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This game was really well done! The artwork was done fantastically, and all the mechanics in the game felt smooth and put together well. The 2.5D effect kind of feels off, as the single colors on those objects don't match the colorfulness of the art done, but overall was done very well.

Good job!

Holy hell, this game is really good! Everything from the mechanics to the last 3D model. You should be very proud of yourself. I also appreciate that you added, while not made by you, music. It really fills an empty void that inhabits most game jam titles, and overall you did amazing! Great job, and I look forward to seeing what you produce for future game jams.

Yeah, after playing a bit it does get easier with more practice, and considering you made this basically in 3 days, its extremely understandable why you took this approach. Fantastic job dude.

Cute game! I loved the music and sound effects. Everything was a bit confusing at first, even with the controls menu, but that's probably just me :P Great job dude!

Oh I understand! That's actually a pretty good idea! It would be nice to have a key to reset the camera though, but I get why that's a feature.

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Good job completing this week's game jam. The mechanics/systems in this game were absolutely on point, and the story definitely has a lot of potential. An image to back up what the player is seeing would assist in the visualization of each scene. Keep up the great work! 

EDIT: I also forgot to comment on the audio. The music really helps build tension to the game, and I think you did a fantastic job!

Enjoyable game! As other people have said before though, the movement is a bit slow. There is also a bug where if you move in the direction of a wall while already colliding with the wall, the camera will keep moving without the player. The graphics were quite fitting for a cute zombie game, and I think you did a good job. Keep it up!

Really good job, especially considering you said that you started on Monday! That's fantastic! Navigating with the jet pack was difficult, though I assume that was intentional.  Great job!

Cool game dude! Once you add win and lose conditions, I think it'll be a pretty enjoyable game.

Good job on the game, considering you finished it in 3 days. That's quite impressive. The game play does get repetitive upon completion. The lack of music (or at least I didn't seem to hear anything) does disappoint me, I think it would have made this game greater had a small beat or soundtrack been playing in the back ground. Overall you did very well, and you should be very proud of yourself!

Neat game! As said by Thoof, it is X to jump and Z to shoot, so I think it would be handy to switch those in the description. Great job in this game jam!

At the beginning the game was quite unclear, but through clicking various buttons I was able to figure it out. Great game, but needs a tutorial or controls menu.

Fantastic game! I loved the background story you provided, it built my interest in the game. My only problem (if you can call it that) with the game is that the character's art stand out quite a bit from the background art. Not really a deal breaker, but quite noticeable. 

Overall, I think you did really good! Looking forward to what  you have to bring in the future!

The physics in this game were very well done, especially with the black hole. Very enjoyable game!

Has a nice "silly feel" to the game, but overall is very good! I would agree with StormtrooperCat though, the movement does feel a bit slow.

This game was very nicely done! The simplicity of the game really made it enjoyable, and nothing really stood out of place! Great job!

Movement is nice and smooth, though the game play seems to lack depth and is quite confusing and repetitive! Well done though!

This was pretty fun to play! I got around 16 per play through. Neat concept and executed excellently!

This game was really well done! The art and gameplay was very good, and I look forward to your future projects!

Thank you! I'll take what you said into consideration for further projects :)

Thanks! I agree, the gameplay wasn’t completely thought out, as the concept sounded better in my head than it really was.

very good, considering the time constraints! looking forward to your future projects!