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Loved the design, such a challenging yet fun runner! Rated it (At the last moment! :D) and also reviewed it! Hope you like ours too! Best wishes! <3

Intimidating but REALLY fun! Loved the level design, had a blast in my playthrough! Such a cool runner! Best wishes! <3

@Sashbros Studios, I rated and reviewed your game too! It was very daunting at first, but I ended up loving every bit of it, specially the soundtrack! Don't forget to rate our game,too! Best wishes! <3

Wonderful game! It's a bit intimidating at first because of the unpredictability, but I got the hang of it and ended up loving every bit of it! Great effort, wish you all the best! <3

Enjoyed every bit of my playtime! Really cool presentation! Rated and reviewed it, hope you rated ours too! Best wishes! <3

I already rated your game, really liked it! All the best! <3

I dug the presentation! Really enjoyed every bit of it! Great job, and best wishes! <3

Thanks, mate! Really appreciate it! :D

You've got yourself a fan, I would say ;) .We'll also be updating our game, can't wait for the full version of yours! Cheers, mate! :D

Genuinely cool aesthetic and the accompanying humor- from the humor to the minimalism, everything complemented each other perfectly! You've got yourself a fan :D !Rated and reviewed it,loads of love and best wishes! <3

I absolutely cherished the design you implemented in your game, it was so cool and unique! Nice presentation! Rated and reviewed it! Don't forget to rate our game, too! Best wishes! <3

Such a distinctive game you've got there! Loved the visual presentation and thematic ideas. Rated and reviewed, hope you rated ours too! :D Best wishes! <3

Minimalist art and such overall presentation makes your game stand apart from other entries! Really liked the theme you went for, the humor, the presentation, everything complimented each other pretty well. Great effort, all the best! <3 

Such a distinctive game! Really like the text adventure vibe  :D. Looks pretty cool too! Very good game, wish you all the best! <3

Really cool! Goes pretty well with the theme. The visuals are genuinely nice! A really good game overall, wish you guys all the best! <3

Rated and reviewed it! Such an interesting dungeon crawler! The soundtrack was genuinely fantastic, the visuals were also really nice. Great game overall! Don't forget to rate our game too! Best wishes! <3

Such a fun little game, enjoyed every second of playing it! The dungeon designs were pretty cool, and most importantly, the visuals and specially the soundtrack was fantastic! Great effort, wish you all the best! :D

Loved your game, the puzzles were really tricky, specially in later levels. Rated and reviewed it, be sure to rate our game too! Best wishes! :)

Such a great platformer! The puzzles were well thought out, and although the game starts fairly simple, the later levels get really intimidating. Great job, and best wishes!

Cute as hell! Snappy controls and good platforming bits! Loved every bit of it! Hope you enjoy our game too, don't forget to rate and review it! Best of luck! <3

Such a cute platformer! The controls are so snappy and responsive! The background music is pretty cool too! Had a blast playing it! Best wishes! :D

Loved the puzzles! They're simple, yet complex. Solid game mechanics and cute art style! Rated and reviewed, don't forget to do the same to our game, too! Best wishes! <3

Clever puzzle designs! It builds upon a simple mechanic but gets intricate while progressing. The sprites are cool, a very fun game overall! Best wishes! :D 

I played, rated and reviewed it! Such a lovely little game. Simplicity and complexity complementing each other! Loved it. Best of luck! :D

Lovely little game! The twist is very simple but effective. I had one hell of a time falling from the platforms because of such small tweak in controls XD. Great job, and best of luck! <3

I really loved the concept you went with! There's scope for improvement, but it was quite fun! Can't wait for the full version! Hope you liked our game, and if you did, don't forget to rate/review it. Best of luck! :D

Cool concept. The gameplay can be a bit polished. Wish it had a soundtrack accompanying it! Great effort, cannot wait for the full version. Best wishes! <3

Rated and reviewed it. An absolutely adorable game you've got there! Really clever design. Don't forget to rate and review our game,too! Best wishes! :D

You played with some really clever concepts! Also, looks adorable! Wish it had a soundtrack. Really good effort! Best wishes! :D

I rated and reviewed it. It was a really simple but fun game in my opinion! The presentation is very good. Don't forget to check out our game, too! Best wishes! :D

The music and the presentation is really cool. It can be a bit difficult to play for the darkness but other than that, really fun little game! Best of luck! <3


I played, rated and reviewed it. The game is a good example of what makes platformers good, and the homage to classics of the genre makes it really special! Make sure you rate our game too! Best wishes! <3

I liked the homage to classics like Space Invaders. The gameplay is solid, the controls feel very responsive and the challenges are fair. Liked the visual style you went for! All the best! <3

I checked it out. The riddles were very clever, and the narrative accompanied by the voice acting was really funky. Rated and reviewed it! Don't forget to check our game out! Best wishes! :D

Loved the theme you guys went for! The voice acting was really cool, so were the riddles. I liked the idea of giving it a funky narrative style too. A great game overall, wish you guys all the best! :)

I played, rated and reviewed it. The game looks fantastic! Really cool concept! All the best! <3

Really like the pixel art, really detailed sprites! The game plays good, but sometimes the objective can feel a bit vague. Cool idea, wish you all the best! :D

Sorry, but the Wetransfer mirror you provided says that the file's unavailable or deleted. I would love to check out your game, so if you come up with any fix, let me know! Best wishes! <3

Fantastic game! Can't believe you pulled it off in a week! Rated and reviewed it, and had a blast playing. Thank you! :D