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Thank you for your feedback. I don't quite understand how you managed to lose the tiles, but I'm sorry for that 

Thank you for your feedback. About the collided, I used a polygon one, but there's a small chance that you moved your mouse while clicking and then it got detected as dragging the camera. 

The tiles were small because I forgot to set the canvas to screen size and it was fixed. 

On the Ecology, I understand that it's hard to note the difference so I'll take care of it. 

And I am fully aware that the game is not balanced, will see if I get back to it what I can do

Thank you for your suggestions, they will be noted

Thank you for your review, it's appreciated 

Rated your game

Nice game

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Here's my game if you want to try it out:

Nice game. Also, some cards when selected showed the end of another card

Thank you for your review. I'll check your game as well


Rated your game

Rated your submission

Nice game, liked the end

No problem

Amazing game. 

Done reviewing your game

The lie of the game is at the end, where you find out that the Ecology you have is not exactly the one you thought the entire game

Thank you for your review. Your suggestions will be taken into considerations if I ever decide to continue it, which I might

Could've used a music slider to change the volume and maybe more sounds, but overall a nice game

Thank you for your review

Done reviewing your game!

Nice game

Done! If you want to, I'd appreciate you playing my game as well

Didn't fully understand the game, but a nice one

I can't believe I'm doing this, but honestly I don't have that many  ratings and would like more reviews to know how my game did.

In exchange, reply to this with your game and I'll rate it

Here's my game:

I spent over 10h in total I think

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Ty for your review

Nice game

Thank you for your positive feedback.

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I liked your game, definetly a nice one. It has potential if you decide to continue this


Spent 1h and 30 mins but I did it!

I can't, for what's worth, finish conquer everything. I mean, I tried protecting the crap out of one mine, tried developing a lot of troops, but nothing. The troops' movement doesn't seem to work when those awful enemies attack.

But still 20/10 game

Thank you, really appreciated

I totally agree that in the design department, things could've gone way different and better. But, unfortunately, due to sickness, I had very limited time to work on this. To be more precise, less  than 2 days. But glad you had fun

I mean, doesn't everyone love those 2 things?

You sure that the music doesn't loop? Because it did to me.... Strange

This is my game if you want to play it:

Nice game, had fun playing it.

Nice game, had fun playing it.

Nice game, had fun playing it.