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Amazing! I feel like i am in K.Nolans movie interstellar and i have entered the fourth dimension while Hans Zimmer is blasting the music. The game really feels unique and looks great but i feel like you should tone down the special effects just a little :D Or somehow synchronize them. Dont get me wrong they are really good but its over saturated. Overeall great job keep going! Check out our game 

dont go into the light game ;( pretty nice game good job :D

hahahahaha its really fun :D i loved it 

i liked it a lot good job! its nice to see a health system and not die instantly:D also the skip button was helpful. i only didnt like the buzzing sound when you die its too loud but thats easily fixable so great work :D

dude i am really amazed by your game :0. It was so much fun playing it! ohh and the memes hahah! Honestly i think the whole movement, jumping/hooking, dialog the whole level design is great! I think its the best one i have played from all 50 entries i tried 10/10!!!. IF you ever need help with the art (especially 3d modeling or sculpting ) I would love to work with you! So give me a call :D

amazing i really loved it. i think it needs a couple more check point and maybe a different attack sound but those are just details. Good job

:0 :0 :0 Check out our game (or watch the video) it also has an interesting reveal at the end

OHH noo am i the monster :0 ? i liked the movement and daash animation

THEY ARE DEAD they are all dead ohh my good bear traps everywhere. Pretty fun :D makes me wanna play a sims game where your sims can use weapons and kill each other ;d. Check out ours

the theme was really strong in this one i liked the relaxing music and the puzzles. Good job :)

ohh i actually played this right after we published but i guess i forgot to rate it :D I really liked the graphics/paining i even showed it to my mum and she liked it too :D

i liked the music! Not sure if the father thing is a lie but if it isnt congrats :D

Thank you very much for the feedback!  I guess the plot was a little too deep and we didn't explain it well :D Also there was supposed to be another *mysterious voice/ alien box * that had to tell lies and add suspense but we didn't have enough time to polish the dialog. At the end the whole idea is that there inst "another female archeologist". The one that is trapped in stone is actually you, and you were having a weird flashback of how you got there and how you look/transformed after you opened the alien chest. 

hey my flashlight also ran out and i thought it was a bug. Maybe you should gradually decrease the light or just straight off tell the player you have to recharge it although i don't really think it should run out. Overall it was really good made me feel like a multi dimensional being :D good job! check out our game

ahh maan this game warmed my heart and remained me of my youth when we used to play a similar game/ Good job on the animation and overall. Did you really do that smooth jazz music  ? Its really nice. Check out our game

i couldn't really get the first level its like pong but you dodge the ball. Also you can hide behind the left bar and the game just goes on. Maybe i am just stupid or something :/ Check out our game

i guess i really am that bad :D The sound that you make when you die is so accurate :D check out our game

hi i am gonna play it now. here is our game

pretty solid game. Its funny that you can select your character to deal damage to yourself :D i just killed myself fighting some mules :D Check out our game

hahaha pretty simple but feels complete :D good job check out mine

thanks man

here is ours! Check it out please. Its our first game ever :D

Am i late to the party ? Here is our game 

wow this is really amazing. Did you really do everything during the game jam ? because the audio sounds really complex and the movement is smooth and polished :0   9/10 (the camera is facing a bit down)

Wow looks pretty simple but it actually managed to keep me interested until the end. Also the coordinates are very clever! Best maze game i have played so far in this jam. Good job!

Rest in peace mister turtle your family will miss you ;( I wish there was more levels and a princess :D for the time you had you did great good job.

Has great potential but i died a bunch of times in the beginning and got a bit annoyed. Maybe you could make the movement a little bit faster or accelerate more. Good job overall :D

someone please hold my hand :D i really freaked out when one of the furniture moved or not sure what it was  but something was there and it was scary :D Pretty nice game overall. Good Work work

the Starting Text is really pretty. The whole maze feels really big but i might have gotten lost a little :D. However i couldnt find all of the bottles or maybe thats the whole gimmick. Also it got kinda boring after a couple of minutes maybe you could add some vertical mazes maybe add a second floor or some kind of oposition like traps or enemies or random teleports

that was the most satisfying blue blob movement and sound. Kinda wished there were more levels also a bit more variety it felt like you just moved stuff around the same level. But overall its great experience :D

not sure if i am dumb or something : it says pull the lever but i see no lever and the game is stuck 

heyy please check out our first game. It has 3 levels.

i would really like to learn about this Quantum magic theory :D Also i got stuck a little on the puzzle right after he said that he would be watching me :/

hehe this really tested my memory and think fast skills :D Also the bonus level is really powerful great job

Heyy here is our very first game i hope you like it. I tried really hard at sculpting the third level :D
PS it should work on MAC aswell (PC,MAC, LINUX Standalone build from Unity in a .rarr)

not sure if that is how the game is supposed to go but after i get asked if i want to see something cool all i see is System.String[]

The game is very nice but i think it lacks a goal (maybe you can tell the player to find something or escape the dungeon). Also at the very begining the camera kinda shifts a bit too much to the right, and you can move and see a litle bit of the game while still being in the menu but its not that big of a deal. Keep going and don't give up on sound (maybe find someone from crowdforge who can do it for you)

ahh make more! i love it :D

That intro :D just go