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The concept is really funny. I love how you approached the theme!

I made a video about my CGJ - experience too. You can check it out if you want to :)

Here is a video about the creation of my jam entry, A Totally Honest Village. There you can see both the process and my struggles of developing this game. 

Feel free to tell me about your experiences as well. I would love to hear it!

Interesting video, it seems that your week was quite stressful.

Thanks :D

Thanks for the  feedback. I liked your game too!

I'm glad you liked it! Yes I know about Bosca but unfortunately I couldn't find any time to mak music and sounds.

I loved the art! The combat felt a bit weird but still alright. And checkpoints would be nice. Other than that, great entry!

Here is my game, hope you'll enjoy it:

Here is my game:

The plottwist was great!

Here is my game. I'm in need of ratings, it would be nice if you checked it out :D

Here is my game :

I don't have 20 ratings yet, it would be nice if you tried out my game.

Here is the Windows version:

And here is the Mac version (on Google Drive):

Hey, unfortunately you uploaded only the .exe file. This doesn't work. You need to use 7-Zip or WinRar to create a .zip file containing your ENTIRE build folder of the game and upload this .zip folder to People aren't able to play your game if they only have a .exe file without the rest of the build folder. Keep that in mind for your next game jam.

I like how the game forces you to think quickly and to mind every single action you take. Great entry!

Thanks for playing. I'm glad you made it to the end :D

I like the overall idea of the TV-show. And the sounds really got me laughing. The death-transition looked fantastic. But the gameplay needs more tweaking. Sometimes there are invisible obstacles on the floor (probably some tilemap-collider-bug), jumping on the enemies doesn't always work and the controls could be a bit more responsive. There should also be checkpoints because players (including me) often get very frustrated very quickly if they have to replay the same level over and over again. Because of that I actually couldn't even come to the end.

I hope this feedbacks helps.

A really addicting, cool game. Artwork looks really cute and the music is catchy. And I really like how you implemented the theme with the second ending. Unfortunately my game crashed while I was working towards the secret ending(windows version) and I didn't have the motivation to play through it again. My main problem with the game is that the first part just takes too long because you need to drag&drop every single coin which hurts the replayability. Other than that, a great entry!

This one is amazing! The movement and gunplay feel smooth, the artwork and the music work perfectly together. I felt a little frustrated when there wasn't any ammunition left in the level but I still had great fun with this game!

The game is obviously an unfinished project and there are many things missing. But I did like the art and the music.

A really nice puzzle-platformer. The music was great, the art and animations looked really funny and I enjoyed solving the puzzles. But i feel like the jam theme could have been integrated better through the dialogue.

The teleportation mechanic is really cool. The particle effects and sounds are great too. The problem is that the controls feel very clunky which ruined the fun for me. And I didn't feel like the time-slowdown was really necessary in the current levels of the game. But it could definetly be a good game if you worked on the controls and designed the levels more around the mechanics!

An interesting start. Especially the audio! I see lots of potential here. Just sad that the jam version is so short.

Thanks for the suggestion! I tried building a macOS version of the game.

Here is the google drive link:

However I can't promise that it works properly since I didn't have any Apple device myself to test it.
Have fun (if it works)!


A Tale of the Slime Kingdom is an adventure-platformer game I've been working on for about a year now. It's a story about a divided society of different-colored slimes who start a deadly war for the crown against each other.

Amidst this chaos, a young green slime, the main character of the game, tries to stand up to his suppressive parents while saving the Slime Kingdom in passing. The gameplay is centered around the slimes' ability to change his size according to the situation.

The game is a 1-2h long adventure (don't worry, there is a saving system in place) and completely free.
I would really appreciate it if you gave it a try.

I actually spent a better part of my time working on the controls because I think the controls are by far the most important part of a Jump 'n' Run game.

As for the level design, I wanted to create a sort-of-non-linear level where the player eventually gets back to his starting point to find the exit with help of the cheats he learned on his way. I like experimenting with those kind of designs. But like you said, the execution ended up being a bit too confusing.

I will try improving on communicating to the player!

Anyways, thank you very much for the constructive criticism for me and all the other creators in the jam. I really appreciate your efforts!