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Alas, we had a loss of about 4 hours of UI code due to the heatwave causing a powercut, which is why the UI is so off. :( I actually kinda wanna continue this one into an actual project, it was a lot of fun to develop, and it's got so much potential. <3

RNGESUS xD I cried laughing xD

This has the _best_ thumbnail I've ever seen. xD

Music's waaaaaay too loud. xD It's a nice idea, but I think it could do with being a bit faster with the movement, and once you've got the hang of it there's not really any progression.

Interesting idea!

You should absolutely upload the title card as a screenshot to this! I almost didn't play it because there's no screenshots, and it's definitely worth it. :)

The music in this is fantastic, your Dad absolutely nailed it. xD

I couldn't get this one to run :(

The game is great, but please burn this font :p

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The art is gorgeous, I like the mechanic, but the controls were just janky as hell for me. (I kept clipping through walls xD)

Small thing, but can you please flag the build as Windows so the Itch client knows what to do with it? :)

Relaxing music xD


<3 Sorry I didn't get to this in time for the ratings, but I do love the idea. :)

This is amazing. xD

Got stuck going right on the stained glass level, but I do love this. <3

Hmm, oddly it doesn't actually list anything in that drop-down at all for me, it's just showing an empty slither the options container when I try to expand it. :<

Kinda wish it'd fire, say, 5 projectiles per click rather than one.

Love this one, added it to my favourites collection for this year :)

I feel like suck a pillock for not realising I could manually drag the ingredients in to the cauldron. >.<

Fanks! :D

I love the last item on the todo list :p That's basically the first task every day in my day job. :p

That blood effect is brutal. xD

Absolutely hands down my favourite game of the jam.

...but why is there a toilet in the kitchen?!?! O.o

You need to flag the uploaded file with 'Windows', as the Itch client doesn't know what to do with it otherwise. :)

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I feel very attacked right now. o.o


Yeah, deffo needs sound, heh. :)

Not working for me :< Did manage to figure out that you have to run runme.bat (Itch client hasn't got a clue what to do with it!), but can't get any of the controls you listed below to work :<

This is brilliant. ^^

I suspect the box up the top right is supposed to show your inputs, though it just stays blank, but I like the concept. :)

Like the idea, I think the progression needs to introduce new shapes and colours each a bit more gradually, and the robots eventually get out of sync with the projecty thingy, but that's less of an issue. :)

This is _really_ good. <3 Well-thought-out mechanics and the progression makes sense, and I like the way the two characters have to work together. Well done. :)

Title checks out. :p

I love the pitch shifting and speed on the music, really makes it I think. xD

I suck at this, but I still really like it. xD

I saw the description and thought I was in for a cool experience which was based off the audio, but when the game actually started I had no idea what I was actually meant to be doing, which is kinda a shame, as I really love things that subvert people's senses.

The art and animations are amazing, I think the main loop needs a bit more speed to it, but I really like the idea you've got here :)