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This is amazing :) ! Well done mate, both me and Liam are so impressed by what you've created ! What stands out most to me is the beautiful, very unique art style. I love the environments and texture added to the ground.
The sound effects and music are also really cool, as well as the weapons and how they rest on the ground with that little drop shadow. You've added all these neat details that make the game feel polished and fun.
The only down point I can find here is perhaps shooting. I would have made the projectiles a bit larger, they do look and feel a bit weak and "limp". For a shooter game, as a player I would love to wield something powerful, that shoots large, cool looking projectiles ! 
But yeah other than that great job !! I didn't reach the boss fight unfortunately, would love to see some screenshots of him on the discord server or on Twitter ! 
Keep it up dude, looking forward to seeing what you'll be making next !

Very cool little game :) ! Me and my bro had a few good laughs playing it ^^
First of all the visuals are awesome, I really like that simple low poly art style you guys have gone for ! The sound effects and music are also top notch, quite eerie, which goes well with the alien and space atmosphere !
I chuckled when the aliens abducted cows xD ! Children would have been more dramatic!

Anyway a solid game jam entry, keep it up guys !

This is a very original little game :) !
Unfortunately I couldn't make much progress :(, I just found it impossible to get out the first planet (and I just red the description, which says it's a bug which makes sense).
But still, the music is really nice, and the visuals though simple are very cute. It would have been awesome  to have a little sound effect for when you destroy a block, things would have felt extra satisfying.
Anyway nice jame entry that fits the theme of the jame very well, just a shame there's that bug stopping me from making much progress, keep it up mate !

An excellent game jam entry, well done :)  
From the cutscene to the gameplay, things are just awesome , polished and fun. The art is top notch and the music as well, I'm just really impressed by what you all did in such a short period of time ! 
I have an AZER keyboard so the controls were a little hard to handle at first, but I quickly got used to it thankfully.
Anyway great job, keep it up !

That was awesome :) ! Well done, definitely one of the better games I've played for this jam !
The pixel art is really neat, music epic and gameplay interesting and cool. 
Sometimes I lost track of where my player was, usually after teleporting myself. Perhaps have a more prominent effect spawn when you've teleported to help the player spot his character ? Or some trail effect ?
Anyway a really solid jam entry, keep it up !

Great work man :) ! I really enjoyed reading your post mortem blog post, and the game was neat as well ! 
I liked the stars in space, and how there seems to be different layers, giving a real sense of depth to this top down 2D scene, great touch ! Initially I just zoomed around a little lost and finding it difficult to control my ship, but eventually was able to grasp how things worked and enjoyed the experience.
So yeah all in all this is a solid game jam entry, with cool graphics (nice intro by the way), chill music/sound effects and that fits the theme of the jam really well, keep it up ! 

Awesome work man :) ! After watching your making of video I was looking forward to trying this out ! 
Visuals are simple and nice and the music/sound effects are really neat. I didn't feel like there was that much strategy involved for the gameplay, it was mostly just wait until I have enough coins and place a turret, so I got to wave 8 or so I believe without any real challenge. But still, it was a pretty relaxing experience, one that fits very nicely with the theme of the jam. 
So yeah all in all well done and keep it up :) ! 

That was really cool :) ! Well done !
The controls were smooth, and the sound effects awesome ! And of course the rabbit player character was neat ^^ Keep it up ! 

That was cool ! Well done for completing your game :) ! 
The art and music were really cute, and the gameplay though simple was fun and challenging ! 
The controls were a bit too floaty for my liking though, perhaps try and make them more "snappy", that way the player feels more under control, and the game also feels more responsive.
Anyway still a solid entry, keep it up guys :) ! 

That was so hard xD ! But fun, very fun and addicting ! Great job !
The visuals are awesome and the music is nice and calm, which is perfect, it soothed me when I felt like screaming after dying for what seemed like the 100th time ;D ! 
All in all a very solid entry, keep it up !

A really solid, interesting game :) ! Well done ! 
The visuals are epic (my favorite part being the background, full of stars and particles, brilliant !) and the gameplay is pretty interesting and cool ! Destroying hazards feels really satisfying, with that screen shake and sound effect ^^ 
Just a shame there wasn't a quick restart option, it was a bit annoying having to go back to the menu. But other than that awesome work guys, keep it up :) ! 

ooo I really enjoyed this game :) ! Well done ! 
The visuals were awesome and really cute, each planet had so much personality ! 
I think my favorite thing was the dialog, and the way each character was voice acted in a super cool way (it made me think of the npcs in Hollow Knight). And of course the music was spot on ! Keep it up !

Very challenging, but pretty fun :) ! Well done mate for completing a game from A to Z ! 
I really liked the speeding star effect in the background and the way the planet shatters when destroyed !
The sound effects hurt my ears a little bit xD, but still, this is a solid jam entry, keep it up :) !

Very interesting game :) ! Well done !
Gameplay is really difficult but pretty fair ! Where this game shines for me is with the cool UI, and art ! The planets look really cool ^^ 
The sound effects and music are also neat. So yeah all in all a solid jam entry, keep it up mate !

Others have said it, but I'm also going to say it : this game is awesome :) ! 
The gameplay is polished, fun and interesting, but where this game really shines in my opinions is with the visuals and particle effects. They're amazing ! And that scene transition is so cool ^^
Plus the sound effects and music are spot on. Glad you joined the jam ! 

