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First,  I found the beginning confusing. No WASD to move, nothing. Secondly, the way you were notified that you made progress in one of the machines wasn't very noticeable, maybe some screen-shake would do wonders. Then, the minigames weren't all of them interesting to play, I even found some myself too hard to beat.

Thanks for the feedback! The reason the camera doesn't follow the player is because that's supposed to be the death state. Basically, you die and there's nothing to see. The music needs A LOT more work, I know, it's not my forte. That's why I have a slider to disable it.

It's an unique concept, but the ship is simply too fast. Overall, a fun game to play.

Interesting concept. I have to say that the audio being non-existant and the weird physics ruined what could've been a fun experience.

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Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, I did it with like 5 hours available for me to work on it so, yeah, not a lot of time. Adding an enemy doesn't feel right for this game. I plan on making it a mobile game and, as such, maybe add new things as power-ups and whatnot, I'll have to see. But yeah, the music needs A LOT of work.

Interesting concept, not something I can say I've seen before

Interesting concept, not something I can say I've seen before

Amazing game!

After watching your devlog as well, I can say that I'm so, so happy that you'll make this into a full game. 

From my 1h playing it, features and changes that would improve the game could be:

  • allow the UI to open using a click of a button
  • and less screen shake. It's ok when the player hurts the enemy to do a screen shake, or when the player gets hurt, but it's too much screen shake when the ballista's hit the enemy. I can't even see them and I get screen shaking
  • Enemy Knockback! I can't stress out enough how important it is to the game feel for this type of games to have enemy knockback. It's annoying that you have to retreat and attack at the same time

I really had fun playing this game! At the beginning, the movement was a bit annoying due to the speed, but I got the hang of it. The only missing thing would've been a camera to be able to zoom around. But, otherwise, amazing job

The game has potential, but I personally found the gameplay confusing. Overall, with certain changes, this would be an interesting game

The game idea has potential, but:

  • the movement is funky. It can be hard to move around the place;
  • the theme implementation, I didn't really see it clearly;
  • the music could use work

The way I thought the theme was implemented was the following:

    Size matters if you want a higher score!

The idea was that you had to change sizes in order to be able to collect more stars and, as such, the size of the ball matters if you want to get more points. But thanks for playing!

Amazing game. An exit button would've been nice, but, otherwise, 10/10

My first thought about this idea was that it sounds like a basic mobile game, but I can't tell you from where it sounds familiar

Impressive high score!

Glad you enjoyed it! I'm fully aware that the music sucks, that's why I warn players on the page :)

Thanks for playing it!

"it's an addictive idea" -> google store upload -> let the money begin to drop

Thanks for playing

That's exactly what I was going for: easy points collection. Nice score. Thanks for playing!

I totally agree in the music department. That's why I put a warning on the game's page. Thanks for your feedback!

The only thing that should be submitted before that period is the game itself. You should be able to technically 

I trust you'll get a good score if you play a few times

Hey there, if you look for a there, I strongly recommend that you join the MashUP discord server, link to which you can find on the jam page

Thank you for your feedback. I don't quite understand how you managed to lose the tiles, but I'm sorry for that 

Thank you for your feedback. About the collided, I used a polygon one, but there's a small chance that you moved your mouse while clicking and then it got detected as dragging the camera. 

The tiles were small because I forgot to set the canvas to screen size and it was fixed. 

On the Ecology, I understand that it's hard to note the difference so I'll take care of it. 

And I am fully aware that the game is not balanced, will see if I get back to it what I can do

Thank you for your suggestions, they will be noted

Thank you for your review, it's appreciated 

Rated your game

Nice game

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Here's my game if you want to try it out:

Nice game. Also, some cards when selected showed the end of another card

Thank you for your review. I'll check your game as well


Rated your game

Rated your submission

Nice game, liked the end

No problem

Amazing game. 

Done reviewing your game

The lie of the game is at the end, where you find out that the Ecology you have is not exactly the one you thought the entire game

Thank you for your review. Your suggestions will be taken into considerations if I ever decide to continue it, which I might