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Cute Alien vs Robot Legion
Submitted by AngryArugula, indierocktopus (@mjmurdoc), Curdle Games, KetrinaDrawsALot (@KetrinaYim) — 4 hours, 26 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Technical Implementation#183.8183.818

Ranked from 22 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

How does your game apply the limitation (and optionally, the theme)?
There are many edges to fall off of and plenty of bosses to fight!

Team Size

Quartet (4)

What main engine/tool/language did you use to construct the game?
Unity, Blender, ClipStudio

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Unfortunately, I played this solo, but I can imagine how fun and hectic things would get with a team! Really well done, from the art style and animation to the music and sfx. Every new creature was delightful to discover. The technical aspect of getting a multiplayer online game together for a jam is extremely impressive.

I thought it was weird that I could bounce up one platform, but couldn't shoot down at enemies, though I suppose if I were able to fire at any height I would have inadvertently been putting a lot of bullets in the dirt.

Well done. A joy to play. Maybe one other mechanic, say an ability to shield, parry or dash, would help mix up my movement options.

Overall, I really enjoyed this and your team should be proud.


thanks so much! yeah, the cutting floor was rough with this one cause of multiplayer stuff, glad you still had fun though!


Nice animations! Everything felt alive. Played a round with 2 people, we lost on the 3rd level or so. The bosses animations are particularly juicy! The gameplay and theme incorporation felt a bit plain. Impressive how you did online multiplayer! It worked seamlessly for us, even in different regions (NA and EU).


we had a biiiig feature based on the theme get left on the cutting room floor.   The plan was to let you trade Maximum HP for upgrades so you could play "as close to the edge as you want"


Insane visuals for a game jam! gameplay is nice and entertaining, music and sound are great, really polished and well done, great job!


I don't know what happens but he won't let me play

really liked the splash screens :)

This amount of features and polish for a game jam is insane. Nice work.


Fun and great looking game. Awesome job!


wonderful game! loving the art! the vibe. everything is wonderful. 10/10 wish i had friends 


LOL thanks vault


Nice art design.


Wow this game was amazing... The character was so cute and the animations were so well done! I really enjoyed every second of your game. The sound track was fitting and the different bosses were so creative and werent too difficult. I will defenitly play this game in Multiplayer next time....Fantastic Work!


Really, really adorable art style, I love the little alien so much! The boss flying around the spaceship thing is also super cute! The vibe is phenomenal.
Great music, and super fun too! Awesome work!


That was fun, a pleasure to see a multiplayer game playable in solo. Good job !


That was really fun!

I'm sad the player don't have any special powers, like dashing or something. So there's more to do than holding down left click and running around.

Super good music and sound effects, beautiful art. It's fun and cute and the animations are awesome. Love the plunger releasing from the ground!


Thanks! :)

So many fun mechanics and bosses got left on the cutting room floor to fit inside the jam timeframe.   I'm looking forward to getting our upgrade/HP exchange system in, and the 7 other bosses that were on the list!


I love this game! it's so cute and bouncy.


Awesome Aesthetic, really pretty good animations, boss song is stucked in my head, great job!


Pretty solid game, really nice models and audio! There is a small bug: can't see the host when i join a room.


Wauw, great 3D design and I really like the artwork of the menu/thumbnail!

I felt like the alien ufo boss guy was a little hard to dodge after he used his multiple stomps move though.


Cute character design. I like how the boss comes back and fights you in different ways. It would have been nice if there were other ways to attack, like a charge shot or something. It can get kind of repetitive just holding down fire. The different boss fights and the level changes help negate the repetition, though.


The art style was amazing, and the game play was a lot of fun. It did loose my interest quite quickly since I played alone. I would have loved to see a way to find other people hosting in the game, on top of the room code system.

The smaller enemies had some pathfinding issues. Multiple mice got stuck on a jump pad, and one creature got stuck on an edge. The mines were also very unforgiving, hurting you even if you moved at top speed.