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I love how crucial timing is when jumping in this kind of setting, (not only when you press the button, but the amount of time you hold and wait until the contact with the ground is optimal), its brings a role new dimension to timing in a platformer, here is matters so much more, also the normal/angle of the jump is a cool thing. I wonder how many other interesting interactions this kind of mechanic could create. Amazing stuff!

Hey, Steb, I'm relieved that you accepted my feedback in a good spirit, sometimes I feel bad for pointing out things I didn't like about a game, but I think that's very important and that's the only way to improve. You have such a good concept and fantasy to explore with this game, I am excited to see the next updates.

This is GREAT!

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The game does a great job of creating atmosphere using graphics, this part is ready for me, but the gameplay needs serious work.

The first thing that breaks the mood is the fact that I just don't want to kill the monsters, they are just doing their thing, not attacking me, in the middle of the ocean, and sometimes I feel them almost harmless because if you drive in circles they just don't hit you 99% of the time.

Visually, the fight conveys a lot of tension, but the gameplay and music during the fights don't.

My feeling is that battles go back to driving in circles and spamming harpoons, things like the boat’s position are "in a sense" almost irrelevant because you don’t have time to maneuver the boat to avoid some attacks and the best you can do is just moving the boat in circles and spamming harpoons, this dominant strategy detracts a lot for the fights, I feel that you have to implement some 'telegraphs' in the enemies attacks so the player could use the boat’s position more as a strategy element, would be nice if the player has more things to do, more things to juggle during fights.

Perhaps if you change the boat controls a bit or tweak monster attack speed, boat speed, this could add some more layers of strategy and decision for the player that would enrich the experience.

for example. in the first monster, the player has no idea where it will emerge again, so you don’t even try to maneuver the boat and use it as a strategy, the dominant strategy of going in circles is always the best option and that limits the game.

Input bug maybe: the movement of the mouse seems janky, especially at the port, sometimes the aim freezes for a few milliseconds and teleports to another random point.

I liked the game and I think it has great potential, but the gameplay could be improved. I wish you all the best and I'll keep an eye on the project, is really impressive what you could produce by yourself.

Don't know what I'm doing. 

And is strangely entertaining, I think you found a loophole in game design :)

Thanks for putting my game on the list :)

Thanks Bkush! I'm happy that you notice my effort to make the Itch page looks a bit cooler haha. Any artistic endeavor is always super challenging to me, but I try :)

Thanks Kai! Yes, my thought process was more like, getting the classic Snake game, and in the process of trying to find a way to add "strategic death" to it, I stumbled in this mechanic :) I'm glad you liked the game!

Thanks NoonTimeDreamer! Your game is wonderful too, I like it a lot.

Thanks! The problem with WASD is that is terrible for other keyboard layouts, like France, Russia, and some other countries, the arrow keys are more universal. But I could add both of course.   will remember to do this in the next jam. Thanks for the feedback! :)

Hey Deblue! I agree with you, I miss have more levels to play myself. I started the jam quite late and have only 20 hours to do it, that's why I couldn't explore more of the mechanic. And yes, the lives should be more visible, especially because of my choice of color for the Itch page, it makes it very hidden. Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback!

Hey Orange Flag! Of course you can put the game on the list, no problem.

That's super polished! I loved your game.

Thanks Nagames!


Thanks Bl4st!

Ah yes, it can happen at some levels, I didn't have time to polish this aspect of the game but I'm glad you liked it! Thanks!

Hey Orange Flag thanks! I'm glad you had fun with the game, this is my ultimate goal! :)


Thanks Source1012!

Hey, Starfishes! Wow, thanks for the kind words. I am very happy that you enjoyed the game.

I'm glad you noticed the simplicity of the mechanics and the depth of the gameplay, this is always my goal when I design games. I also appreciate the criticism. Thanks a lot!

Thank you!

Thanks. Yes, you're right. I didn’t have time to make all levels perfect, I saw that on some levels this problem existed but I didn’t have time to fix it :) I'm glad you liked the game :)

Thanks MrMuff! I never played Snakebird but seems awesome! I will put it on my list of games to test.

Thanks, Demindiro!

Thanks ClumsyDog I'm glad you liked it :)

Reminds me of the game 'Sometimes you die'. Super cool graphics. Well done!

You probably watched the video [Can We Make This Button Fun To Press?] right? haha. I like the simple idea behind the game, and the button feedback is great. However, it would be interesting if there was some tradeoff when clicking the button for too long because without any tradeoff there is no real decision made by the player. Well done, good submission.

I love the idea, and the pixel art is awesome! Well done!

Dude, this pixel art looks amazing! Impressive skills, well done!

The concept is interesting and matches well with the jam theme. The only thing that could improve is the floaty jump, the movement could be faster.

Cool idea, remember the mechanic of Qomp. Well done!

Good platformer, well-implemented jump and I really like the way you interpret the theme.

Super cool graphics!

Cool visuals and music. I just feel a disconnection between the story told by word and the story told by mechanics. I mean, the player does not experience the story mechanically, mechanically the game remains the same throughout the whole experience.

Hey Manus thanks for the kind words and the criticism, this is an awesome review. I'm glad you had fun with the game.

Oh Kdpx thanks for the kind words, you are very generous. I'm glad you enjoyed the game. :)

The visual language of your game is just perfect, you managed to pass on so much information, feelings, and history through animations, colors and sounds, it's really impresive! I didn't see anything close to this quality in the jam. The ending is sensational and gives a very positive ending to the game. Great stuff.