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Submitted by GamesTP — 11 hours, 18 minutes before the deadline
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Game Design#4832.6472.647

Ranked from 34 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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A bit clunky controls, but overall nice little game.


Fricking hell man, this is the most player unfriendly game I've played so far. "The game is a liar" doesn't mean "annoy the player". The art is alright, but the controls are frustrating and the music is just the same tone over and over again. Also, you can move with D & A, but not jump with S.


Basically an okey game, simple  , matches with the theme .  Accidently i realized i can double jump and stick to walls. 

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not a fan of inverted controls also you can keep pressing jump and never fall when adjacent to a wall

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Very good concept. I really liked it. Played and rated!

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"Spike is finish" is cool idea! nice game(exept of loud music at the end)


Overall a nice game, but there is a bug where you can cling to and climb up walls so falling is never a threat


Hi ! the game is pretty fun, the audio should be a little bit bigger and more interesting because now it is quite repetitive, also you should make 2d material with no friction and put it on the player so the player would not get stuck on the walls. Maybe you could make the camera bigger or the blocks smaller and make the player faster because it is kinda annoying to be so slow and with this camera you do not know a lot of what is ahead. Overall, good job. Simple and clean ! The way it should be.


Everything is backwards, simple but yet very effective way to hit the jam theme on point! Well done.


Nice audio and cool graphics would suggest you make your platforms/blocks more slippery on the sides so you can't be able to get stuck there.

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The game was not really great. I enjoyed the pixel art, but the player can constantly get stuck on edges of blocks and walls, the audio is a bit annoying, and look, i get the control scheme is the whole quirk of the game, but it's just frustrating.

Submitted (1 edit)

Hahah. You made me ragequit, so I guess that game worked. Audio was a bit annoying, but thats subjective opinion. The game matched the theme quite well and was easy to understand once I used some of my brain cells. Good job, left a rating for you.


Really fun :D

It had some very funny moments. The music at the end startled me XD


Pretty fun game ! The controls are a a bit clunky especially the fact that the player stick on walls . The "jump over this hole" made me chuckle when i landed. Good job, keep going :)


Simple take on the theme IMO but it is well executed.

Graphics could use some work, just like controls (being able to go faster in one direction would be nice) but they're pretty decent. As for the audio... the music alone seems to have an okay loop length but during the loop there's very little variety. As I'm typing this I left your game running in the background and it's slowly driving me nuts. Please help me.

Oh yeah, also liked the buttons having the same text. Didn't know if I was going to tell the game I wanted to try again or to wipe my progress :D

If you like RTS games please check out my entry. I'd like some criticism and maybe a rating if you have time. 


Thanks for replying my game. I will try to review your game. Peace!


By far the most creative take on the theme and has a good soundtrack! But the player just sticks to the platforms sometimes, if not, most of the times. (Not sure of that's intentional.)


Cool entry, I wasn't a huge fan of the reverted controls. A piece of advice if you plan on making other platformers: try to avoid leap of faith (jumps where the player can't see the deadly trap)


neat little game. A little buggy at times but I like it :)


Neat game! I like the take on "The game is a lie".  Overall gameplay was pretty enjoyable. Good job!