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piskel app

Thanks for playing!

This is very fun! The idea is great and it is executed well. The music is really good. The graphics are also very good, but it could be more clear at the beginning which part is inside and which part is outside of the ship. The tools are designed really well!

What is the guy's name? Major Tom?

Keep up the good work. Could you check my game out as well?

Wow, this is great! The art style is really good. Keep up the good work!

Yeah same.

Thanks! I agree, that's the first thing I would have added if I had just another hour. Thanks for the feedback, your game was very fun too!

Ok thanks

Thanks for the feedback!

I'm glad you liked it. I ran out of time to playtest so the difficulty is a bit weird.

Why weren't you a fan of the music?

Sorry I couldn't add instructions ingame. You can press R to restart the level if I didn't somehow break it last-minute.

Thanks for your feedback!

unique . . .

Wow. This is so intense! I ended up just sort mashing my hands across the keyboard. Bravo.

This is great! I found that the challenge ramped up very quickly! The levels swapped between easy and hard. It fits the theme very well. Is the power randomized or set for the level? On level 4 I found that the power went from red to gray each time. Keep up the good work!

and if you don't mind could you review my game too?

Agreed. This was my first time drawing pretty much all of my assets freehand. (Except for the ferris wheel which I used a circle-making tool for). I'm sure I'll get better at drawing with time

Yeah, I tried to playtest each level with my brother but I accidentally implemented level locking too early. So every single time I wanted to try level 5 I'd have to go through every other level. (And being terrible at games I usually couldn't get past 3 or 4.) So I never was able to beat level 5. I'm not sure if it's even possible. Each jump goes at a random angle between 20 and 49 degrees (with 0 being directly upwards).

I tried during the jam to learn how to use Unity's sprite shape feature so I could use smooth curves, but I couldn't figure them out, so I ended up going with different-angled blocks.

Thanks for playing, and for your feedback!

This is pretty good. The second section is a bit slow paced for me. I wasn't sure whether there was another section after that or not. It's an interesting idea, character development!

This is really solid! Well thought out mechanic with good puzzles to compliment it. Great job.

Ok then

Ok I've played it. It was quite the experience

What happened:

I ran counterclockwise around a wall too many times to count.

I started walking on a shelf but the robots were still able to reach me and eat me. Oh well.

Then I played again, the robots started chatting to each other and paying no attention to me, I ran the other way and walked into the red light and I won. yay!

Good job on the game though.


Where do the robots come from? Are they robots, actually?

Why do the robots want to eat me?

Did you do any modeling, and if so what program did you use?

I was wondering about the lights, because they don't seem to be lit up, but they create a shadow of the player. Are they baked?

not available for chromebook


Hi there, I'm the other game creator (you know who I am)

I'm about to download tarket.

I'll let you know what the experience was like after I finish

unity is better

I think so

I don't think you can, because it's already in rating period

I made a devlog too! 

My Devlog is finished! 

Watch here:


Amazing game! (There is a glitch with one of the respawn point where it respawns you in the floor)

ok but you only need to post it once

ah, when I clicked esc on my keyboard, it said 'game paused' so I unpaused and then I realized that everything was gone!


Very unique platformer!


Great mechanic!


Hi Trevz! So this is the best place to contact you, can I use one of your comments in a video or should I block out your name?


Good game! There is a bug when you pause the game: it moves the trees and deletes your stuff!


Nice game!


Here's mine: