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Benjamin Nolan / TwoWholeWorms

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Relaxing music xD


<3 Sorry I didn't get to this in time for the ratings, but I do love the idea. :)

This is amazing. xD

Got stuck going right on the stained glass level, but I do love this. <3

Hmm, oddly it doesn't actually list anything in that drop-down at all for me, it's just showing an empty slither the options container when I try to expand it. :<

Kinda wish it'd fire, say, 5 projectiles per click rather than one.

Love this one, added it to my favourites collection for this year :)

I feel like suck a pillock for not realising I could manually drag the ingredients in to the cauldron. >.<

Fanks! :D

I love the last item on the todo list :p That's basically the first task every day in my day job. :p

That blood effect is brutal. xD

Absolutely hands down my favourite game of the jam.

...but why is there a toilet in the kitchen?!?! O.o

42, nice. :p

You need to flag the uploaded file with 'Windows', as the Itch client doesn't know what to do with it otherwise. :)

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I feel very attacked right now. o.o


Yeah, deffo needs sound, heh. :)

Not working for me :< Did manage to figure out that you have to run runme.bat (Itch client hasn't got a clue what to do with it!), but can't get any of the controls you listed below to work :<

This is brilliant. ^^

I suspect the box up the top right is supposed to show your inputs, though it just stays blank, but I like the concept. :)

Like the idea, I think the progression needs to introduce new shapes and colours each a bit more gradually, and the robots eventually get out of sync with the projecty thingy, but that's less of an issue. :)

This is _really_ good. <3 Well-thought-out mechanics and the progression makes sense, and I like the way the two characters have to work together. Well done. :)

Title checks out. :p

I love the pitch shifting and speed on the music, really makes it I think. xD

I suck at this, but I still really like it. xD

I saw the description and thought I was in for a cool experience which was based off the audio, but when the game actually started I had no idea what I was actually meant to be doing, which is kinda a shame, as I really love things that subvert people's senses.

The art and animations are amazing, I think the main loop needs a bit more speed to it, but I really like the idea you've got here :)

I like the idea, but it feels like it should have 5 lanes as I keep colliding with things that don't feel like they're in my lane, but, as I say, I like the idea. :)

Looks like the hurt/hitboxes aren't working properly :<

Hmm, can't click the try again button for some reason :/ If you do an updated build after the jam, drop me a comment. Also, needs a music volume slider. :)

Needs sound, love it, but it needs a Twitch page :p

I love how you get to a point where suddenly they just explode and it's all bunnies. xD

Oh, I didn't notice that, but now you've pointed it out I can see it. Yeah, I think it still needs some kind of powerbar in the interface though, but thanks for pointing it out. xD

It's a cookie-based bullet hell game. I love it. xD Also, triggered by the intro text.

One thing that really jumps oout is that the typesetting of that text makes it kinda hard to read (also, I thought the W was an H initially), but otherwise, I love the idea and it'd be cool to see a more fleshed-out version of it. :)

No joke, this is absolutely fantastic. Gonna drop a rating after I've cleared my queue. :D

Getting shades of The Swapper from this, really like the idea, though I think it could use a timer or visual indicator other than the character starting to move independently showing how much time you have left in the current host before you fail a mission. Really cool concept, I'd be interested in seeing a more polished version in the future! ^^

He subídolo aquí, si estas interesado. :)

Am continuing development here if you're interested. :)