity, and alot of the packages used in this project were still in experimental for me. This has also led to reports of major inconsistencies and frame loss aswell. Upon updating the engine, I hope I will have more success guarenting consistent results, thank you very much for your feedback as I had yet to hear of issues with the controls, but most of all, thank you for playing! :)

Thank you so much for playing, and the kind words! That is an extremely valid point! Unfortunately I added the cutscenes near the end of the jam, and despite really wishing I could, didn't have time to implement checkpoints. If we ever continue working on it, I will remember your feedback and implement them right away! Thank you again for checking it out, it really means a lot! :) 

Thank you so much for taking the time to recreate it. I will definitely have to move that wall on the left closer so the block must be against the wall in order to get up there. I'm sure you figured out that was the intended way things were supposed to play out. Thank you again! 

No problem! If you run into problems, you can contact me on here, or the brackeys discord. Always happy to help someone who is willing to learn :) 

Thank you so much for streaming our game, I really appreciate the kind words and the feedback I received :)

Thank you so much :)

Thank you so much! While playing your game, I could definitely see a resemblance to ours, which made me happy someone else had the same idea :) .. Yes the two major things that ate at my time was the AI and cutscenes, I really wish I had more time to refine both of them!

I totally agree with the music track! I had asked the composer for a loopable track, but it was slightly shorter than expected. If it wasn't for the time constraint I'm sure he could have made it longer, or made multiple to fix that issue. Thank you so much for letting me know you got stuck, if you can remember, do you mind telling me what part?

Thank you so much for your feedback and trying it out, it really means a lot :)

Thank you so much! "White cute puff" is so wholesome, it should become her official name :)

Thank you for playing it :)

Thank you so much! I'm really glad you enjoyed it :)