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Thanks everybody for playing it

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It's all a dream

The game is cute mate

Check out my game :

Love ur game
Herre iss mine"

I'll play ur game soon
Here is mine :

It's a litte bit sad about that

It's cool mate

Ur game is great though

Thanks for playing my game 

Great game mate

I like it
Happy to play and rate ur
Up here is mine
Play it if u want
Hopes u like it


It's good mate


I will play your as soon as i get home

NOt my favorite kind of game but I like ur game
Hope u like mine
I'm gonna play ur now

Nice game

I like the gameplay and the art

It's really good

Great game

A little bit confusing


Ok mate

Sure things

Ok cool

Thanks man
I'm always having problems with the controls 

Thanks for trying

The game is great mate

Thanks mate

Ok cool
Hope u like it
Hope  u like it
Hope u like it

Thanks for playin it

The game have a good gameplay 

The audio is good

Just I dont like the control cuz I'm a left-handed so I dont like the fact that i cant use the arowkeys

The commamd is not working , why?????

OOh I see

I thought we still can dowload it during rating


I dont have tool to make

Just make the core mechanic work and base everything else on it

I only have half of a week to work on the game

Cuz I also have a test on the weekend and I haven't study anything yet