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Game too hard?

A topic by Anxox created Sep 01, 2019 Views: 78 Replies: 7
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Hello guys.. i think i might have made my game too hard to complete, so fair i haven´t found one who could before the submission and had to add a "complete all levels" button so people could play all levels.. 

Any tips on how i could lower how hard it is? :( 


Your game page says you haven’t uploaded your game yet.  But my game seems to be getting the same comments.  The difficulty is too high.


Hey . Thanks for answer.

so aren´t any game to download at this page : ??? :O 


Would be cool if you could check our game!


Thug Of Life

Hey ! 

Checkout, challenging yet funny, you can it try in browser and windows! 

My game is also too hard to play its a rage game 

Please rate, this is our first game and first game Jam 😊


Here is mine



yup i dare you ^_^

Submitted (1 edit)

I get players telling me that the difficulty of my game is too low at the beginning. Could help you to know what is too low and what is too high in a game, so you can balance it?

But its my first game jam! Here is my submission