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Theme caught me off guard

A topic by Will_Dev created Aug 25, 2019 Views: 646 Replies: 10
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Really frustated with the theme. I feel like its a one time thing, for example if you make a horror game which actually isnt scary,the player will know in the first few minutes and the rest of the game will be boring,no new lies.

If you make a game where the tutorial guide tells you the wrong thing. The player will also know in the first few minutes and the game will get boring because you already know the lie. 

Anyways wish you all luck!

Free idea: play for USSR government and tells lie about Chernobyl crash


You got 6 days. Make this game right now

Jam Host

Another idea, is to lie about the theme of the jam :D
So at the start of the game... there's for example a prompt saying : "The theme of the jam was: SPORTS". And that's of course a lie... the game is lying about the theme. As a result, you're good to go ;)

Well thank you, you just saved me!


That wont be much fun would it :)

Im going to try to make something to keep the player engaged the whole way. And not base it on a loophole haha

By the way im a big fan blackthorn馃檪

That's a bit of a cheaty loophole, given how hard many of us are trying to make a game where the game itself is a liar, and that's part of the game, not just a get-out clause in the splash screen... 


yeah thats what i was implying. I dont think loopholes are an excuse to bypass the theme. 

Caught me off guard too, but my team and I worked on it really fast, and came up with a few ideas. 


no worries.. i麓m still crying over the theme.. xD