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Your ship is on the fritz!
Submitted by AngryArugula, KetrinaDrawsALot (@KetrinaYim) — 8 hours, 18 minutes before the deadline
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Ranked from 40 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

How does your game fit the theme?
You only have moments to decide how to minimize the damage your out of control UFO will do!

Did your team create the art for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We created all art during the game jam

Did your team create the audio for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We used pre-existing audio

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This game is made so well, it could be turned into a full release with more levels.


This is super cute !


This looks amazing! I love the goofy models and whole aesthetic lol. If the camera were controllable it would be perfect!


I saw glimpses of this in the GMTK discord, and have been looking forward to playing it. You did not disappoint! 

Fun, visually charming and incredibly satisfy to break things. 

Nice work! Would love to see more of this.


This game is great! I love the art style and the design itself. I wish there was more to maybe give you an incentive to break less but I thoroughly enjoyed what I played.


This game is so funny and fits so well!

Its just really fun!

The Models are fantastic, and the game overall is so well polished!

And I really liked the menu XD

Well again, amazing game !

also, would love to hear your thoughts on my game, tho feel free to :D




This was so much fun! I loved the art style, the sound design, and smashing windows. 


I loved the graphics, I love the way the sheep look and I love all the googly eyes :)

Gameplay is smooth, I think the time-slowing effect was a nice touch. I was a little confused though, was I supposed to maximize or minimize the damage? I might have been playing it wrong (I was destroying as much as I could) but I had a good time doing it :)

A very VERY polished game, looks like something that could be put onto the store with no questions asked. Good work! :D


"was I supposed to maximize or minimize the damage?"

Yes! :)

We had intended to make a Good and Bad ending based on your uh... goals! :)


Very cool! I enjoyed the sheep graphics and gameplay. Had a fun time playing it!


Really like the art style and the music + SFX fit the game really well. This captures the theme really well and is a lot of fun to play! It took me a minute of WASDing to figure out how the controls work, but otherwise I had a blast.

Great job!


Excellent graphics, great out of control movement. The camera view is a little wonky (would benefit from a more zoomed out view I feel). Spent a bit of time trying every key but only realizing that it aims at the mouse cursor lol. Well done!


The graphic and sound quality are so good! Having fun play the game again and again. Thanks for the game!


Thanks! :)  The best compliment for a gamejam game is that someone played more than once!


The graphics and sounds of the game are perfect(omg! they are very good), but the gameplay is very difficult., it's very random what happens. PS: When the player breaks the glass at the beginning of the game, an absurd drop in fps occurs, probably due to the fact that many game objects (glass shards) are spawning with a lot of post processing. Even with these problems, you can see that the game is extremely fun :)


Thanks! :)

Also yea... Spacebar was my debug "Test the glass!" button and I totally forgot to take it out before submitting!  Avoid pressing spacebar lol


Hehehe, No problem


This is a serious amount of quality, very impressive. Although the gameplay seems too random to the point that it seems like I'm not even playing, however undeniably within the jam theme. 5/5


Thanks!   Making polished art and game-feel in a gamejam's timeframe is a skill that needs a lot of honing so the compliments are well appreciated! :)

I think we did relatively well trying to find the fun in controlling an "Out of Control" UFO.  It was really, really hard to find a good fit for that theme!


This game looks fun, could be implemented for mobile and whoever gets more ships without destroying wins!


Fantastic, it was great to watch you work before and for only two days this was amazing. It was great fun bouncing around and bashing into things. Also thanks for including my ridiculous sheep noise. 

A great game thank you

Submitted (1 edit)

Haha! I had fun playing this one. I thought games that would interpret the theme as "berserking X" or "rampaging Y" would not be so creative but damn this one is pretty creative (and fun)

Only problem is... I'm... supposed to minimize the damage right? But with the scores you're giving me every time I hit buildings or abduct sheeps... I actually felt rewarded by... you know... destroying the city? But at the same time because I wanted to play as the peaceful aliens trying to destroy the city also doesn't feel satisfying :(


Thanks! :)  We had a real "AHAH!" moment when we figured out this is what we were making.

We had planned to have a Good and Bad ending that you could achieve by either minimizing or maximizing damage - didn't quite have enough time for that this time heh - maybe an update when we've recovered a bit!