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Some levels were frustrating, and it was unclear at first that the laser could be disabled with the robot, (I only knew because of your reply to a comment). But other than that, lovely game. The enemies were satisfying to hit. The length of the game was perfect for a jam. The story, even though simple, was a fun addition. I like how the friendly robot can block bullets from the enemies.

Great Submission! Like others have said, the upgrade choices are really interesting and well designed. Though I was really unlucky and couldn't get single a robot heal in a run where it was always on half a heart XD. Another thing I found a little bit annoying, is that sometimes the aliens spawn quite unfairly close. Other than that, I liked everything about it.

Lovely concept. The game was easy and simple to learn. I like how smooth the tutorial was done. 

At first, I didn't really understand how the game could become interesting, but as soon as the second screen came up, I knew I've found a great game.

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Thanks for the constructive criticisms. We tried to make the game "baby mode", since my previous games were too hard for a jam. I guess we went overboard with this one >.<

It was extremely hard for me to score until I noticed that you could jump in the net. The main menu thing was cool, (accidentally exited the game twice, since I'm dumb). I like how the robot is being cheeky every time time it slaps my bottom. The footstep and bounce sound was really satisfying to hear, even though it's extremely simple. I would say that it doesn't really fit with the theme, though.

Excellent mechanic for the jam. The controls felt nice. The way the mechanic was introduced felt really natural. I like the little detail of the robot reacting to getting a rock thrown at it. I encountered a bug, where I dropped a box in the wall, and I can't get it back. The directional sound seemed weird to me. I would've expected the audio listener to be on the player instead of the camera. The parallax also moves weirdly sometimes, like how the foreground isn't moving but the background is. All of the negatives are just nitpicks tho. Good job on the game!

I really like the idea of the game. The visuals is simple and cute. The levels are easy enough for it to be fun for a jam. The characters are really simple, but you can identify them quite easily.

The pushable box should've been a different color to make it more clear tho. Also, it wasn't clear at first that the AI would jump over the box, since I find myself letting it die so many times at first.

This game is awesome! The idea of have your roomba follow the trash you throw on the ground is hilarious. The upgrades allow for multiple playstyles, (love how it has melee stuff too).

I would've preferred immunity frames on hit for the player for a game like this, though.

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We already talked on discord, but I'll list the things I mentioned again and add some more things I thought of.

- The robot had a fun personality, I find myself smiling whenever he helps me progress

- The game was easy to understand, which is good

- The sound was too loud  sometimes, like the siren. Also, the background noise is also too loud considering you need to focus on the voice of the robot.

- Having objects appear in/out of thin air was pretty weird. I would've preferred some simple animations, for example: maybe have them scale up to size from zero.

Overall, it's a neat simple game. Just needs some more polish.

We talked on discord so I have nothing to say here :D

Thanks for the criticism! Can you elaborate on how the sound is poorly done? I would like to know how it could be improved further.

Thanks for trying out the game! There is sound tho :D

You might've accidentally turn off the sound in some way?

Thanks for what you're doing for the community.

The concept was great and well executed! I literally have no criticisms for the aside from maybe more variety. Great job on this one!

I saw this game on NewGrounds. Great job on this submission! Really polished. The character was fun to control. The enemies look nice. The upgrades have a lot of variety. The whole aesthetic of the game is just near perfect. However, I felt like I couldn't really do much while getting cornered by a lot of enemies. Overall, an amazing game!

Definitely one of my favorite games this jam. The aesthetics is just perfect. The only criticism I can give is that I would've preferred more movement options, (dash, dodge roll), for this kind of game. Also, giving the player regen instead of a large health bar would be better imo. Other than that, amazing game!

That's totally understandable! Can't really expect a perfect game in such a short amount of time. Just wanted to share some thoughts about what could be improved if you wanted to develop it further. ;)

Great presentation. It seemed complicated at first, but I understood it quickly. The idea was a really creative spin on the theme. The card variety was really good, (increase left, increase right, etc). Though, I would say that it was kind of hard for me to guess what kind of fortune I'm supposed to tell for the good route. 

Amazing art! Although, the game is really slow and feels unsatisfying to play. Maybe add some more visual feedback to bullets? Also, the dice in bullet system feels like it could be made better. Maybe dice add abilities instead of chance to shoot? It would feel more rewarding than punishing that way. Sorry if the comment come across as negative overall. The idea was cool so I want to see it be improved.

The faces cracked me up! Awesome idea with the "story". Things kept getting more chaotic and fun, although sometimes it was just annoying. I enjoyed it overall, but I was kinda confused on the score system.

