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Epic! Thank you

I made this animation :D


Its my first game jam! This is a great thread idea :D
1. For my game, I had to cut the glitch effect (I think I had to make a shader to make it work) and some "trolls", for example, the numbers would all become negative... I also had to cut the part where the game would slowly destroy itself to become a void. Here was my concept idea on Day 1:
The goal is to rebuild the game (Compile). When the game was built it got infected by a virus which made it a liar. You need to survive the waves of enemies otherwise if you lose your personal info will be stolen (Camera feed, history on all your devices...) because you signed the fraudulent EULA at the beginning of the game. To survive you need to stay alive (you, the player) and defend your bases from enemies by attacking them with your sword and by building defense towers that you can buy in the shop. The game will reveal its secrets little by little (Glitch when a secret is revealed: source code tokens=currency, shop prices will go negative, developer vocabulary, enemies skin, void). The world will slowly destroy itself after the big glitch (will become void). You will need to collect enough source code tokens to rebuild the game with the new source code.
Collect source code tokens to rebuild the game. The virus infected all the void functions of the game. The friendly NPC is a part of the code untouched by the virus since his class has no void functions in it. `class FriendlyNPC` You are talking to a c# source code file. 
2. For the art, I planned to add bushes and rocks for the environment, but finally, I had no time to make them.
3. The ability for the player to melee attack. I had no idea how to make the animation, would have probably taken too much time.
4. Currency smooth number transitions
5. Day/Night cycle and rain? This was just an idea, but It could have been good. Did not look too much into it.
6. Annoying notifications on the shop button caused by The_Game (Fun fact, The_Game was not supposed to contain a'_' it was there for me to calculate spacing, forgot to remove it after xd but I guess its good because you can refer to both the game and the character The_Game)
7. Turrets would be launched from the sky when built
8. Dialogue text audio, did not manage to have a good sound for it
9. For the shop, I planned to have a scrollbar to fit more items, but that would have been too time consuming. I also planned on having a loot box available to buy that would literally give you a loot box xd. Then finally the fact that the items in the shop would be overpriced because of The_Game, the friendly NPC would have its own shop with good prices.
But those are only small details! I'm really proud of what I have achieved in one week :D
If you want to know how my game turned out. Here is my submission

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I also made a timeline on the game's page:


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Nice 4th wall breaking

Really nice submission! The only thing that could be improved are the graphics. Instead of using black boxes for the levels, you could give them a little bit more shape. The background could maybe have a light gradient or similar effects. Other than that, I really liked the pixel art and ambience of the game.

Good job :D

Played, and really liked it :D

Okay this was really fun. But the only thing that is not the best is the art. I think if you would have amazing art it would look like a real published game! 

Played your game :D

A-m-a-z-i-n-g game. I Really liked it and had fun. The fact that there are voices gives so much more value to the game. And the post-apocalyptic theme was awesome!

I think this was the most well done original game I played from the jam :D

Very original! Feels like a dream. 

  • Would be nice if there were a tutorial, but controls are easy to understand
  • Dialogues are too fast. It would be good if the player decides when to skip to the next one instead of automatic
  • Player walking animation would make the game feel better
  • Graphics are mostly coherent, I think a little bit of polishing on the graphics would make it look like a complete game!

Ambiance is epic, great job :D

First iteration of the mini competition!

Mini competition 

My favorite games overall

  1. Mendacium
  2. Black and white
  3. Gun Gun
  4. True proxima (Underrated!)
  5. Dishonest Dugeon
  6. ConnedTra

Best games posted in this topic

  1. Mondays
  2. Good Robot
  3. Lie Detective
  4. TGIAL - ItsJustJord
  5. Beyond Truth
  6. GameD'état

Incredible submission! I really really like the logo! The art, music and ambiance is awesome!

