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The game has 3 levels (scenes) meaning you haven't reached the end until you see medusa's face from up close
Submitted by pufpafy — 1 hour, 4 minutes before the deadline
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For your first game, it's pretty good! 

That music sounded cool, though when repeating for the 100th time, it kind of gets annoying imo. Some sound fx would have been a nice addition! Please reduce the camera's near clip from 0.3 (default) down to 0.0, because when you're close to the walls, the camera clips through on the edges and that's weird. Also, I don't know why you left drag on the player, maybe to simulate otherworldly gravity, but it's not such a good idea when you jump from one platform to another, something (i think it's drag) slows you down you in the air, and you fall before reaching the next platform. Always play-test your games, and ask multiple friends to play-test it as well. They will notice things you (the devs) missed. Cheers!


Weird but also pretty funny.


Played and rated! It's a cool game!

Don't forget to check my game and rating it, please.


I had to watch the playthrough twice because at some points I totally didn't know where to go. The enviroment is gorgeus and the models too but it's kinda hard to see a path, also the walking speed is so painfully slow that sometimes you think you can't go towards specific directions.

I didn't like the games where you are given wrong instruction on purpose during the whole jam. In this game in particular I find it unjustified. It is not an arcade or a game controlled by an AI so why is the game giving me wrong instructions? I mean I can understand the maze with false obstacles but I don't get why is the game speaking.

In the end you know that another female archeologist was trapped in the maze by an alien civilization, and it is the game itself that tells this to you so why was it lying before?

The story is very unclear for this reason. If I had one of these aliens tellin me where to go and what to do I could understand it but like this it is quite a mess.

I think that if it wasn't for the theme of the jam this could have been a game with an interesting story but it came out all twisted because of the lie theme.

As I said the walking speed is extremely slow even if you run. The other controls work good.

I liked the music in the temple, the one on the planet and in the ending is a bit annoying because of the lead synth sound, also I think that the melody could have been expanded a little.

In my opinion this was a pretty immersive adventure but I feel that the theme of the jam was forced into the story, especially in the dialogue parts with the game. The graphics are awesome though.

Good luck for the jam!

It would be great if you'd check out our game too


Thank you very much for the feedback!  I guess the plot was a little too deep and we didn't explain it well :D Also there was supposed to be another *mysterious voice/ alien box * that had to tell lies and add suspense but we didn't have enough time to polish the dialog. At the end the whole idea is that there inst "another female archeologist". The one that is trapped in stone is actually you, and you were having a weird flashback of how you got there and how you look/transformed after you opened the alien chest. 

thank you all for the comments they are some very usefull tips among them 
and since a few ppl got stuck on the puzzles we did a playthrough so you can check out the complete thing here:
also added to the description page


The graphic was surprisingly rich for a 3D game. I was impressed by the level of details of the snake's head, it must have taken a lot of time to create it. You also managed to make different musics, the first felt a bit too repetitive (and was very loud) but I think it is more a matter of personal tastes in music, so I think you made an excellent job also in this part.

Unfortunately, when going back to the checkpoint the camera gets stuck in a fixed direction so I was unable to complete the game.

It felt like a bit like a No Man's Sky planet mixed with a Minecraft user interface. The blocks emerging from the acid also made me think of Mass Effect Andromeda.


Wow cool game! The 3d-modelling is great executed. The world was very large, but you did a good job on this one! :)


This game remind me a bit of Astroneer, I really liked this strange atmophere, good job !

It would be nice if you have time to rate my entry too

Have a nice day ^-^


Rated - Very ambitious idea!  Cool game, and I like the checkpoint were often (my game needs that haha).  Take everyone's suggestions and polish up this cool idea after the jam.  My game has some problems as well, but don't let them demotivate you to continue!  Great job.  Please check out my game when you can ~ good day!


Hi men, I was interested at seeing the thumbnail (and I also downloaded it as a karma reward ;)
So well done with the 3D models and shaders.
Also a good responding player controller, it felt a bit like going up the hill was slower to do than going down, so maybe, instead of adding force, just set the speed so the right amount of force gets add (or maybe keep it the way you havce it because I didn't understand that this was the plan all along ;)


i am using the addforce method but with the force mode on change velocity  (with some test this one was the closest to what i wanned for char. movment) the thing is i apply the force on the forward direction of the transformer without  acounting for the angle of the ground , so it applyes the force needed to reach the desired speed but the slope still interfiers since the force appears at an angle towerds it.
PS.: unity docs mention that direct change to the velocity field is not adviseble and should be avoided.


That was a fun entry to explore! You made a pretty large world. First person platforming can get a little awkward at times so I failed at the first jumping section a few times. I also got stuck when you go inside the giant snake head at the point where you jump over the acid, as when I jumped I would just get stuck in the ceiling. A fun entry though, nice work!

