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The minimum gameplay duration?

A topic by Nex-Eve created Aug 26, 2019 Views: 241 Replies: 7
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I was wondering what is the minimum gameplay duration. I think I can do around 5 minutes of gameplay, but not longer... Do you know anything about this question?

I don't think there is a minimum. Mine wi probably be about 15 minutes minimum

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I just found out I lost Friday and Saturday to work on the game, so mine will also be a lot shorter than intended. I think the idea is to finish the game and then build onto if you end up having more time.


I probably won't really finish my game in time. Not with every part I want put in. So I'll do the minimum needed for the game to work in a first time, then add things until I have to submit it. But I will probably keep working on it for a little while to really  finish it.


I only have half of a week to work on the game

Cuz I also have a test on the weekend and I haven't study anything yet

I don't think there's a time minimum to how long the gameplay should be. I also have less time other people, have to go to the hospital twice and 2 days I am at my grandma's house, without my PC :(

I estimate my game around 45 mintues, but I'm literally working on it every second. I have finished three quarters of my mechanics already,
only the story is left.


The first game submitted is pretty short. I'd say how short, but I don't want to spoil the surprise.