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So awesome!

I don't know why, but it's so satisfying to play it. If there was relaxing music playing in the background I could play the game for a looong time. Good game, well done :)

Thanks for noticing our page :), we spend extra time trying to make it look cool.


Thanks! :)

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Thanks for the feedback. The art was not made by us, we use CC material created by other people, links in the description of the game. Sprites by the artist Buch link: and the 2 songs used are from the musician t4ngr4m link: In the sprites we only changed some frames and redid the animations.

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Wow, good job. The game seems very complete, very coherent ideas, good tutorial and you implemented the movement of the character very well, it is common to see jam games with this type of movement very poorly implemented, yours is perfect. Good game.

I really dig the Synthwave aesthetic. Simple cencept but very fun to play. Nice entry.

With this mechanics you can really make infinite and complex puzzles, good levels and nice game.

"You won gg", really nice game, keep it up man ! ;)

Thankss. Maybe, after the jam is over, we will put more levels and improve the puzzles.

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Very nice game, I loved the concept of load and save, goood job !!

Beatiful art, perfect color palette and animations. Very good entry. Well done.

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Wow, [visuals 5/5]. Beautiful stuff, pretty cool game.

GOOD game, i love the idea of taking an item, it is buggy and you can break the game, my game also follows this mechanics, good job.

Love the character animations, so smoth :)

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Nice game, keep it up, in the next jams you’ll probably get better, in my first jam I also didn’t do so well [My first jam was a disaster, but yours is 10 times better], but what matters is participating and learning more and more.

Oook, i found the bug, there is a part of the map that has no collision, if this wasn’t supposed to happen, now is a feature.

Very buggy to move, so I guess it's very on theme :). Nice cool simple graphics.

Good mechanics, fun and creative! Set walk, jump and push for specific object, the game could be longer.

Limbo style. Pretty cool. :)

I really like it, the simple art always get me. Nice entry, well done. :)

Wow, the art style was super cool and gives a fresh and original tone to the game. Very interesting submission, good job! :)

Oh cool, I'll check it out.

That's a no joke submission. Beautiful game!

Thanks man. Sure!

Hey Kadable, thanks for the feedback.

Hey, thanks! :)

First roguelike I saw in this jam, bold move. Cool game, well done.

Haha, yes, maybe the spikes are too hidden. I will definitely check your game. Thanks for the feedback.


True, Gamepad support would be awesome. In the next jam, I will try to remember that. Thanks for the feedback! :)

Hey Stu, thanks for the feedback. We will probably create a new version with your suggestion implemented and add more levels [2 - 6]. I'll let you know.

Yes, I totally agree, unfortunately we ended up forgetting that. We are planning to create a version with more feedback on the element being edited.


Thanks man, it means a lot.

Wow. Thanks!

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I totally agree with you, the feedback on the edited element was in our plans, but we ended up paying more attention to other areas and we totally forgot about it. We are planning to do an expanded version to fix this and add a few more levels just for fun. Thanks for the feedback :)

Solid design, creative, fun and simple. Very cool game, congrats :)

Very in topic game. After level 10 I gave up. :)