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Thanks! I will. I think you'll need to either follow me or change the setting to allow DMs.

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Very neat! There's a surprising amount of interesting setups with this mechanic, and the puzzles and audio-visual presentation make it very satisfying to play around with. The future ideas you listed sound very interesting too!

Also, about an unrelated matter, is there some way I could contact or message you? I couldn't find any way to, through Itch or anywhere else. Thanks!

Thanks for writing this retrospective. It's useful to hear what assumptions turn out to be correct, and which don't work out as expected. The Demonic difficulty and the AI code structure in particular for me. Best of luck with the console port and updates!

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Agreed with Shane, it makes a good point about the "point" of tic-tac-toe! I had the most fun playing with 1, and I think I play like 2 or 3 - that's something I might want to change!

I really enjoyed this special game! Agreed with HaydenRaven, the game speaks for itself.

Thank you for sharing. Powerfully presented. It makes me feel less alone in analyzing my own intimate, personal moments.

Delightful game that really resonates with me. Well-made and well-paced. Thank you!

A fun romp with endearing characters and joyful graphical flourishes! I quite like the opening sequence, very cute. Overall the aesthetics are just well done, great job to the team. The two frame animations fit well. I found the gameplay a bit basic, but it is a jam after all. puzzling out to figure out how to paint the squares was surprisingly fun.

I think I encountered a bug on a level with like 8 enemies on 1 island, where there was an invisible wall covering the exit after clearing all enemies, and I jumped over it and got softlocked falling out of the world.

Unique and memorable experience!

Captures the feeling of dread and anxiety in an unending moment. The sound and the varied pacing of the text+graphics really enhanced that feeling. When I went back to the computer, and realized it was still going, that moment got me.

Neat combination of an obstacle plus a modifier! The modifiers are fun and make the same obstacles feel fresh. Like the touched walls becoming lava, reverse gravity, modified jump height.

There are definitely balance issues, and a few bugs, but I know it was for a jam. The game presents the concept pretty well, with a bunch of interesting emergent moments and shows it has potential!

Interesting and fun mechanics where a surprising amount of interesting behavior comes out of minute fiddling with key tapping and exact pixel positioning with the game's neat rewind mechanic.  The level design, characters, and writing always kept me wanting to progress to see the next level. I cannot pick a favorite out of the 3 Girls.

I quite like the level design - whimsical and sylvie-ish, yet methodical in terms of exploring the mechanics, avoiding redundancy, and having a decent difficulty curve. (For the intended audience - someone decently skilled at platforms and who has a bit of patience.) Thanks for making this memorable little game! :)

Thanks! I chose only games I've played / have a connection to. I'd be interested to see others' compilations :)

Charming spiritual-beurocratic exchanges! I've never thought about spiritual layers in this way, and it's neat.

An elegant experience. The audio really enhances it too. I enjoyed this a lot!

Put a smile on my face. I wish there was more.

Nice atmosphere. I had a happy moment when discovering the rightmost landmark.

So charming, I love it! Brought a big smile to my face.

These were all fun! I got vibes from Nicky Case's :the game: in a good way. My favorites are GP, COGS, FX, FIFO, Sarbanes-Oxley. I like the parallel of the NTE game, and then also my mouse staying in the actual game web player on the webpage, haha.

Cute, short, and sweet! A rewarding ending too. The freedom and leeway in levels was nice.

Neat and relatable concept, and I like how the gameplay supports it. Usually I have no problem talking and eating with friends, so the game was frustrating at times when I failed. But this puts me in the shoes of someone who maybe does have trouble making conversation, or if it's an awkward conversation, or someone who is worried/anxious about the other person getting up and leaving (even though they actually wouldn't).

I wonder what creatures live in these holes? The research on communication gives me some confidence that we can talk to them somehow.They could be friendly, but we should be cautious not to upset them. I've tried speaking in calm tones into both holes we know of. No response.

Upon inspection, all stairs and ramps are complete and sturdy. And the new tunnel is clearly marked and ready to be investigated. Solid work Tunnel Kingdom construction crew!

While carving out some stairs, I uncover an unexplored tunnel leading east.

I have a theory I'm itching to test. Or maybe I'm just entranced by the smell. Whichever it may be, it outweighs my sense of caution, and I take my first slow step into the puddle. The water is a perfectly refreshing temperature. As I make my way deeper, the glistening surface remains completely flat, without even a ripple. I'm forced to shield my eyes as the purple shine intensifies. I blindly swim forward a short ways (this puddle is bigger than I thought!). When my feet feel the bottom again, the ground's texture feels... different, somehow. The light fades, and I walk among the cattails as I slowly emerge from the water. Straight ahead there is a looming wooden structure. That wasn't there before - must be some kind of puddle-induced mirage. Confused and a little afraid, I approach it to get a better look... wait... it's starting to look familiar. It slowly dawns on me where I am - I'm right next to the northeast outpost. And I must have emerged from the watering hole just west of here.

I lie down. My head is spinning from what just happened, and from the smell.

I'm able to replicate the phantom cattail phenomenon as described by dualryan. The cattails and other flora that appear are strikingly similar to those surrounding the suspicious watering hole west of the outpost.

Whenever I find myself pacing about, stressing about whether to hum to the towelette or study in the library, laying down next to the puddle instantly relaxes me. I feel as tranquil as its perfectly still surface. I make a few beds out of leaves near the edge, I encourage y'all to use them.

This watering hole sure is suspicious.

I do some measurements and find that the puddle, the hole, and our tunnel's entrance have similar shape and size, and are located almost in a straight line. How nice.

The house is looking pretty b... err, good! I'm bringing some of those junky old signs from the cleared debris as tasteful wall decor. "CAUTION: MOIST ROCKS" is my favorite, though the ones with rune symbols are cool too. I wasn't able to decipher what they said, but I documented the new symbols in a book in the library. Also, I cut my hand on one of the signs, but it's no big deal.

I heard your cheer from the surface and mushroom farming sounds fun. There are some weeeeeird looking shrooms but many do seem edible. I even found some mushrooms growing on mushrooms!

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The runes creep me out, and I have no ideas for food, so I'm sticking to what I know: doghouse buliding. At least we're putting this rubble to some use.

A dog / creature / * house sounds nice to have around.  I'm not sure how big of a dog we want in here but I'm just gonna start nailing in boards.