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Thank you! I will try to grow it indeed.

Thank you!  I agree at the moment this is rather kind of a demonstrator than a game... My idea was to have more elements to interact with, and a couple of proper puzzle levels, but I didn't have the time for that.  I will get to it after the jam is over.

Thnaks! The levels it has are supposed to act as a tutorial :P   I definitely will make more elements and proper playing levels after the jam is over and there's no restrictions on adding to the game.

Thanks for taking the time!

Yeah, it really bugs me that I didn't have time to design a couple of proper levels. I also have additional elements in mind.  

Would you mind sharing which version you played and your computer specs? Even though there's at least one major optimization to be made (not the priority in a jam :P), I haven't noticed any lag issues on my pc or on my phone...

A self-help game! 

Good entry over all, I agree with Kenney abut the warping. Also, the enemy should be able to destroy or at least incrementally damage the player.

Definitely one of the best entries! Controls, movements and animations are smooth and feel great. This just needs more levels!

Both game mechanics (portal and scrolling time) are excellent! This has the potential for very interesting puzzles.

Excellent game and execution! Well done!

Hahaha, it's a great idea how you're supposed to deal with those pesky aliens!

Love the animations!

Nice story to contextualize the game play, and presented in a humorous way! I also like the two stages and the idea behind them; it just needs to be more challenging.

Hmmm maybe at a larger timer cost... might work. I just fear that it would make the other world time mechanics unappealing for the player...

Thanks for playing and reviewing, Kenney! (and hosting :P). Yeah, I'll be putting audio to this and will try to make the level a little less visually boring. 

By pausing the world time, do you mean letting the player fly around while the world sits still? Wouldn't that make it too easy?

Thanks again, this was my first jam and I had a lot of fun with it!

I like that there's two different stages for this, including final boss.  The difficulty should be ramped up a little to keep the player engaged.

Simple yet fun! The controls and movement feel just right.  And this kind of game looks great with Kenney's assets.  Instead of fog you can use a vertex shader to curve all objects towards an horizon, that looks great (though you might need to subdivide the geometry a little bit in order for it to work).

Simple but well done. Missed the time travel theme, though.

This is a great entry! I like how you designed the car and the feeling of the steering, as well as the time mechanics.  The skid marks and the animations for the power-ups are a nice touch.

Good proof of concept! Actually feels quite polished for a couple hours work :P

Idea is good and works fine! The jumping seems weird, though.

It is frustrating having to restart  after dying;  if you don't want to do checkpoints maybe consider reactivating one of the remaining copies after you die.

I agree this is a very good idea and with some thinking you can make some great levels out of it!

Complete and well done! Love the intro screen. 

Gameplaywise I'd make it in general faster paced with no inertia in the controls, and compensate by adding more clocks.

This is a very interesting take on the theme! Nice touch having the main mechanic be a part of the start screen.

I like that this is simple but there's still a level of strategy involved, managing shields and health and also counting on some luck.  Could be faster paced.

Thanks for playing! Remember to use the right/left arrows to get the platform to a better position, or you can always rewind with the space bar and try again :)

Well made game! This mechanic lends itself to very interesting puzzles.

Fun game with a simple yet effective mechanic. I would remap the controls to A/D or the arrows.

Hehe those are some happy little workers... Love that transition effect, is that a shader?

I like this gameplay concept a lot! The game itself is very complete and well done, though I often had the feeling that I timed a jump well and it didn't happen. Was wondering where the theme was until I found the portal in the last level. I think it qualifies, haha.

Very well paced game, with nice aesthetics to it! Definitely consider adding checkpoints, or maybe allowing time reversal even after you crash.

Haha, yeah, I was aware of the cheat with hitting the goal from the wrong side and/or not traveling the whole course, but didn't have time to implement a counter for it (though it shouldn't be hard).

You can't go under the swinging gates. These (and most course obstacles) are what the second time travel mechanic is there for. Using the left and right arrow keys, you can let the world move in time around you, so that you get a convenient configuration of the obstacles.

Thanks for playing! (and again for the assist on Discord for submitting the game)

It took me a while to figure out what to do here, but then I got going.

This is RTS distilled to its escence... A minimalistic approach, yet successful! I like the way the time mechanics involve not letting the aliens through to the past... gotta keep on edge.

Some thoughts: 

-It's hard to hit those arrows in a pinch, they're too small.

- If all your workers get killed you're screwed since you can't get the resources to make more... I ran out of wood and workers so had to just sit there awaiting my inevitable doom. Maybe add some random worker spawn?

Great entry!

Nice little game. I like how it starts slow and then ramps up... got me on my toes for a while there!

Thanks for playing! Hmmm I might change it so that you can steer on grass after all...

We have a reigning champion!

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My first comment! Yay! :)

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it! I wanted the player to have to rewind time to get back on the track instead of just coursing through the grass (the idea is that you get a second chance at taking that hard turn; also, in the meta the track and the ship form the hovering system :P). Will consider changing it, though.

What's your best time? I suck at my own game and can't get it below 5:30 lol