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we had a biiiig feature based on the theme get left on the cutting room floor.   The plan was to let you trade Maximum HP for upgrades so you could play "as close to the edge as you want"

Thanks! :)

So many fun mechanics and bosses got left on the cutting room floor to fit inside the jam timeframe.   I'm looking forward to getting our upgrade/HP exchange system in, and the 7 other bosses that were on the list!

My wife had a run where only *ONE* additional weapon dropped!    It should be a 10% chance for a drop, so maybe some of them are getting physics-exploded out of existence...   Give it another try! :)

Hah I love yours too! :)  Great minds!

The music / beat is "Joined Together" with the attacks! :)

Erm,  link to PlayOnLoop audio please?  That's definitely Jimmy Barnes from Kirin J Callinan's 'Big Enough' song.

Thanks! :)   I've been able to get into the mid-40's by standing still and praying to RNGesus.

Thanks! :)

Whenever you see that pixely-style from me its usually because KetrinaDrawsALot didn't have time to make awesome art and I just did everything with Unity mesh primitives lol.   It gets the point across!  (here's a quick project from a while back with a Pixelate on/off toggle in the corner).

The chickens only run if they see you moving.  I think my best time is like 39sec and its mostly by just standing still and only chasing when you are outside the Chicken FoV or right next to them.   The chickens will telegraph their next move direction so look for the signs! :)

I love TriJam type jams because it really forces me to focus on pre-planning everything before the clock starts - its a great exercise to help with refining ideas/gamefeel.

How many bones are in that pile!? 

Great entry! :)

Replying to everyone all at once here:

Thanks everyone for the great comments!   So much of that was left on the cutting room floor with the 3-hour limit heh;  I really enjoy the time constraint to really force the creation of core gameplay fast.

I usually make it a point to play and rate *everything* in a TriJam but I got my covid vaccine a few hours after submitting this one, and side effects knocked me on my ass.

Thanks :)    I wish I had time to make the UI feel more casino-ish heh,  its missing so many bleeps and bloops to let the user know they did good...bad... establish that gambling tension :)

Lol yea I came up with a bunch of oddball ideas that I just ruled out for the 3hr timeframe.  But now I have a bunch of nicely modeled DnD dice :)


"All games must also be submitted to our jam page at"

Is this normal? O.o

Thanks!   A little postFX bloom goes a long way when used sparingly lol.  You can toggle it off with the GFX option at the bottom if you want to see it without it.

Simple mechanics with room for dexterous skill use is a narrow target to hit and this one I just sort of stumbled on and went "Yea - this'll work!" at the brainstorming and whiteboard phase.

Thanks for the compliment! :)

Heh yea, thought about deselecting - there was an original bug that let you select the same orb 3 times and generate an NaN / infinite-size triangle to clear the board.  And thus deselecting got axed :)

Wanted to have a couple of bomb-orbs to help clear out the neutral ones, but you can remove them safely by making bigger triangles that encompass them too.  Definitely stages that act as timer and orb resets are in the cards if (when!) I continue this one :)

Thanks! :)  I missed TriJam heh - really forces you to get the core of the game done quick if you want to work on polish *at all*

Definitely! :)  There are a bunch of features like multipliers that I just had to cut due to time heh.   Spent the time polishing the game-feel for this one.  Combos or just in general orbs that *arent* the corners of your triangles being worth more would've helped a lot.

Criticism:   Hitboxes :(

Other than that I feel like I'm playing a game in the 90's palette and specifically the intro/outro of a Sonic level :P

Thanks!  The smooth-feeling is one of those traits of a game that takes a lot to refine so I'm always happy when people say that!

Thought about the Tetris-style, or Bust-a-move, etc.   Tons of room  for more colors, some time-bonus orbs, bomb orbs... blocker orbs... etc heh.   I'm a huge fan of the puyo-puyo style games too.

Thanks! :)  It was a lot of fun getting the time slowdowns feeling "Right".   I really need to implement some point multipliers for clearing larger triangles heh - I had a whole 5 minutes left at the end of the jam! :)

I want to simultaneously give 5 stars and 1 star for audio.

Click the ? button on the intro page for controls.

thanks! :)

Yea... Cinemachine camera did weird things in build only and I didn't have time to debug (WebGL builds taking forever... Need to implement some debug handles inside build to tweak).   New build addresses camera look ahead, zoom, and a toggle for the low-res mode.

Thanks! :)

I took advantage of this being my first fngj and scoped everything for 6 hours per the restriction this time.

There's a new build with some tweaks from the feedback here staged for when I can upload!

As soon as the voting period is over push some updates :)   Literally prevented from uploading during heh.

Thanks :)  The control responsiveness is what I remembered the most from the original game - no matter how aggravating heh.

The camera zoom was pretty broken by something in the Builds only :(   I didn't have time to debug.   I will definitely post a patched one (and a toggle for Pixel vs Normal mode - there are no sprites in this game at all :P )

Sub Terrania

An old demo scene Sega Genesis/Master System game.   Its controls were even harder lol.

Thanks for the comments! :)

Sorry about the parrot! lol

Didn't quite have time to introduce that mechanic (Parrot was supposed to periodically give you intentionally bad/opposite directions).  Had to include it in the cover image/icon at least :)

It was definitely designed with Mobile in mind!   I figured Scorespace was kinda targeting mobile-friendly-games with this jam.

In fact I got in a fight with Unity's new InputSystem over Touch-on-PC/WebGL support during this jam!

Yea - the camera is definitely the first things to fix postjam.  On the list!

Thanks for the menu comments as well!  I re-use that bit of menu tweening and code on most of my jam projects;  I figure no reason to rebuild those for every jam.  I wrote the tweening library driving this entire project (including the animations - the Captain only has 3 key frames, the rest is dynamic).

definitely :)

We had planned to get the parrot in there that periodically gave you exact opposite information lol, ran out of time.

Noted and added to the post-jam tasklist :)

WebGL build should be fixed now :)

PC Build hasn't changed but also shouldn't exhibit the same errors.

WebGL build super crashes my chrome tab!

Yep...found that bug a bit earlier heh - PC download is unaffected (or at least it keeps on cruising thru the error).

I'll be uploading a WebGL specific fix soon.

Thanks lol - a whole 3 keyframes were used :)

Quick-replied earlier.

Thanks! :)  Our teamwork is forged over years heh - I'm glad its showing through in our work!

Lol yea we wanted to do like ice crystals/ground-falling-fog type thing.

Heh yeah - I had a couple extra minutes, probably could've added some sparkles and icing-fog or something! :)

@KetrinaDrawsALot is the brilliant artist :)  She really gets the important part of the characters across super well!