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Wow that's incredible. Your game was amazing as well!

Yes, I did! A link is here.

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f for the ones who didn't reach 20 ratings

Agreed! Thanks for rating!

Thank you so much!

TYSM! I unfortunately cannot rate yours as it is not browser :(

Please rate my game so I can be at 20 ratings!

Thank you!

yay! I checked out yours, it's really good!

Please rate mine:

Please rate mine!

I'll be finishing up some games that I started before the jam!

Would you please rate:

I am very close to 20 ratings! Please rate!

Yeah, the crushers were added in last second so the red was added so you could at least see where they were :) Thanks for rating!

ahhhh . . . thanks. 

I do need more ratings:

I am low on ratings!

The theme was very difficult and I thought that the description would make it correspond to the theme. Thank you for the feedback!

Unfortunately, your game is not a browser, so I can not play :( Thank you for rating mine, though!

Rated! Can you rate mine?

Great game!

Could you rate mine:

I'd love for you to rate my game!

Mine has under 20 ratings!

My game is under 20 ratings!

Thanks for the feedback! I will check out your game as well!

Ok, thank you for the feedback!

Rated yours. Please rate mine:

Here is my game:

Play my game, please!

Will you play my game?

Rated! Please rate mine:

Unfortunately I don't want do download things to my PC

Thank you for the feedback!

Well everything can be improved, you know? No major problems stood out. Very impressive for a jam game!

fits perfectly with the theme!

Thanks! I'll rate your game!

Here is my game: