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Game Progress?

A topic by sloppyjoseph created Aug 26, 2019 Views: 326 Replies: 11
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How's everyone's games coming along? Here's Mine:

Just finished working on the basics of my tileset and my main character's sprite. I need to work on their repetition, but I am overall very happy with how it's coming.


that looks amazing

End of day 2

Posted this in the other thread too. Looking pretty good so far, I think! Still using knobs for everything because the artist is still working on finishing some stuff.


wow thats going to look really cool

Thank you! I still need to add more behaviors to the enemies and change around the spell shooting mechanic to allow for holding down the button and limiting the casting rate. There's a mana stat to add in too but I'm liking the progress we've made so far!

Bruh. I still need to think of an idea. I need to do something with little game design. Something with random spawning.


yeah luckily i thought of an idea pretty quick, maybe do some sort of shooter with waves of enemies and then incorporate the theme

I got a sketch for a door


Just made my game. Now i have just do some balancing, add restart button , game feel and graphics



this time i'm trying to do something that i never attempted before: a game with sort of cinematics and npc interactions, dunno if i can complete it but i'm already learning a lot of stuff!


I just started on my game a few hours ago. I'm making art and code at the moment but I'll need to solidify my idea.