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The character selection idea sounds really nice, it's unfortunate that you didn't have enough time to give them skills. The upgrades are really nice and satisfying to hit, though I would've wanted more visual feedback for the hitting itself. The enemy really overwhelmed me most of the time, considering how much damage I do to them. Most of the exp I should've gotten was left alone since the enemies are blocking the path. It also would've been cool if the enemies were also 3d, considering the projectile was 3d already.

Played this one on the first day but forgot to rate, oops! The game is easy to understand. I like how the goal is only encouraged, but not forced. The ingredient sprites are really easy to identify with the color, even though it's the same shape, (them being the same shape really makes it satisfying too).

This one is really fun, but the balancing doesn't feel right to me.  I always kinda get overwhelmed, and the combat doesn't really feel good. Don't get me wrong, this was a great submission overall, I was just pointing out nitpicks that I didn't really enjoy much.

Really well made! Not gonna lie, I was expecting a souls-like game, I was not disappointed though. The idea of risking your pips for a new type of move is a neat way to add to the player's decision. Also, probably bug: you can hit both dice at the same time mid-animation, meaning you can reroll the first dice.

Very polished and stylish. Was very fun to just shoot and blow everything up. However, I still can't figure out what the hearts are supposed to give. Maybe it's supposed to give hearts? If not, then it was quite punishing to lose health, which I guess is kind of the main design of rogue likes, but I think there should be a dash or dodge roll mechanic to compensate. Other than that, amazing submission!

Solid submission! The intro to the main menu and the game scene itself gave it a polished feel. I like how the chip size indicates how much damage it was going to do, because it both gave the player a good visual indication, and also helps further encourage  the more complex way to attack, (to bounce ). I would've preferred some more juice to the action though. And I don't know if I missed anything, but I didn't really like how I was just defenseless after losing all chips. (Maybe add a way to pick up random spawning chips?)

Amazing submission. More variety could make this game a really interesting  release. I would've liked it more if you could keep the dice you didn't use in your selection though, kind of like a card game. Meaning, you would be able to plan ahead on which dice you should keep in your hand. Also, making the turn end automatically would be a nice QoL change. 

Some random ideas for more dice: AOE attacks, projectile attacks, diagonal move.

Thanks for the video feedback!

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The concept of the game was awesome! Although, I felt like it was kind of too hard with my luck. The game was really quick and easy to understand. Everything felt intuitive. It was satisfying to complete a quest. However, I felt like whenever I was low on stuff, it was kinda hard to bounce back. Overall, a great submission.

The gameplay feels clean and fun. Really easy to understand and just start playing. The dialogues add a lot to the game. The sounds and particles feel really great. My only nitpick would be that I think the art of some elements don't really fit each other perfectly. 

A unique take on the theme. It gets more interesting the more you play. The visuals are really polished. Though, the audio could be more satisfying, especially when there's a combo going on.

You nailed the fun of turn based combat. The risk factor was really well done. The sounds are good. The boss looks good. The game is really easy to understand. Everything in this game just feels right. The only thing I would wish for more is content itself, (and also maybe more animations for the attacks).  This is my favorite game in this jam so far.

Nice and simple game. The audio sounds satisfying, the mechanics were easy and quick to understand, and that's great! I'd say that maybe having an undo button would make this feel a lot better. I also found it weird when multiple dice sounds where playing at the same time. Other than that, solid submission.

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Ah. that's good to know. It's my fault for not reading the controls. :P

A really nice take on the idle game genre. The sounds are really satisfying. Visuals are clean and pleasing to look at. I'd have preferred a faster progression though, (the cups and cards show up faster). When I got to the cup, I already put all my dice next to each other. A solid submission overall.

This changed my life. My none existent wife came back. My dad got the milk. And I got de-aborted.

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I spent too much time on this game, and that's a good thing. The design just keeps getting better each level. The visuals are amazing, especially that springy enemy, (it should be a crime to be that cute). . I would've liked it more if the floor sequence is more consistent though. Also, the first level where the ghost enemy shows up, I don't like how you can only see it for a bit before they land on your head. Other than that, every thing else in this game just screams perfect

I can see why this is the most rated game in the jam at the moment. The puzzles are satisfying to figure out. Each new level feel fresh to solve. It's easy to understand. The game design overall is great. My only complaint are the controls. Personally, I think it felt really weird how you press space to roll the dice. 

You took a simple concept and ROLLED with it together with great execution. The game feels quite polished. I didn't notice any bugs. Great game for time killing. I also like how easy it is to understand. Even without a tutorial, I just hopped right in and understood everything.

The idea is interesting. The art itself is pleasing to look at. I'd say that the criticisms I can give all comes down to polish, (bugs, visual feedbacks, physics, expanding the mechanics).

Fun and simple game. A great time killer. I think having you keep the dice you didn't play would give the game a bit more depth though, since you would be able to choose the combination that would get rid of numbers that you already have a lot of, or stuff like that.