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Very fun game, but how am I supposed to know who the culprit is? Should I just sacrifice innocents to get hints?

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I've never participated in a game jam before, sorry if I sound stupid. How exactly are we supposed to turn it in?

I will do Graphics and Audio like this:

If it's bad, low score

If it's average, medium score

If it's fantastic, high score

I got a sketch for a door

The best ideas come when you least expect them. Don't try to force your brain to come up with ideas, just do things you'd otherwise do, and maybe you'll get good ideas!

That sucks. I also have limited time to work on my game. Good luck with your game!

This is my first Jam too, also this will (hopefully) be my first completed game. Good luck with your game!

I don't think there's a time minimum to how long the gameplay should be. I also have less time other people, have to go to the hospital twice and 2 days I am at my grandma's house, without my PC :(

I am thinking about making a game in which "the game" is a famous person and the plyer just found out where he lives, so he lies about the way to where he is, and locks the player up in the basement. But if you find out where he is... That's a surprise for if you play the game :)