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Know when your enemy lie . and when to say the truth
Submitted by mohamed khaled, Saleh Fathi — 1 hour, 16 minutes before the deadline
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Game Design#1003.5223.522

Ranked from 46 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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wow really cool game it was very fun!!

you know? 3d games are pretty unique in game jams!

and they are harder but you did a great job on that one!!!

please consider playing my game too!


thank you so much :3

I have played your game it was pretty good too and fun


A really great game!


It was fun :) 


Thank you so much 


Funny concept at all! Great execution!
Hope you could check mine out as well!


ahh maan this game warmed my heart and remained me of my youth when we used to play a similar game/ Good job on the animation and overall. Did you really do that smooth jazz music  ? Its really nice. Check out our game


your comment is so nice I am really happy you enjoyed it !

I'll Rate yours now


Very fun and intuitive! I did not know how to play, but after just one lost game I understood the rules... Good job!



Hi Saleh! 
Just wanted to say good job on the 3D art, the textures on the table and walls are a good addition and I like the pondering look of all the other players!

I think this basement type environment could be a little darker in the outer edges of the room, and have more of a spotlight on the table underneath the light, to create more contrast and increase focus  on the table and characters, where the action is. Especially when the outer walls are so sparse. Other than that, its looking good! Nice work!

Very good concept. I really liked it. Played and rated!

Don't forget to rate my game please:


I dont know how to play cards in general, but good job with the animations, i still dont know how you pulled these animations off, and the sounds were a little bit annoying, i think you used some assets in the back but thats not a problem, I think, if you made them its cool, good game nontheless


Fun game that fits the theme really well! It would be nice if you had varied the opponents model and voice for a little variety. Also, I found a bug where if you play in windowed mode that you can look up, but you can never look back down towards your cards again. Aside from that, this was really well executed within this jam. Great job!


thank you very much I have never notice that since I always tested it in unity play mode , I hoped you enjoyed it 


Nice game. Also, some cards when selected showed the end of another card


This is a kind of idea I had initially before we made Infer no.079 but it was some other indoor game.Great concept anways,  enough to act as a foundation for a fully fleshed out post-gamejam game.


I really appreciate your feed back


The AI is pretty advance, so it makes the game challenging but not impossible to win. Some of the cards didn't get sliced properly though, great job anyways!


thanks for your review


nice game 

work more on graphics and it would be the best

try mine and tell me

rate if possible


Great game 

Got confused at the beginning but could quickly catch up to the rules.


Coool game ..... One of very few quality gamess  Really liked it..Great work  :) Rated !!!

Check and rate mine tooo ... Not a quality game .. but still XD......

Deleted post

I am sorry but I played and rated every game I commented on 😅 !

I can even give you a screen shot about the games I rated and you will find my comment there ..


Also thank you for your comment about the game I hope you enjoyed it :3

Deleted post

Thank you very much , you were right to talk about it and Don't worry I will talk to my teammate 


This is very similar to the classic card game "Cheat" and i wouldn't be surprised if this was very heavily inspired if not just a version of the game. Although not very innovative it is executed generally quite well and is worth a play to kill some time :D


I like this game. I remember that I played something like that on a party. And I like your character! 5/5


Thank you for supporting us

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