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Hi! Thanks for the kind words :D This game was a tiny project made for the Ludum Dare 46 game jam, we set up some storytelling guidelines but we have no plan to expand on this universe as for now. 

Wow I wasn't expecting that! Love the art and the athmosphere. Well done

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Very clever concept! I only think the game would benefit from some kind of grid that would be displayed below the level, so that the player could anticipate its moves (like we do on a chessboard for example). And maybe a button to speedup the animation when we retry multiple times.
Anyway good job :)

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01:30:313 :°

Thanks a lot! 

Sorry for the lack of AZERTY mode, I focused on QWERTY because it's the more common layout. But arrow keys works too ;) 

Thanks for your feedback! 

It says you created art for the jam, but then you linked where you got the assets... I'm a little confused, mind clarifying for me?

Yes I did everything by myself except for the music and the font, it may be a little confusing because I have two nicknames :p (Heelio & MadWayDigital). I always mention the two for works like this because one is my "personal" identity and the other is more a "professional" one. 

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Nice game! It gets really hard pretty quickly haha. Maybe I would have made the player move faster, but that's just my opinion. It was fun :D

I made a similar game but with a different twist, if you wish to take a look. 

Well done!

Very impressive, super fun to play. I love the art style too :)

I loved the idea, interesting interpretation of the theme :)

I really liked it, cool sound design et graphics :)

Great idea, the concept works well :) Simple but effective 

Great concept! Like other have said, it may lack feadback of some sort to at least guess what you're doing (maybe just sound feedback which vary depending on your speed?), because it feels a bit frustrating. Other than that, well done :)

This was fun! I liked the idea of the "rage" bar which reverts the controls when full. I you want to improve your game after the jam, maybe consider adding moving/rotating ennemies?

Good job :)

One of my favourite games of this jam so far, I love the graphics, the fx and the feeling of speed. And it works pretty well with the theme. 

Well done!

The art style was really nice :) The concept works well with the theme. I would be interested in playing more levels with a more elaborated level design. 

The artstyle is amazing, great job! I was not sure about the mechanics of the game, I just kept moving forward until the end without seeing the "possessed body" feature a single time. When I was attacked by an ennemy I just had to smash the arrow keys to get freed in a sec. Maybe it is too easy to get rid of the ennemies?

Really beautiful game anyway :)

Great game, love the concept. The platformer part was a bit tricky, the rythm didn't seem to match the level design very well sometimes. But for a 48h game jam it is pretty solid work :)

Funny idea, but I had to see the comments to realise that we have to move using the arrow keys. The controls were a bit weird/random too, sometimes I couldn't move at all, sometimes I was rotating, sometimes not, not sure if it was intended. But it was fun anyway! Good job :)

Great concept, my brain started melting after the 10th level. Good job!

The graphics are absolutely gorgeous! The gameplay feels a bit clunky, but it works well overall. And the music was sweet. 

(My score was 3679, dunno if it's any good xD)

Good job!

That was weird. I liked it.

This was so much fun! I loved the art style, the sound design, and smashing windows. 

The art, music and gameplay are great, but I found the collisions pretty unfair (especially on the Y axis). I died many times without understanding why. 

Except for that, well done :)

Well, this was definitely too difficult for me, but it was fun. The juicy controls feels really good, and the hectic pace of the game works well with the theme. I loved the idea of the out of control brain. 

This was really great, the controls feels so good! The graphics and the sound design perfectly fit the mood too. Good job :)

Thank you for the feedback!

Mechanically, it was strange that the more I got hit, the easier it became, because I only had to focus on one beam. I think there should be an advantage to having multiple canons, maybe multiple could fire independently?

It was an attempt to add a "risk vs reward" mechanic to the game: you can intentionally loose one or more canons to gain more control over the direction you're shooting, but that puts you in a risky situation because your core gets exposed. I thought it was nice way to balance the difficulty, but yes I understand it could be strange ^^ 

I also didn't find that the repairing added too much to the game, especially with such a long delay. I would probably make it so you game over when you don't have any canons, but they either repair themselves over time, or have a way to build them up.

Interesting thought! To be honnest, I added this feature one hour before the deadline and was not really sure about it. At first, loosing the four canons meant game over, but I was afraid this would make the game too difficult. So I wanted a way to recover while maintaining some kind of vulnerability. But maybe I should have added this feature as a powerup or something. 

I love it :D A very simple yet interesting interpretation of the theme. I really enjoyed making my little random melody and listening the result at the end. 

Good job!

The idea is really cool! Getting the right timing can be really tricky tho, but it's a fun challenge. 

A good improvement would be to make the controls more clearer, and add more visual feedback on whether the player is in record mode or not. 

Fun concept! I just had a little bug where sometimes I couldn't open the file. I guess it happens when you jump directly to a subfolder in a single command line (eg. by typing "C:/folderA/folderB" instead of "C:" then "folderA" then "folderB"). 

Also, it may lack a bit of feedback while you're recovering a control you lost. I took damage so I lost my "A" control, and after that I was not sure if I would get it back or not. In the other hand it suits well with the "out of control" theme. 

Good job overall :)

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Thanks a lot! I agree that the hint on which side is going to shoot could be a bit clearer, I'm definitely gonna improve this later on. At first it was a bright blue light but I wanted to keep colors consistent (warm colors for the player, cold colors for the ennemies). It was a bit hard to balance. Thank you for your feedback :)

A top down space shooter in which you have no control over your weapon. 

Your goal is to shoot as many ennemies as possible. You have four laser guns at your disposal, one for each side of your ship. You must rotate your ship in the right direction at the right time to succeed, as your laser guns shoots randomly.

Feedback and comments are welcome :D 

Haha xD Oui je dois bien avouer que le gameplay est un peu cassé, l'ia aussi, mais c'était marrant à faire :p 

Pour NieR:Automata, fonce ! \o/

Haha pas mal. Je n'avais pas remarqué pour la cabine mais effectivement !

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Bravo ! C'était évidemment fait exprès, mes collisions sont parfaites. Félicitations à toi pour avoir découvert cette "zone secrète" 8D 

Et merci beaucoup :) 

Je me suis bien marré :') Très très cool, concept tout simple mais qui marche bien, et je suis complètement client de ce genre d'humour :D Et mine de rien j'ai trouvé les animations du perso et le son qui va avec assez géniaux. 

Une grosse claque visuelle :o La DA et les effets de particules sont super réussis, j'aime beaucoup la façon dont on "repousse" l'obscurité. 

Je ne suis pas sûr d'avoir saisi le lien avec le thème "métamorphose" en revanche, mais pour le reste, super boulot :D 

J'ai juste une interrogation, pourquoi le jeu est-il accessible via un lien et pas directement sur la page ? Car du coup on n'a aucune preuve que le jeu présenté a bien été terminé dans les temps. Ce n'est pas une accusation, c'est peut-être une suppression involontaire suite à une fausse manip ou autre. Si c'est le cas, n'hésite pas à contacter At0mium via son Discord ou bien directement le support pour voir s'il est possible d'annuler la suppression, parce que ce serait clairement dommage :S

Clairement un de mes préférés de cette jam ! La gamepley est vraiment plaisant et visuellement ça claque pour un jeu fait en si peu de temps. Bravo :D

Merci beaucoup ! Ça fait super plaisir de voir que le jeu plait, on est d'autant plus motivés à le peaufiner par la suite :D

Merci ! Effectivement c'est le gros point à améliorer, certaines passages sont compliqués à deviner. ^^'