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There is more to the world than you think
Submitted by freaky-freaky-tarsier — 6 hours, 23 minutes before the deadline
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Game Design#1183.4673.467

Ranked from 45 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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It was a fun game with increasing difficulty :) 


Loved the game, but I got stuck on one level :D Controls were a little to hard for me as well, but I liked everything else. 


Hey nice game ! It was very cool to play ! 

The only thing is that the big room is very hard because of the lack of light and the time to regen the flashlight could have been shorter.

Overall a good game ! Keep it put ! 

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Played and rated :)
I like the concept a lot. 

The big room is quite difficult to finish, and the flashlight regen takes so long when it gets depleted. Sounds could also be improved as ambiant sound gets repetitive, and there's no sound effect for the character's movement and sticking.




Hi! :D I absolutely loved the puzzles in your game! The mechanic of switching views was really well done and so creative! I had so much fun playing your game - great job! :D 


I like the puzzle design and the idea itself, it is very interesting where you need to switch between alternate rooms in order to solve the puzzle in that room. The idea of the character has the ability to attach the walls for climbing and jumping purposes is actually quite refreshing! 


The game is very confident on its mechanics. I really liked the puzzle designs as they were clever. The movement can feel a bit slippery at first but you get a hang of it with time. The visuals can be improved upon. Had a blast playing it, wish you best of luck! :D


This game has a some interesting mechanics. I like the idea of having a platformer level combining two different rooms that you can switch. It is also interesting that you can't jump but you can walk on walls.

I didn't particularly liked the torch thing. I would have been an equally interesting game without it in my opinion.

The graphics are ok, the background sound fx fits but I would have added some elements to make it less static.

Nice and interesting entry, rated!

It would be great if you'd check out our game too


Thanks for the feedback!! And yeah the flashlight was a half finished mechanic. Originally we wanted it to reveal hidden objects but ran out of gusto on the project. 

I rated yours as well!!


Very simple game but still have good details! Easy to understand. Fits to the theme. Rated!

Don't forget to check my game and rating it, please.




Definitely a good jam game! 


hey my flashlight also ran out and i thought it was a bug. Maybe you should gradually decrease the light or just straight off tell the player you have to recharge it although i don't really think it should run out. Overall it was really good made me feel like a multi dimensional being :D good job! check out our game


Definitely enjoyed the game! Sometimes the mechanics were a bit difficult, but I liked it! 


Hi the game was very fun,though it took me quite a while to figure out that i could use my mouse to change the flashlight angle. I didnt finish the game as my flashlight ran out of light midway and i got stuck in the dark, but overall solid game! And that audio..creeps me out!


If you leave the flashlight off(F) it should recharge after a while! Thanks for playing!


Hi, so i played your game and now im gonna rate it. The game is cool, with its dungeony vibe and the slime monster man as the protagonist. The levels are well made and the background music thing is pretty creepy too. My only complaint is that it doesn't fit the jam theme, seeing as how there's no deception involved its just well made levels that you have to get past.  I get that you tried this reveal another world thing but i don't think that works either. All and all its a good game. Kudos, well done!


The game is great mate


Loved the creepy atmosphere and mechanics! Would be cool if the switching mechanic would change the theme so for example one could be coloured blue and the other red.

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