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A jam submission

k by Sebastian FredrikView game page

A one letter dating sim
Submitted by Satizh — 1 hour, 23 minutes before the deadline
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k by Sebastian Fredrik's page


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Such a crazy idea! Really cool- I loved the feeling of having no clue at all. I must say, I'm happy this is not real live ;O


I had no idea what was going on but I enjoyed it anyway. Can't ask for better feedback than that can you? :P I'm still wondering why they didn't like my green capital H, I thought that was a nice message! :(


Guess they weren't in the mood for overly nice messaging. Oh well, can't please everyone. 

Good thing you enjoyed it, and I did feel like not everyone was going to get was going on, kind of because there is no objective thing going on. Of course I know what I wanted it to be but if you had a different experience, I can't blame ya :p


Amazing game! Doing a lot with very little! :) Well made.


Not sure what was happening but i liked it!`

So good job! :D


Whelp, that was certainly an interesting experience, but basically ASD-ing myself through it isn't going to go anywhere. xD


This is amazing! I love this game about miscommunication and trying to understand what's going on. Adopting the language of this game feels a lot like the experience of actually learning social cues, and I love it so much.

5 Stars.


Wow, thank you so much!

I did go for that feeling of miscommunication and learning subtle social cues, so I am glad that translated well for you. I also tried your game and rated it, hope you can do something with my comments on that.


I have no idea what the other is saying, but those kind of things usually go past me anyway.
Playability is not what i will rate on, though. Good game design overall, and a really original take on the theme


Thanks for the kind words!

The game is kind of about not knowing what the other truly is saying but figuring out the broad strokes, but I can definitely imagine it still not working out in the end. Glad you liked the design anyway!


Firstly, never would've thought of this but it fits really well. That's the out of the box thinking I love to see in game jams.

The visual style is also really nice, and the way the other person can pause to show their not sure about what they're typing is really cool. Emily is Away vibes off this.

I do have one complaint, however, and that is the inclusion of the meter at the top. I feel that it is unneeded as you already have the thumbs up and down to see if you did a good or bad job. The meter only ends up spoiling what ending you're going to get, which I feel is the most rewarding aspect of this game.

Give mine a try(here) and then rip it to shreds in the comments.


k is a one letter dating sim where you have to make a connection with someone while trying to figure out how to communicate with only one letter. See how the other reacts to your choices, and change your strategy accordingly.

Use WASD or arrow keys to select the color of your text and the symbol you send. After selection, press Enter on the Enter block to sumbit your text.