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AAA GAME... FROM THE FUTURE!View game page

Get a taste of what AAA video games will be 12 years from now!
Submitted by Karl Fayeton — 13 hours, 15 minutes before the deadline
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Game Design#6482.2222.222

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This was a really cool idea! The various errors you came up with to work around were fantastic and the use of screenshots on the game page were perfection! Really nice work :)

Please check out my game and leave a rating if you get a chance :)


Your game was very fun! One of the most interesting I tested in this jam :)


I liked the game. It is a fun game for pranking other people.Really frustrated me in the beginning, then i realised the errors were itself the game. But isn't using logos that you don't own against the rules of the game?

P.S I hope you play my game as well and have fun 

All the best :-)

Developer (6 edits) (+1)

You mean the Nvidia video? Sure, I don't own it, and I wondered if I should put it in the game, since I didn't make it. I sat for a couple hours trying to decide wether or not I should leave it or toss it.

In the end, I considered that this video was merely a joke to make the fake AAA game believable. It's not a part of the actual gameplay. Absolutely everything else is handcrafted by me.

If you played the actual game (not just watched the video), you can see I added some jokes over the video, making it more personal.

And don't forget that the second most rated and loved project from this jam is just a troll (without any game inside) and is called "Half-Life 3"... in comparison, at least, I took the time to make up a plausible but entirely fictional game.


LOlL. That's cool by me. Please do check my game though. I could always use some feedback :)

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

I will! Maybe not today but definitely before the end of the rating period! Was it a pun with the French expression "Coup d'État" ? ^^




Very interesting concept, pretty good execution :) I think it lacked lots of FX to feel more "juicy". Otherwise, good job!


Dude, really great game! Not sure what I was supposed to do in that biometrics thing, then I looked in the walkthrough and didn't understand how I was supposed to know that. I have some experience with that sort of thing, but still, didn't get it...
But I loved your idea and had some good fun with it. Also, the humour on the nvidia thing is a 10/10, shame that there isn't a humour category on this jam... Great game overall!

Developer (2 edits) (+1)

You're totally right about the biometric part, it was obscure and totally lacked hints. It's very hard to get through without knowing the solution, since it doesn't make sense that renaming biodata.dll at the right time will allow you to bypass the security check.

The main idea was that the program checks the integrity of biodata.dll on launch, but not after that. I have seen lazy security measures doing just that in real programs.

Instead  of renaming/moving/deleting the file after its integrity was checked, a more realistic approach would have been to replace the file with a cracked biodata.dll. It would make more sense.

But it was redundant with the first cracking conundrum. I ran out of ideas, had other things to do in the mean time, and totally forgot to improve this part of the game.


very funny and complex game.. rated!


Your game is a liar man, seriously! Good job! Rated!

I'd be happy if you rate my game as well;


In fact, I already rated it 3 days ago! xD


I liked the humour and messages that the game gave. Rated! Check out my game too :)


Wow.  At first I was really happy that you provided the youtube video since I'm on a Mac, but then I was REALLY happy you did because I am not smart enough to have figured this out lol!  This is by far the most out of the box idea for this Jam.  The Menu screen is DOPE too!  My only feedback would be to make it a bit more simpler for new devs and non-devs:). Hope you'll take a minute to rate our game!  


Absolutely loved the idea! I had such a good laugh! it was amazing! :)


The idea of using external files as a mode to play the game intrigued me,  I am really amazed how the language part was detected in unity, I can see the amount of time spent in the building of different errors really a win. Would love, if you add more errors and make it more filled with errors... A question though, why choose NVIDIA, did you just assumed AMD would not be in top till then :p, thats just a joke... A great game actually! Well done

Developer (5 edits)

Thank you for your comment :)

I tried to include more errors, but I had a hard time designing solutions that were not redundant with the previous actions (like renaming/moving/deleting a file, and edit text files). I decided not to add to many similar errors to avoid redundancy as I felt it would make the game boring :)

The language part was actually one of the easiest to program, since it's only checking string Application.systemLanguage. But it is very impressive for the player to think that the game has this level of understanding of your system. So, minimum effort, maximum effect!

I chose Nvidia video simply because it was more aggressive and annoying to watch than AMD's video :D


A lot of fun an humour, love it. Great job Guys!


Hahaha this was hilarious! Loved the NVIDIA messages.


Haha you just proved you actually played the game, because the messages are not in the walkthrough video ! (^_^)




really intersting game! XD


Never Gonna Give you up! Never gonna let you down xD I hope you win the cgj


Interesting game


Nice work....Needed some time what to do...But after that it was fun playing... Great work :)

Rated !!!!

Check my game too ....


very interesting idea and implementation :)


Very interesting concept! Took a few mins to figure out, and could maybe do with a little less back and forth at the beginning to get things moving, but overall enjoyable.

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