Did 3 finally :D

Interesting game. The narrator is funny xd. I agree the rooms are a bit too dark. Also I found a bug:

if you go on the trash can and then on the table, you will go higher. Also, the wall next to the table has no collider at that height so you can go through:

Played and gave feedback :D

Here are points to improve:

  • Controls are not easy to understand. A good idea to make the tutorial a better experience is to cut it in small parts. So lets say you see a box, then you can tell the player press X to destroy the box. Instead of giving all the information at once in a single dialogue.
  • Some tiles are not well placed. 
  • The art is not always coherent. The tiles have a slightly different art style than the characters for exemple.
  • Its nice that the game uses vector art. But sometimes there are strokes/lines that are too small and appear pixelated and flickering.
  • The UI does not look too good. Especially the Arial font used for the text

I really like the effect in the main menu and the effect when you kill enemies, its epic! :D

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This is an epic game jam submission. Game Design, Fun, Innovation, Theme, Graphics, Audio all incredible! Great job :)

Edit: The only thing is that when the player is white and goes out of gray space, the game lags


Played and gave detailed feedback. Sorry for taking so much time D:

Game Design
I think you did a great job at creating levels that requires the player to break the fourth wall. The controls are nice.

It was nice to get fooled by the game in almost every level. Small touches like the fact that in level 1, the platform that disapears is always the first one you touch, makes the next plays a bit more original. I think you should add more replayability touches to the levels, it makes it great.

I really like how you navigate in the main menu. Again, great level design.

Its nice that there is a story to the game, I like the concept. Also XD for Options menu.

I agree, the particles are really nice in your game, also the fact that there is variety. The bloom/glow effect is also very nice. But, I feel like the colors could match more? That is the only factor that makes the graphics a bit less extraordinary.

Fits the game well, its not repetitive and its not too loud XD. Nice music :D

How many c# classes did you have to code for your game? I'm curious to know :D

This is an epic submission. Very well polished, great pixel art, randomly generated levels, awesome music. Great job!

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I made this animation to represent what I have accomplished during the Community Game Jam.

What did you accomplish during the jam?

You can play my game here: :D


Its my first game jam! Here is my submission

Played, rated and gave feedback :D

Polished graphics and a good soundtrack would of definitely made your game more appealing. Also a story would of made it alive and interesting. If you add those elements, I'm sure it can be a great game.

Its my first game jam! Here is my submission

Its my first game jam! Here is my submission

Its my first game jam! Here is my submission

Its my first game jam! Here is my submission

Nice submission! Too bad there is only one level, I would of loved to play more! But I really enjoyed the tutorial. 

Played your game

Wow this game is underrated. This was really fun. The fact that the narrator has a voice is awesome. Great job!

+1 high rating from me :D

Okay one level, but well polished. I really like the concept. I can see this with cutscenes and conversations with the criminal between levels with a story. This could be a great game! Here are two things to improve:

  • The TNT sprite is a bit two large. It should be 3 "tiles" long instead of "3.2" long.
  • It is possible to click through the UI

Nice submission!

Played. I know you did not ask but gave constructive feedback too :D

Cute menu, really nice. XD for flipping play and quit. Controls feel very nice, the flame attack feels particularly nice. Here are points to improve:

  • Would be nice to have a soundtrack during the entirety of the game. Not only in the level 3
  • Would be nice to have a context. I have no idea why I got insulted by two dudes on level 2 XD 
  • Very thin white outlines on certain sprites (Graphics artifacts)
  • Camera bugs when changing scene
  • Dialogue font is not that visible
  • Light shafts from lamps should be rounded at the bottom
  • Need a bigger floor, we can see the background otherwise
  • You can spam the attack key, the sfx will be spammed but not the attack
  • Blood particles should have a transparent background instead of a white background
  • The art does not follow the same theme in each levels, its not always coherent
  • Okay its bad that the player is not visible in a game. It should not be that the player goes behind the trees in level 3

Thank you for your detailed feedback! Very much appreciated :D

You have great points, and you definitely added ideas to my improvement list. Particles, great idea! For the sfx, I think its explainable because I made them, while my friend made the good musics for the game, so.. XD