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thanks! :)

Yea... Cinemachine camera did weird things in build only and I didn't have time to debug (WebGL builds taking forever... Need to implement some debug handles inside build to tweak).   New build addresses camera look ahead, zoom, and a toggle for the low-res mode.

Thanks! :)

I took advantage of this being my first fngj and scoped everything for 6 hours per the restriction this time.

There's a new build with some tweaks from the feedback here staged for when I can upload!

As soon as the voting period is over push some updates :)   Literally prevented from uploading during heh.

Thanks :)  The control responsiveness is what I remembered the most from the original game - no matter how aggravating heh.

The camera zoom was pretty broken by something in the Builds only :(   I didn't have time to debug.   I will definitely post a patched one (and a toggle for Pixel vs Normal mode - there are no sprites in this game at all :P )

Sub Terrania

An old demo scene Sega Genesis/Master System game.   Its controls were even harder lol.

Thanks for the comments! :)

Aaaand thats the end of my TriJam's.

Thank you for expressing yourself, but be aware that getting on your soapbox has its own consequences.

Sorry about the parrot! lol

Didn't quite have time to introduce that mechanic (Parrot was supposed to periodically give you intentionally bad/opposite directions).  Had to include it in the cover image/icon at least :)

It was definitely designed with Mobile in mind!   I figured Scorespace was kinda targeting mobile-friendly-games with this jam.

In fact I got in a fight with Unity's new InputSystem over Touch-on-PC/WebGL support during this jam!

Yea - the camera is definitely the first things to fix postjam.  On the list!

Thanks for the menu comments as well!  I re-use that bit of menu tweening and code on most of my jam projects;  I figure no reason to rebuild those for every jam.  I wrote the tweening library driving this entire project (including the animations - the Captain only has 3 key frames, the rest is dynamic).

definitely :)

We had planned to get the parrot in there that periodically gave you exact opposite information lol, ran out of time.

Noted and added to the post-jam tasklist :)

WebGL build should be fixed now :)

PC Build hasn't changed but also shouldn't exhibit the same errors.

WebGL build super crashes my chrome tab!

Yep...found that bug a bit earlier heh - PC download is unaffected (or at least it keeps on cruising thru the error).

I'll be uploading a WebGL specific fix soon.

Thanks lol - a whole 3 keyframes were used :)

Quick-replied earlier.

Thanks! :)  Our teamwork is forged over years heh - I'm glad its showing through in our work!

Lol yea we wanted to do like ice crystals/ground-falling-fog type thing.

Heh yeah - I had a couple extra minutes, probably could've added some sparkles and icing-fog or something! :)

@KetrinaDrawsALot is the brilliant artist :)  She really gets the important part of the characters across super well!

We started the design with the player's agency being a single penguin gathering a huddle too!  We had other stuff on the table like hunger (drop penguin into the ice hole, etc)

Ultimately went with drag drop and removing all mechanics except heat because it just got too manic heh.

Thanks :)  And Thanks for the pun as well!

lol thanks a ton! :) Always good to hear people enjoy things we make!

I'm still trying to find the sweet spot for stable performance in WebGL, but for now you can download the standalone versions of you want to see it all as-designed :)

Thanks! :)   

Also yea - I got a bit bogged down by not realizing that WebGL can't lock cursor for a decent mouse-look.  I will probably add Z and C key camera rotation or some such...  Gamepad works great though - with rumble and all! :)

V1.1 will *definitely* have Carl voices.

I'm probably closest linked to one of the street signs - always trying to convey important information but constantly run over by a bus.

Everyone loves the bus! :D

Curdle was like "I'm spending so much time on a prop asset..." and then we were like "Nah, its a Hero Bus now."   Just gamejam things.

Loved this! :)

I really, really wish there was just a little bit of agency during a fight!  Like a Rock Paper Scissors match.  See an old Sega Genesis game called General Chaos for a fantastic example there.

Hah - do you identify as a Bus or a Zombie? :)

Thanks! :)   It was a ton of fun to hammer through this gamejam!   We totally forgot to make sure they player knew what to do lol - so many fun mechanics.

One giant swinging tentacle coming up...

Keep at it! :)

Click n' drag some clouds.

Minus 1 visual star because your pixel art DPI is different between BG and FG! :O

Gameplay saturates at the end!  Little bit more tweakin to do there - you had 19 more minutes! :)

Whew man, my finger :(

I would've enjoyed the masher going back Up when I released the mouse heh.  Maybe even a "Drag down and wiggle left/right to mash" gesture would work - hell on Mobile that would make an awesome time waster :)

Not 100% sure if everyone here will get your joke here, but I enjoyed it! :)

It's a paddle game! :) One of my favorite genres!

My feedback for these is almost always the same:   Really take a good long look at "Why" games like Pong and Breakout "Feel" good.

On screen tutorial!?  Crap I have to up my TriJam game! :)

I made a tutorial game/proj a long time ago for Kongregate's API named Carpal Clicker :P  This gave me some PTSD.

I really want to hear some Stereo Audio in games like this!   There aint a whole lot going on mechanically, but a good audioscape can make anything interesting! :)

Could definitely benefit from a reticle.

Controls feel pretty responsive, I love wobbly potato-guy, and the game flow is clean and easily understood.

Once I figured out that those were combos in the very bottom, it made a lot more sense!

Is the potato supposed to animate with the tricks at all?   It definitely feels like there trick inputs should influence the player sprite itself!

Acceleration and overall speed feel good!

It has potatoes!

I like the squishy gun barrel! :)

I feel like the responsiveness could be dialed in a bit more here too - time from click to launch feels sluggish.

It has potatoes!

I like the squishy gun barrel! :)

I feel like the responsiveness could be dialed in a bit more here too - time from click to launch feels sluggish.

My biggest criticism of this is the number of times I need to click, release, etc, before I can start rotating/placing a piece.   There's a lot of improvement to be had there!

I will always enjoy getting that trick shot ala Incredible Machine games :)