(2 edits)

you are not the first to write that off as a bug  there is even a hint that appears 10 s after you get near that acid "You : I bet even the acid is fake" so jupming in a aria near that acid (that's fake) turns off your gravity and is why you get stuck . so totaly intentional you are suppose to get back to the previous check point (if you stuck) vie ESC menu or Z death and go again without jumping just go straight thru the acid won't kill you :)


unfortunately, i can't open the game, which means that i can't play or rate it. i apologize.


The world's geometry is far too complicated for its own good. The main character gets stuck all over the place, collisions are missing in other places, and, because it's so elaborate, it's very difficult to make that many assets look presentable and produce decent player-game interactions. I got as far as the second scene, which is much simpler, yet, it's covered in the same texture on the walls, with half of the surfaces Z-Fighting, a placeholder texture on the ground, and generic dark red "doors" which are walls.

So the first scene was a pain to navigate through, the second one, if you jumped you would get stuck into the ceiling.

In the game's defense, the checkpoint system was decent for me, so failures or manual restarts weren't so bad.

Thing is the game is trying to be cheeky to the point of obnoxiousness, so all of these things I've just described may in fact not be bugs, or incompetence. They may be deliberate. Clever? Possibly. I didn't enjoy the experience at all. All the time I felt like I was fighting with a game that desperately wanted me to stop playing it. It succeeded at scene 2.

The game is far too ambitious for a 7 day project, in my view.

Music was alright, but too loud and didn't really fit the mood of the game (again, could be deliberate).

I conclusion, I think the theme was followed fairly strongly. Too bad that doing this produced a barely playable, unenjoyable game for me.

oh a long and extencive one  thank you .
yes we went over board on the theme (good or bad ; too much or not i will let ppl deside for them selfs) 
collisions missing on someplaces is intentional.
getting stuck in the ceiling in scene 2 can only happen on one place and is part of the "puzzle".
PS . i am not ignoring the other point i am taking them into consideration on our next venture or were mentioned and ans to before


I really like the idea, I got stuck on one of the levels, I forget which one. The only major thing that bugged me was the music volume but aside from that I enjoyed it! Well done! :D 
↓↓↓ Please Rate! :) 

we are thinking of posting a video in witch we clear the whole game just so ppl see all of it.
you can come back and check it out if you are interested to see what else we got instored for the player to go thru.

Submitted (1 edit)

I don't think I've reached the end, there is a huge red wall which does not open with "E", even though the message appears and I had the key. Really liked the large snake head design! Music was trippy

the key unlocks only one of the door's but never gets discarded  if you count the doors and tell me witch one or tell me the message before it 


I think it's the third red door, its a really large one, I don't remember specifically what it said in the message :/

ah  you should be locked on a question  and you are given to answer it in a menu w 2 buttons   if you tell the game it's a lier you can't prossede ever if you say it isn't the door unlocks (i got the idea to show how liers dont like been called out so the game basicly gets mad at you for sayn it's a lier  altho it's true ) you can  res from check point and it will be reset and ask you again and then you can continue 

(1 edit)

On that note i gues i will mention that the game has 3 lvl  (scenes) meaning you haven't found the end untill you see medusa's face from up close


Music is hella loud. General concept seems kinda cool, the sarcasm of "You safely boarded your ship", probably could've used some more visual feedback, cause now it literally felt like a bug / programming mistake. General atmosphere is pretty neat, supported by well chosen assets. Really like the snake theme in combination with lying, pretty smart. As mentioned previously, moving around was awkward, especially when going through very thin parts of the maze, because you never really knew beforehand whether you were gonna fit through or not. For your first game definitely not bad keep it up!  

ye was suppose  to  be third person with camera following from behind  but our animator didn't have time to work on it because of work and  in the end didn't give use neither a riged body nor animation  so we just  placed the cam on top of a capsule and made it invisible.
you were suppose to slam your face in the ground when that msg appers.


It's a cool concept but I felt kinda sluggish when moving and looking around. Even when running I was still going at a walking pace. 

ye i did the movement script the first day when we didn't have the terrain  so the movements were tested on a flat terrrain and forgot to recalibrate them in the end  when we got the terrain done.
also it's kinda slopish and the fps your game works at actully matters in reaching and maintaining the top speed

(2 edits)

Ok so apperently a few ppl (friends i gave to test it)  were confused  so i am posting this  the 

"You safely boarded your ship and went home . Come back any time." message is a lie it actually means you died.
also missing are the controlls tip (would have been a lie anyway so here) the general : WASD;  space; shift; and   ctrl    unlocks your mouse if you need it. 

(2 edits)

We appreciated all feedback.
altho feadback on spelling mistakes will probably be ignored
if you are stuck: ask i will give solves for all "puzzles" you ask for (hope this forum has spoiler hider )