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Android version major bugs fixed!

It is now at least playable. :3

Android version is really buggy right now.

I would recommend downloading it later when I've updated it. :D

Updated! :D

Updated! :D

Will update the game in 10 hours.

Thank you!

Thank you! Glad you liked the game! :D

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Thanks! Glad you liked it. I'm pretty sure there are borders though. What happened when you played it?

Edit: By borders you mean wall hit boxes right?

I'm going to try your game again when I'm back home.

Probably my browser bugged or something.

Ohh. I'm going to fix my ratings now then.

Amazing art and music! Really underrated.

Done! Commented and rated. 

No problem. :3

Fun game! Maybe add some audio other than music and it will be even better.

Already commented and rated before.

I'm really sorry I couldn't play your game. My PC thought it was a virus and made me discard the downloaded file. ):

Done! Commented and rated. 

Fun idea! But the camera sensitivity is kind of too fast for me. And I didn't really like how you have to turn your camera in order to close the window thing. Overall, still a really fun game.

Done! Commented and rated. Thank you, I almost died.

Really fun game! Nice idea, great execution!

Another cool use of sprite masks!

Simple but cool art style.

Really simple but fun. Too hard for me tho. D:

Adding audio will help improve the game a lot!

My eyes were dying while playing. D:

Overall, really cool game.

Really fun game! Took a while to notice that the upgrades were the lies.

Audio really fits in with the art! Overall, great game! Good job.

Simple but fun game! :3

Really liked the walking animation and the mechanics! But was too hard for me. :(

Amazing! How did you make this in 7 days!?

This should have more rates. Great game design, graphics and amazing music!

Really fun game! The art was simple but fits so well for games like these.

The controls were kinda weird though, I lifted my finger but I was still moving then stops after a bit.

Overall, good game!

Amazing art and audio! Good job.

Simple but amazing art! 

The controls were really weird though, you should turn from the head and not the middle of the body.

Other than that, nice game! Good job!

Nice and fun game. But you shouldn't use stuff from the asset store to make games on a game jam.

Bosca Ceoil is pretty nice and easy to use!

Check out this video that Brackeys made.

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Nice game! Liked the fireball particle effect and how the UI shows what you push on your keyboard.

The art can be improved, but still a really fun game.

I'm adding dashing to the game on the update. :D

And player will now face towards the mouse!

But I had to remove "moving with mouse" mechanic though. (Because I made dashing activate with RMB)

Thank you for checking it out.

I'll add more plant's abilities on the update.

And about the player walk speed, I made so the player will walk slower but you can now dash! (Really far, like more than half of the map.)

Please come and check it out again after the voting ends, if you have time. :3

Thank you! Glad you liked my game.

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Glad you liked it!

Will make the veggies killing stage before boss fight be faster and easier. There will also be healing hearts dropped from plants.

I did that but not maxing out player's health when fighting boss. (Might reconsider it though)

Might add a checkpoint if I have time!

Nice game idea. A little bit too hard because of the time limit tho.