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what size do i need to cut it in ? :O 

Hello! Nice to see you complete to Level 3! Never seen any get stuck There, what did you do to get stuck There?. There are triggers on the platformer that Will disable player controller, i might have place one wrong. You can do esc to restart Level. 

And thanks for the kinds words, it My first finish game, playable and game jam in one. I could really see that futher into the jam My art for better (Level 6 im very proud off) 

Thanks alot man ! Ty so much

Thanks for much for your comment, my first game. 

Where you able to complete the levels?

Thanks for the tip with the bilinear to none ! 

thank you so much for feedback :) Love it. 

I totally agree with everything you say ;) 

actually it was made in 1920 x1080 resolution ;/ but the upload thing to thing place is weird. 

Hey . Thanks for answer.

so aren´t any game to download at this page : ??? :O 

What kind of stuff do you think on when you say "the game can be made better" ? coding or like the UI and art?

He have the gun because in level 3 he will be bullets and we able to shoot ;) 

Hello guys.. i think i might have made my game too hard to complete, so fair i haven´t found one who could before the submission and had to add a "complete all levels" button so people could play all levels.. 

Any tips on how i could lower how hard it is? :( I would love to see if you can complete all 6 levels :O

For windows. Prettty hard to complete. Hope some of you can do it. 
First game ever, i was very proud of myself after level 2 i did all the coding without searching for help . it was a abit messy coding, but i wanted to make it work out.
After the jam i´m going to clean the code to learn what i should had done. i would love a review. Can play your game later today <3

i can´t open it. 

Hello guys! 

So im trying to post my game. 

But have i done it wrong?? I´ve build it with the "standalone" in unity. made it into a "rar" file and then uploaded it. but it doesn´t seem to start? or can i only do it with webGL? 



what?.. does it work? .. i came to little gnome movie and then it went black.. 

well.. i feel sorry for the people who gonna listen to my sound now haha.... made alle sounds by hitting on random stuff.. xD

Community Game Jam community · Created a new topic Sound?

Do i have to record all my sound on my own? i understand the rules as i can´t use music from online when if it´s free and are allowed to be used for companies, also i can´t use asset store? 

no worries.. i´m still crying over the theme.. xD

oh.. we are making the same game... haha