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Thank you! I still need to add more behaviors to the enemies and change around the spell shooting mechanic to allow for holding down the button and limiting the casting rate. There's a mana stat to add in too but I'm liking the progress we've made so far!

End of day 2

Posted this in the other thread too. Looking pretty good so far, I think! Still using knobs for everything because the artist is still working on finishing some stuff.

End of day 2

Looking pretty good so far, I think. Still waiting on the artist to finish some sprites, so its still full of knobs!

LOL! Yes, exactly. Don't have art assets for your game? Use knobs!

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Download webm here

Artist is still working on assets so... you get a knob, and you get a knob, everyone gets a knob!

EDIT: Looks like I need to fix the video... too bad itch doesn't allow webm directly. They're so tiny!

EDIT EDIT: It won't accept the mp4 version and I can't make a gif tiny enough with the tools I have at hand so... you'll just have to download it I guess.

I would agree. The theme is pretty much the opposite of what I was hoping for. Something general, non-specific. This theme constrains way too much.


Nope. Not missing anything at all. The idea was to make it more strategic, making you think about where your next shot should be, adding a bit of delay between shots. Thanks for checking it out and the comment!

Jumping doesn't work...

I like how I say "community" in the title and seriously most of you are just friends or family. Anyway, onto the actual topic of this post.

I want to know what you all think on this. I'm planning a mobile version of Zank after these next few updates. My biggest issue with mobile games is the interface is usually hot garbage. For Zank, I've got an alternative control scheme in mind. 2 buttons, one for shooting, one for thrust. Left and right tilting for turning. Should make it pretty fun to play. I'm feeling pretty confident that is the way to go for mobile controls but I'm always open to having my mind changed.

The thing I really want opinions on though, is price. Releasing on the Google Play store isn't free. Apple's App Store is even more expensive. I've already paid the fees for Google Play. Zank is coming to that platform regardless. Right now, I'm thinking of asking for $0.99 USD for the Android version. I don't want to put ads on it. I dislike ads in  games. And just, ya know, in general. The Windows and HTML versions will remain  "pay what you want, even free" as will the Mac and Linux versions when I release those here.

Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think. $0.99 and no ads or free and have interstitial and/or banner ads?

As things stand in this current version of the game, as the player, you can fly around, shoot asteroids and pick up Zank bits. Colliding with asteroids busts your ship into tiny pieces and you only get to see the pretty particles 3 times before being kicked to the Game Over screen. If you manage to dodge all the asteroids and make it past the bounds of the view, you find yourself in a new zone with a whole new, albeit exactly identical, set of asteroids to collide with or mine. There is a score, of a kind. As you destroy asteroids and collect the bits of Zank, that 'score' increases. I have a purpose for those points. 

The next update will see the introduction of most of the major features I had planned. Sometimes, when you slip past the edge of your current view, you'll come face to face with a pirate.  Or even a whole pack of pirates. And they want your precious Zank. Because in Zank (the game), Zank (the points) are your currency. They are how you'll purchase upgrades like a beam laser, scatter gun, rail gun, missile launcher, or a mine layer. You'll use it to buy extra lives. You'll use Zank to make your ship faster or more agile. You'll spend that Zank at space stations that can also be randomly found throughout space. 

Following the aforementioned update, I'll see about making those play spaces persistent so you can revisit stations you've found previously. 

I don't know if there are any other Asteroids clones that will have nearly the amount of features I have planned and it's probably going to take me quite a while to get all of this stuff working but I know that I'm going to stick with it until the end. I can see this whole game, I'm playing it in my head right now. Eventually, you'll be able to play it too. I can't wait!

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Lives and Zank counters aren't displaying or updating correctly (the things in the upper left). Will research.