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Short adventure game created for Community Game Jam
Submitted by StrangeReality — 2 hours, 24 minutes before the deadline
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Game Design#1633.3813.381

Ranked from 105 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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wow all that in one week!!

Amazing job guys

Please check my game:

I am sure you will like it!!


A really well crafted game! I loved the fact that the music changed for each "zone" of the map. The game is pretty lengthy, even if at first glance it doesn't appears to be, which is impressive.

Overall, great work there, well done!


I really enjoyed the game and got absorbed into it. The graphics and audio are nice, and the level felt very complete. My one criticism is that I didn't find anything related to the theme. I really enjoyed the game though! Great job!

I used so much time playing this :D Very nice and interesting game! Full score!


Hi, so i played the game and now im gonna comment about it. Lets start of by saying the graphics are awesome and the music is cool too. Now, while it is true i couldn't get past the first level it's safe to say that the game doesn't fit the jam theme. Other than that this is one good entry. Well done!

Submitted (7 edits)

Oh boy, what a cool story-driven game! So many plot twists! And that kid... oh, I'm angry! Hahaha

This was the game with the most content I've played in this jam so far. The level design of the map is very memorable, the graphics and audio are well done, the gameplay is a bit troublesome at the start, but you get used to it and the story and dialog are so fun! Congratulations!

Also, I fell for the store three-four times.


U made that in a week, u should be proud. If u have the time please play and rate mine


Yo dope game mah dude, I hope to make somethign this good in the future :D keep it up!


Nice game, well done!


Good game kind of reminds me of zelda.


When I realized what gobblins were I lol'd. I got stuck after I unlocked the first gate I felt like I talked to everyone and couldnt figure out what to do. But I really enjoyed the game! You did a great job!



 nice game, played and rated.

Please feel free to try out my game and rate it here:

Many thanks,



I'm Making a comment early because It is a really great game and surprisingly content heavy! the SFX is really good and it feels like a full on RPG that you would find in a popular market. Also I found the secret developers path from my brother messing around and it is really hilarious, you really tricked me lol.(:


Wow, looks like a lot of work has been spent here xD

Anyway, the music is 5/5, the graphics are sometimes inconsistent though. Like, the character model is good, but then other aspects are in a lower resolution and far more pixely or less detailed.

I liked the idea of an adventure game, and you did great work on it! The only thing that bothered me was that the sword attack wasn't working right sometimes. It didn't work if you were too close to stuff, I think. 

Even so, great work!


Wow...huge work here! I played till the end and it's been very fun to play. I liked zelda style. Musics where really cool. I loved the NULL disposable character :) Great journey! The shopper was not that honest :)

The only thing to say, sometimes slashing did not work properly for enemies and bushes neither.

Overall one of best games I played in this jam, seriously.


Thank you for playing and your feedback. We had a lot of fun making the silly characters, including your friend NULL. We never found the sweet spot for combat, which is why it's not heavily needed to finish the story.


Didn't fully understand the game, but a nice one


Thank you!


Amazing game, had a lot of fun during the entire gameplay! ^^ Unfortunately I pressed escape in the browser and it gave me a black screen so I couldn't continue :(

Here are my positive points:
I really love the music made for each zones, and how they aren't annoying on the long run.
The quests demand exploration to complete, which I enjoyed a lot.
I had as much fun as I would have for playing a zelda game,

My negative point:
The hitbox didn't quite work all the time as intended which made it hard to attack enemies sometimes.

Overall really impressed by the quantity and quality of the game for a 1 week gamejam. Pretty much the best game I've played so far from all the submissions I've tried :)


Thank you for playing and your feedback! We took heavy inspiration from the Zelda titles, and hearing that you enjoyed this as much is very gratifying. The Esc key was included for the standalone build, we're sorry it interrupted your game. As for the hitbox, we were never quite satisfied with how it worked, but in the time crunch of a Game Jam, sometimes you have to make due with what you have made.

Submitted (1 edit)

Really cool experience and I'm impressed that you made it so lengthy! The music change based on location made it feel refreshing and the world design is really awesome. The combat have a few problems though, one being that the sprite animation doesn't show your attack range, and the other is that the hitbox sometimes doesn't register the target. The ending is kinda hilarious and the credits after that has a neat design. Great work! :D


Thank you for playing and your feedback!


Rated -  Really cool, it was fun exploring.  In the beginning it took me awhile to figure out where to go though.  The sprite are style is cool and unique, great job!  If I could suggest, I would say add small  circle transparent shadows  under the sprite characters, would make them look more connected to the ground~  However, still a really good job!  Please check out my game if you can.  You can DL or rate from the game play video: 


Thank you for playing and your feedback! We agree, extra shading would really make things pop.

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