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Incredible work! Will likely be using this insane visualization of the jam in the video!

Great game!

Thanks for the awesome feeback everyone! It means a lot :)

Great take on the theme! With awesome animations, juicy sounds effects, and clever level design. The cute rabbit turned horrible monster is simply epic.

Congrats on completing your first game! This was quite a challenge!

I like the sky, and the main menu with the spooky, stone Blender monkey face is a nice touch. Controls are pretty smooth too. I must admit though I had a hard time executing some of the jumps, the gaps were so big :D

Still, well done, and keep it up. Hope to see you for the 4th Blackthornprod Game Jam later in the year.

Thanks a lot for the awesome feedback. It's really appreciated Manus!

Really Interesting take on the theme :)! The puzzles were quite challenging, and you nailed the spooky nightmare atmosphere. If it wasn't for the cute graphics (which are awesome), this could have been a chilling horror experience. 

Thanks a ton for the feedback everyone. So appreciated :)

Fantastic entry! Loved the take on the theme, and great art & game feel. 

Love the art :)! Such vibrant, epic colors! 

Owen and Ellen... I don't know what to say. Such a beautiful adventure. That ending, and the music with it was inspiring. 
Thanks for taking part in the jam and creating this little gem.

Congrats on finishing your game!
It's an extremely hard experience. Couldn't get very far, but I must say it was satisfying when I could move my car for even just a few seconds on the road! Perhaps making it a little less difficult right from the start would be a nice way to encourage the player and get him/her engaged! (like a straight road with maybe a tiny bend).
I also think it would be a good idea to have the music smoothly run in the background, without resetting itself whenever you lose (this would make losing a little less jarring). 
I like the main menu and how you can control the car directly in there (kind of acts like a safe tutorial to try out the machine!).

Thanks! and congrats on beating the game! :)

Thanks :) Yes the jam was an awesome experience to be a part of.

Thanks for the feedback :) Yes you're not the only one who found the game quite hard to figure out. I should have spent a little more time on the tutorial it seems.

Thanks for the kind feedback :) It's really appreciated!

Awesome work :)! A classic top down shooter idea with some unique twists which I love! Crisp and funky art style/ color palette too!

Really clever game :)! Loved the how placing towers was both helpful and dangerous. Really nice art too (especially love the cute trees). 

Another great game from Owen Senior :)! I'm a big fan of his work, and this gem is no exception. Great game juice, interesting gameplay and I love how it fits the theme of the jam. Congrats! 

Good point! Here it is :) :

That's really nice to hear, thanks!

Thanks man! Glad you liked it!

Thanks Boris as usual for the great feedback :) These are some great ideas right here which I will definitely keep in mind should I expand this game!
Dobby sends his regards :)

Sorry to hear that ;D! Everyone is talking about a maze like horror game but I don't think I've ever played it. What's it called?

Thanks a lot for the great feedback again Boris! Dobby also sends his regards. :)

Thanks mate :)! I'll think about doing that!

Really glad you enjoyed this little prototype, thanks for the feedback Boris :)!

Thanks for the awesome suggestions Eean :)!

Another idea, is to lie about the theme of the jam :D
So at the start of the game... there's for example a prompt saying : "The theme of the jam was: SPORTS". And that's of course a lie... the game is lying about the theme. As a result, you're good to go ;)

Lovely use of the theme :) ! And great level design. I found it a bit hard to change the jelly's direction. Often I would just jump instead... but other than that very solid entry.
And big thanks for your awesome feedback on Life is Snot :) 

Really cool concept, fantastic work :) ! Loved the ending and the music was great. Oh man, I think this might end up in Mark's video ;))

Well done for completing your first game jam game, it's really cool :) ! I love the pixel art and sound effects. Running through this dungeon with a stout dwarf gave me a lovely dungeons and dragons feel. Level 2 was really hard for me xD, but thankfully restarting was pretty fast, though having the fade in even FASTER would have been awesome :)
All in all good job, keep it up !

Big well done to you :) ! The game fits extremely well the theme, and I love the sound effects and simple gameplay. I would have perhaps made the ball jump a little higher to give the player a bit more time to press 1 when in the air.
But all in all great work, keep it up

Great job ! I really enjoyed playing this. Controls felt great, and everything worked very nicely with the theme of the jam.  
The cute art style also made me smile :)

Good job :) ! Really liked the art style and general atmosphere.
Catching the crown was pretty hard, but fun :)

Nice little game, well done :) ! Everything was very cute, from the art all the way to the music. Really liked the little details you added to the world, like the sheep eating grass. Neat ending too ^^
However I'm not sure how this fits the theme of the jam ? You control ONE character maybe ;)
Still, good job, keep it up !

Nice little game :) ! The art is cool, well done on the sound effects and overall game feel. I just had some trouble handling both the player's movement (arrow keys) and jump (space key) AND mouse for dash and attack. It would be awesome if I could jump with the up arrow instead of space.
Still, good job :) !

Thanks man :) ! We really appreciate that !

Thanks Leo :) !