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Submitted by Silevran — 12 minutes, 45 seconds before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#11113.4553.455

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feel like you need to be speed reader to properly answer all correct. couple of lost but still get the job.


Good game overall. Easy to understand and the difficulty is spot on. Good job!


Cool concept, and a pretty polished execution! I wasn't expecting voice acting, that was a nice surprise.

Good humor. "Four Loco and Taco Bell value menu, every morning" haha.

The difficulty ramped up well. I felt like the last round really leaned a lot towards one answer though, which made it feel proportionately easier than the other ones to me.

Overall, great job!


Accurate representation of social anxiety with all that questions popping up at the end and no time to think or even read them. Good job!


Really enjoyed this! 

The overworld had a fun quicky feel to it, the presentation of the visual novel parts was excellent and the quiz sections were fun!

Fun little game and cute story :) Really like the characters you really can find those in pretty much every company! 

If you have some time here is our game:


Nice concept with a decent enough execution. Very original, which I personally treasure the most in this jam. I feel like the goal of the game could've been worded better. You need to be able to tell me what you do in your game in just a few easy to understand words, this felt a bit too wordy and complex. Overal great game jam game


Neat little game.  When the first three questions popped up I thought it was going to be a cinch but when what seemed like 9 popped up on the next meeting I was struggling.


It took me a moment to understand what was going on, but when I figured it out it turned out to be a really cool concept. The art is really nice too! Great job for a jam entry!


Nice game!

I already felt nervous when 3 questions pop up in the same time!


Nice presentation! Very different from other games I've tried in this jam. The difficulty level is a bit unforgiving, but solid effort!


I loved it, it really does make you nervous somehow.


The overflow of questions surprised me. I didn't get the job. 


I liked this game as "joke" mechanic. It really made me laugh when I realized I had no chance in reading all the questions. The art looked nice, and the spinning character fit the game. But this is the max number of characters, more and it would become tedious.


I really enjoyed the voice over lines! :D

Submitted (1 edit)

Interesting little game. The multiple questions to answer at once definitely does induce a feeling of anxiety in me, very overwhelming XD I love the dialogue and the characters! Nice touch with the little voice snippets too!

I really like the idea, but in terms of game design, I'm not sure it really works. In the end I found myself just picking a random answer and hoping for the best because trying to read and pick the majority answer was next to impossible for me. Maybe someone out there with lightning fast reflexes and some memorization of the questions could do this. 

The way the theme "only one" was implemented was a bit questionable, the way it was mentioned felt a bit cheap.

But I seriously love the presentation, the anxiety inducing feeling, the characters and their little voice snippets. You definitely get full points for originality from me!!


I love how you've depicted anxiety in this! :D Great concept! 


Such an interesting game. Really liked the concept and actually even laughed a bit. Good job :)


I got the job and you got a high rating! Well done!


This is BRILLIANT. Gets unfairly difficult by the end, but that's totally okay, fits with the game's themes and means it's the perfect length. Broke down laughing slightly at the movement, it's absolutely excellent.

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