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liver man

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I like this game quite a bit! It has well thought out levels, introducing new concepts (enemies) later and later on. Movement does occasionally feel stiff and too exaggerated, but nonetheless this game is a good submission. Good work!

Hey, we had pretty similar ideas! I like the overall style of the game. Great submission!

Cool take on the theme, executed well. Good job submitting!

Very cool concept! Gameplay is very unique, I've never quite seen anything like this before. Excellent jam submission!

Loving the postprocessing bloom effects that are applied! Game has a very unique gameplay hook. Fantastic submission!

I like the art style for the game, but I can't seem to move after attacking or using the fertilizer. Neat submission!

Fun submission! Art style is a great fit for this game. Great work!

Neat and simple concept! Good submission!

Art and gameplay work together incredibly well. Great submission!

Thank you! I'll fix that broken wall quickly!

The atmosphere for this game is set perfectly. Fantastic submission, definitely high up there. I look forward to your future projects!

Love the comedic aspect with the audio! The art is great, fits with the overall style. Great jam submission!

Thank you!

Impressive implementation of the difficulty increase. Great jam submission!

Pretty fun game! Good work.

I'm genuinely stunned that you were able to produce a full RPG with a story in a 3 day game jam. Fantastic work!

Post processing effects are very nice, and the concept was excellently delivered. Good work!

I'm not totally sure what the overall game is supposed to be. The only way I can see it relating to the theme is with inconsistent glitchy movement, a sort of rage game. Overall decent work.

A simple yet enjoyable game. The little details are really neat. Good work on this submission!

Extremely fun game! Your talent in game development really shows for this one, and I wish you good luck in your future endeavors. Fantastic work!

Very atmospheric! Good work!

Loving the glitch effect on all of the art. Commendable effort!

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Interesting take on traditional minesweeper. Good submission!

Haha, very fun game! Art style really hits the mark for this type of game. I'd love to see this turned into a mobile game! Good work.

Interesting take on the topic! Good work on the execution.

Fantastic concept executed perfectly. Great work!

Good jam submission! The game was very easy to pickup and learn, and the art was great. Good work!

This game was a really fun detective game. The neat reflection graphics you managed to pull off was amazing. Amazing work!

Art work was done really well. Good work!

Very fun to play. Good work!

Really fun platformer with obstacles that were constantly tricking me even after I knew what they did :) . Good work!

Really interesting title. Good work!

This game is really amazing! Everything about it, the mechanics, the art (which fits really well with this style of game) is really well executed. Fantastic work!

Interesting platformer with puzzle elements to it. Sound track was nice to the ear as well. Good work!

Really interesting puzzle game! I really have no complaints, other than the music was a tad bit loud, but I can easily turn down my system volume. Great work!

Short game with an interesting take on the theme! Good work.

Neat game! I like the take on "The game is a lie".  Overall gameplay was pretty enjoyable. Good job!

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Funny game! I can't tell if my game froze or ended ;)