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So if I post here AND on your game, do I get double priority? :P

Rated yours and loved it! Here's mine:

Hahaha this is great! I love the sprites and the animations, killing enemies was very satisfying :D

Also liked your take on the theme... destroy and rewind!

Very good game! The puzzles and main mechanic are well made, great graphics and audio. On of the best I've played.

I know haha... I'm actually playing it right now... took a break 'cause got stuck, but very nice game so far :)

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Will rate! Here's mine, missing two ratings for the threshold:

Edit: lol double rickrolled...

Thanks! No, it isn't playable with a keyboard, that's the number one suggestion and I totally agree it needs it!

So cute! The controls feel great, and I love the jump animation haha.

It took me a while to understand how the rewind worked, I guess I'm biased after playing so many games with the more conventional mechanic... It's nice to know that jump isn't necessarily going to be the last one. Makes me wish life had such a feature :P

A minor suggestion: it would be better if you didn't have to wait for the bar to clear before rewinding. I also at least once fell from a platform when I swear was standing on it...

Good job!

Will play, comment, and rate! Here's mine:

Hahaha love your take on the theme! That granny is the stuff of nightmares... Got 32 cookies :P

Overall a solid entry, maybe make the powerup cookie have less of an effect, it was hard to control.

Will rate yours! Here'e mine, right now sitting at 15 ratings:

Straightforward platformer... Congratulations on your first game! I liked the way your characters were built and animated... was playing through until I got frustrated with a small platform lol

Will rate! Here's mine:

I rated yours before you posted this, and got a rating form bajtix (thanks!)... any chance to get that juicy second rating? Here's my game:

Thanks! Every rating counts at this stage :)

I rated your game and loved it!

Here's mine, will appreciate the help:

I love this! One of the best entries I've played. Feels like a finished product, and I love the mechanic and its interpretation as leaning on past mistakes. Amazing job!


Could use the extra push:

Got to the desert! Yay! Wait... I need to sacrifice myself...

I enjoyed this even if the levels were rather easy. The rewind mechanic works, the controls feel great, and the art is pixely cute.

Yes, please!

This is great! It feels like a finished game, nice pacing and polish. Personally though, I didn't find much use for the rewind mechanic, even if it in itself is really cool and well made. But maybe that's why my score sucks haha.

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Sure, I could use the rating:

Will check yours too :)

I like the mechanic ideas, but found it extremely hard to make them work properly. I think this would benefit from a wider field of view. The amount of enemies was insane! lol

Ok, hopefully we can push you over the limit :P

Nice mechanics and graphics. You manage to put a lot of content into it. Needs some good music to give it atmosphere. Overall a good entry!

Very well rounded game! I like how fast paced it is and your take on the theme. I absolutely sucked at it, though :P

I "completed the tutorial" but then didn't manage to do anything else... :/

I like this unconventional interpretation of the theme. It was hard to control the mouse, though.

Loved the graphics. The concept itself is interesting, but the game would benefit from a faster pace and less waiting involved. How on earth did you manage to get 15 levels done? 

I like the overall idea here, with some work you could get very interesting game play out of it.

I like the smooth controls here and the rewind mechanic with momentum. But even though I think I know what I was supposed to do on level 9, I wasn't able to beat it... never felt to have had enough momentum after rewinding. But overall a very solid entry!

I like what the mechanic is supposed to do but struggled to make it work properly... couldn't get much far :/

The rewind mechanic is one of the most interesting I've seen so far! Took me awhile to clear that first big jump though haha. Once you get the hang of it it's pretty fun. Music was a little too loud, and it would've been nice to have some more sound FX.

A rather unconventional interpretation of the theme, but valid, I think. Unfortunately I kept getting stuck and couldn't get to properly experience the game :/

I like the atmosphere a lot. The idea is also original! Unfortunately it glitched on me when trying to sort the tapes.

Weird... it works for me... Ah, bugs! :)

Thanks for playing! Do you mean in the windows version? Or in the browser?

Thanks for playing and your critique! I agree, it needs more parameter tuning for difficulty. Keyboard control would definitely help with that as well, and if I work more on this, it's the first thing I'll add.

Lots of ways to interact with the rewind box makes for a thorough exploration of the theme. It takes some getting used to, but I think it is a very good idea and with some more polishing can lend itself to very interesting levels. Congratulations! 

What a great way to interpret the theme! This is a great concept. I struggled a little bit with the controls, I think it would be better if the mouse determined the direction of movement.

The mechanics of this game are very well thought out! It took a while to get the hang of it, but then it's quite smooth.