Cool art, neat sound effects (ooo I love that pop) and simple but interesting gameplay :) ! Good job ! 
It would of been great to have planets with spikes on them or little alien characters (that act as either hazards or just friendly npcs, to make the planets more interesting and make the player actually want to explore further).
Still, solid entry, keep it up :) ! 

Man I love the art style, atmopshere, music and idea :) ! Unfortunately I just couldn't make much progress, it was too hard for me ;D ! My character would just splash in that lovely low poly water!
Are there actually several levels ?
Anyway good job, keep it up :) !

I love the visual style, it illustrates well the words : beauty in simplicity :)
And that music is very relaxing, great job ! 
Of course, very nice message, all in all an interesting, original take on the theme of the jam. 

That was really cool :) ! This is honestly a good strategy game, with clean, nice vector art, a calm soundtrack, great UI and tons of great ideas ! 
Great job and keep it up !

Awesome game, and made all the more impressive seeing how little time you had to complete it :) ! 
Each boss is unique and cool, sounds and music are neat, art is right down my alley and difficulty feels fair (still very hard xD). 
For some reason I couldn't get a quick restart after death though (despite trying both settings), other than that, didn't spot any bugs !
Oh and really cool / funny story ! Keep it up !

Simple but cool :) ! Well done man !
I really like the little trail effect behind the space ship, and the sound effects and music are also neat !
As for gameplay, I would have made the planet and walls a bit smaller perhaps to leave the space ship more time to defeat enemies. But other than that the controls are smooth and fun to use, there's no bugs and yeah, all in all a cool little game ! Cheers

Well done for completing your game man :)  ! I had some trouble understanding the rules, but eventually I think I got the hang of it and had a pretty good time.
The sound effects are very relaxing and go well with the space atmosphere !
And the art is simplistic but cool, keep it up mate

Just watched the video, and had a really great time watching you play Escaping Hearts :) ! You seem like a really cool dude, best of luck of with your channel, I'm sure you'll go far ! Cheers ^^

That's a great idea ;D! Should have thought about that sooner ^^ cheers

Hey :) ! I'm so glad you liked this little puzzle game I made ! 
And thanks for speedrunning it, that was a lot of fun to watch ! You've really mastered the game, you were even able to find some glitches I had no idea existed^^. Cheers mate :) !

Yes there is :) ! Just take a look at the bottom right corner of the screen ^^

I believe you hat to hit space or enter to play :) ! No need for the mouse with the game ! Sorry about that, should have made it more clear !

Nothing wrong with the game, or it least I don't think... I'v never had any complaint like that so far :( ! Maybe you accidentally had your headphones on mute ? 

Perhaps just try playing on Newgrounds :

That might fix the issue :) ! cheers !

Hey :) ! There's actually a secret passage you can find in the room that lets you pass through even when really big ! I should of made it a bit more clear perhaps, sorry about that ;D !

Thanks so much mate for the kind words :) !

Thanks a lot for pointing out that pesky bug, I'll fix it straight away :) !

Thanks a lot for pointing that out :) ! I'll fix it straight away !

Thanks so much for those kind words :) ! It's really encouraging and appreciated :) !

That was awesome:) !! It fits the theme of the jam brilliantly, and has some fantastic art and animations !

There's no real puzzle or challenge involved but it's still a pleasure assembling this little game from all these moving machine parts ! 

Well done :) !

Simple but fun, well done :)) !! 
I loved the juicy sound effects and music and the visuals fit perfectly with the theme of the jam !

It would of been interesting if errors began appearing from the sides of the screen as well and moved horizontally towards the player (so he would have to jump over them) !

Anyway great job mate, keep it up :) !

I love how this game lets you become the game/level designer :) ! Awesome concept ! 

It's a tough game, but it feels fair and beating a level (that I kind of created myself ;D) feels very rewarding ! 

All in all a solid jam entry, well done :) !

What a fantastic idea :) !! It fit the theme of the jam perfectly and was pretty fun !

The voice acting at the start was super ! I really felt that an actual human playtester was moving the character, he didn't move mechanically or in a straight line which was a very nice little detail ! 

It would of been great to be able to speed up the game (*2 or *4) ! But seeing how short the experience was the slow pace didn't really bother me !

Anyway great job, keep it up :) !

That was really cool :) ! Well done for having made a game that fit BOTH jam themes, that's quite a challenge you faced :) !

I would of liked to have more input when the player taks damage, like the screen flashing red or something, and perhaps have the character move faster which would of made naviguating around the world more enjoyable and less tedious ! 

But all in all this was a very fun little top down shooter with cute art and an awesome music ! Keep it up :) !

This is absolutely fantastic :) !!! Seriously this game could be sold on Steam if you added more content ! More levels, boss encounters, options to customize the cute little player character !

Have you tried turning this into a roguelike ? Half randomly generated half hand crafted (like in Mark Brown's video on Spelunky), with rooms that you design but that are randomly connected to each other and have a few random elements !

Anyway great job :) !! This was a really inspiring piece !

A huge well done for completing your first game ! Damn I love that character selection menu ;D !! 

The art is also fantastic, it feels very serene ! 
Gameplay can be a bit confusing but has a lot of potential ! Keep it up :) !