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Wild-west themed top-down shooter. Available for Web and Windows
Submitted by SlickRamen (@SlickestRamen) — 1 day, 22 hours before the deadline
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Game Design#1173.4693.469

Ranked from 32 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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This is an epic submission. Very well polished, great pixel art, randomly generated levels, awesome music. Great job!


Juicy! Plays very well and its enjoyable. And very good feel and graphics.

I understand the whole theme tie-in but it's a little weak IMO :P


you've nailed the game feel.Good job.


This is a really fun game. The art is nice good job.

Can you please try out my game.


Very good concept. I really liked it. Played and rated!

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What a joy to play. Well done. I have very little to criticise, with the possible exception of the alternative weapons to the default revolver. They all seem worse. The 9mil sort of gun that takes two hits has a small magazine AND it's inaccurate. The sawed off shotgun doesn't kill at point blank, which is a shame. So you basically always want the default gun. Though part of me does see why you guys went for this. Always being short on ammo is a great way to keep up the pressure and reward accuracy.

This game is all about the juice. And it's a blast to play because of it. We also focused on juice quite a bit.

I got as far as 63 kills. I don't have time to keep playing but I would.

Graphics: excellent. Fits the context perfectly.

Audio: great track, great SFX. Very meaty gun sounds.

Theme: didn't see it there, unless being on a set is the theme. Which is fine by me. A little stretched perhaps.

This one goes in my hall of fame.


Thanks for the feedback! I would've added more weapons if I had more time, and maybe revisited some of the ones that are currently in the game. 

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Very fun! Very good art and audio. I liked everything about it.

Don't understand how it fits the theme though?

Will change my ratings if you can explain.


The theme fits in with the ending (when you "die"). It is revealed that you aren't really a cowboy and in fact, an actor.


Ohhhhh. Got it!


Very fun to play. Good work!


it was fun to play! the art is good, controls are pretty smooth.

I wish we could pick the dropped guns as well


Legendary art works!! Loved monochromatic art style!!


Loved the theme and art. Amazing how things can look so great with such a limited pallette.

Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

That is a very good-looking game! The gameplay is fun too, reminds me of NuclearThrone.

You can see there is some serious work done in a week here.

Too bad the jam theme is just for the ending screen. In my personal opinion, relevance to the theme should be felt within the entire game.

Anyway, good job pal!


Thanks for the feedback!

Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

I just laughed out loud when I accidentally shot the tutorial guy when he was explaining how to use the gun! The music instantly stopped, it was a perfect moment xD


The retro music was coool .... Gameplay was nice tooo....the pixel art was amazing :) Rated !!

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Deleted 321 days ago



The game is really fun and well made. The gameplay is smooth. The music and environment went well with together. I really enjoyed playing the game. 32 was my score. Overall a well made and fun game.


Very nice looking game! Well done!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Here's my feedback on your game bros:

  • Nice art and music, but perhaps you can add some noise to the ground and rocks.
  • Funny how you can end the tutorial early by shooting the bartender right away. The groundhog setup is also funny.
  • Health and ammo UI would nice.
  • I would also like to be able to dodge roll in the direction the guy is facing, based on the mouse pos. Instead of the roll direction being based on the previous movement input.
  • It's too difficult to pick up weapons with the dodge roll. You also can't pick up weapons from enemies.
  • Esc to quit the game would also be useful.
  • How did you guys integrate the theme into the game?

Thanks for the feedback! When you "die" you find out that it was really just a movie. 


Love musics and graphics <3. The animations and feedbacks are very good. I'm not sure to understand how does it use the theme. But the game is very fun, nice job !


This one is amazing! The movement and gunplay feel smooth, the artwork and the music work perfectly together. I felt a little frustrated when there wasn't any ammunition left in the level but I still had great fun with this game!


The polish in the game is EXCEPTIONAL! It feels incredible to move around and shoot the guns, and the art style and music are on point. I chuckled when I shot the tutorial person and the music instantly cut to silence; I adore little details like that.

The gameplay loop was fun, but once you realize what the enemy AI is, it becomes a little easy. I know you can't have them just shoot you the moment they can see you, so I suppose the current implementation was a decent compromise.


Thanks! I was thinking about improving the enemies before releasing, but I completely ran out of time to do so. I would've liked to let enemies fire all of the guns available and just behave a lot better.

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