This jam is now over. It ran from 2019-08-24 19:00:00 to 2019-08-31 19:00:00. View results


 Back and White 


Game Design: Back and White
Fun: Jimposters
Innovation: Clickhead
Theme: The Race: A track of Lies
Graphics: The Tutorial
Audio: Mendacium

Congratulations to the winners, well done!

To redeem your prices please write a DM to @Andreas Gielov#3432 on the Brackeys Discord . To make sure you are the winner please include a screenshot of your Itch Creator Dashboard including your game.

The theme was: The Game Is A Liar

Welcome everyone to the first ever Community Game Jam!

The jam has a couple of goals: bringing the community closer together, making games, and having fun!

The jam was organized by the following people:

BlackThornProd, Brackeys, Dani, Jabrils, Sykoo, and the Brackeys Discord server staff team!

Thanks to BlackThornProd for creating the amazing art for this page and the trailer for the jam! 

(TL;DR below the wall of text)

The first step of the participation process starts now! It's time to get hyped, clear your schedule, call in sick to work (yes, this early), tell your parents/roommates/significant other that you will need food delivery service to your desk for an entire week, etc.

During this first step, you can also choose to create a team! So get back in touch with that long lost friend that does amazing art, you need them! You don't have any friends with interest in game development? No problem! Head over to and join a team! 

The second step is making sure you have an account and press the big button on this page to join the jam! Don't worry, you are not forced to submit anything after you press the button so go ahead and press it even if you are not sure about being able to join!

At this point, all you can do is wait and get excited about the jam! Make sure you read the rules so you know what's allowed and what isn't! This way you can ask about stuff that's unclear before the jam starts!

The theme will be announced when the jam starts, that way everyone will start brainstorming at the same time! No, we can't give any hints about the theme!


Clear schedule, create a team ( or go solo, join the jam, read the rules and make games!

All entries will be judged by other participants of the jam, so that includes you (hopefully)!

The categories the games are rated in are:

  • Game design
  • Fun
  • Innovation
  • Theme
  • Graphics
  • Audio

After the jam ends, a 2 week rating period starts, in which people can play and rate all of the submitted games.

Note: You need at least 20 ratings to be considered for winning.

With a judging system in place there are obviously winners!

Let's start by saying that if you smash that join button and upload a game before the deadline, you are already a winner!

... That's not what you wanted to hear? Alright, let's explain about the rewards then. Also, big thanks to Unity for providing the rewards for this jam.

For this jam, there are a couple of prizes for different winners!

Overall winner (#1 of all participants with the highest average score divided over all categories)

This team or person did so great that they are rewarded with a year long Unity pro subscription for the entire team of winners.

Winner of each category

The winner of each category will receive a bundle of assets from the Unity asset store specifically handpicked by us for this jam! In the bundle are tools related to many aspects of game development, to give you a good palette to work from in the future!

The participation winners

Everyone that joins the jam are already winners, like we tried to tell you before!

Because of  this everyone that joins the jam, will get a discount code for the same asset bundle awarded to the category winners! This way, you too can get some great handpicked assets at a discount!

Coupon code (use at checkout): INFLUENCE20

Because the organizers already know the theme in advance, we will merely be participators. If one of us gets voted to be winner of a category or the overall winner, prizes will be awarded to the next person instead.

Like with most events, there are also some rules you have to follow during the jam.

  • No NSFW games.
  • Everything has to be made during the jam. This means you can't reuse any code or assets you made before the jam or from other sources. 
  • You can use fonts from the internet, as long as you have the correct license for it.
  • Asset store assets are not allowed either, except for the ones that don't contribute to the game itself but make the workflow easier. You can use the tools that are in the Unity Package manager, except for the standard assets. 
  • All game engines and frameworks are allowed.
  • Generators are allowed, as long as you have some control over the output.