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Cute premise. I was able to hat three hares. Had trouble making deductions but had fun.

Cute game! I couldn't solve it, but I really enjoyed figuring out what was going on, and then how to accomplish goals. Very nice!

I would have liked some kind of world map so I didn't have to visualize the graph of the world in my head. Or even just some visual indication nearby the doors, like 1 changed tile, to remind me of where they lead.

Also, platforming challenges got a bit aggravating after a while. If I fall down that grey stone pit one more time... haha. It makes me wonder if the game could have been implemented as a top-down walker instead of a platformer, or otherwise remove platforming challenge. But I definitely understand you taking inspiration from those two games.

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Interesting merging the concept of inventory with the concept of a programmable procedure! It makes me wonder about generalizing it - what spell would a rabbit be? Or, what if hats were programmable?

Adorable! Adorable mechanics, puzzles, and rabbit. There's lots of interesting interactions, and I like how they all make physical sense for being an adorable rabbit who always prefers to nestle inside of hats whenever possible. I feel like there's more potential with the concept somehow, maybe a theoretical 3D version.

I could only barely pass the second screen, but I'm intrigued by the mechanics and the graphics! Real-time elements in a sokoban-game isn't something I often see explored, and it seems interesting in this game.

Nice set of mechanics. The levels quickly got out of hand for me, with how many possibilities there are! I wonder if there could be a more constrained variant somehow, or maybe just more constrained levels. Clive got a bit uncomfortable for me with being edgy, but I appreciate his character design.

Very interesting perspective on magic tricks! It's almost like a zachtronics game - you're given inputs and outputs, and you have to figure out the procedure. I couldn't solve either of the tricks, but I can see the potential in more tricks.

Only played the first two levels, but compelling mechanics! It's fun to summon lightning and blocks out of thin air. And to use blocks to maneuver the hat. It makes the hat feel like a powerful and dangerous object. Wish the puzzles were easier so I could see more.

Nice set of mechanics, they're quite intuitive but also have some unexpected consequences. Which is a great combination! I quite like the sound and visual for walking down the stairs, haha. The game has a retro feel, not just in the graphics and sound but also in the sensibilities of the level design - sprawling, multi-part levels, and some puzzle constraints hidden away by architecture. That was a nice change of pace for me, having played a lot of games from this jam recently.

Nice little game. I like that my player character can wear the hat temporarily, haha.

Couldn't quite grasp what was going on. But the bunny jumping over objects, and hats containing multiple objects, seem neat.

Wow! Delightful mechanics! Most puzzles were too difficult for me, but I enjoyed skipping through the puzzles. I also wonder if these mechanics have more potential in some way!

Satisfying making magnets attract and repel each other! The background effect is interesting. I appreciate all the simple levels. Though I do wish the levels were ordered by difficulty; a few felt out of place to me.

It feels like there's potential to explore with these mechanics - I know I've seen a WIP project or two with these same mechanics. But I don't know if there are a lot of magnet sokoban games out there already or not.

Nice concept, had fun playing. I found myself wanting easier puzzles, perhaps with only 3 abilities, to get into it, but I had fun regardless.

Amusing concept. I quite like how random objects get generated from the hat! haha. It adds a lot. I found myself really wanting the ability to put objects back into the hat; I imagine this is something you tried though.

Very difficult!
It's fun extending the hat and rolling over gaps in the floor.

I had this idea when playing minesweeper, to recognize making harder-than-necessary deductions in some way. It's nice to see it executed! :) Fun to play.

I really enjoyed this. Heartwarming seeing your growth, and how you framed it in many creative settings and situations. Lots of laughs too! It also got me thinking about myself and my own story, and the ways in which it's different, by contrast. The music also heightened the experience, akin to glasses. Thanks for making this, I really got into it as it went on.

Ah, very interesting effects! Thanks for adding that.

Very amusing concept! I laughed out loud at the second level. Amusing seeing the objects get dragged on the handkercheif, it feels silly and powerful.

These alchemy-type games are a fun concept. The focus on color seems interesting. Although I couldn't figure things out and only reached level 5. I wish it saved a recipe book as I discovered new recipes, I think it would be a memory tool and also help me recognize patterns.

Amusing premise, haha. I couldn't pass level 3, but from the comments I can imagine it gets really tricky.

I felt like a cat learning how to jump around the house. :) Which feels like what you were going for. I like knocking things over as progress. A version with more complexity somehow sounds interesting. (momentum? super mario 64-esque special jumps?)

The locked-in mechanic feels intuitive, and has some neat consequences. I like how the static regenerates on restart, it's nice visual feedback.

Enjoyable deductions with this ruleset! I like this level of difficulty. Fun seeing the rabbits curl up in the boxes.

Fun mechanic, and I quite enjoyed the realizations of the general ideas in levels 2, 3, and 4! :) (Even though I've only actually solved level 1.) The yellow line blended in with the dots on the floor a bit.

I like the mechanics, they're fun an intuitive. (Probably helped by the cute rabbit-to-kid distribution setting!) Funnily enough the controls felt reversed directions to me, I think in terms of which way I want to shoot the rabbit, not which way I want the hat to move.

I enjoyed the smooth tutorialization, and very neat mechanics! I'm imagining even more puzzles. I like seeing the whole area at once, it's fun seeing how far I've come. Fun rabbit tumbling animation haha. I appreciate the placement of checkpoints showing the rabbit finishing tumbling.

Seems interesting, I like how there's a lot of possibilities during the preparation phase, it allows for a lot of fun experimentation with magic shows, while also making it more difficult to accidentally stumble upon the solution. That said I wish there was a bit more instruction on what different objects do, experimentation felt a bit opaque and I didn't solve any except the first. But I can tell these objects do interesting things!

Neat how there's a lot of state encoded in which way you put on the headband, and it's intuitive and fun to do so too! I didn't solve most levels, but it seems like there's unique things going on in all of them. I like the visuals too.

Delightful modular mechanics! It's fun being able to put things in the hat in any order, and seeing all the interactions between the objects and the hat. I can imagine a lot of possibilities! Wish there was a level select so I could see all levels.

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Seems like an interesting premise with a pushable wand and generator hats! Unfortunately I really couldn't figure out how the hats worked and could only barely solve level 3, and not any others. The last level is intriguing-looking!

Very modular and satisfying mechanics! :) Fun discovering so many surprises!

At first I struggled quite a bit figuring out the physical intuition of how the hat behaves, and the early levels felt a bit cramped for me to experiment. Most puzzles are too hard for me to want to attempt, but I can appreciate there are probably interesting ideas going on in all of them.

Neat mechanic! It makes me wonder what it'd be like to put nested purple blocks inside purple blocks...

It's fun being able to put an object in one hat and pull it out of another. I also like the magician performing a trick theme, it made my puzzle solving feel like a performance. It made my fumbling around funnier, haha.

I found this legitimately hilarious, hahaha. Intricate level design and powerful mechanics. 10/10

Very neat toy! I was only able to solve 1-4, and I did so just by stumbling around. I imagine it's difficult to tutorialize. It took me a bit to figure out that every hat has 2 children (even the ones that look like they would have 1 or 3 children), and that recursion depth is 8. Very fun to play around with though!

Ideas that popped into my head:
- I wonder if hats becoming darker/lighter/more transparent as they get further from the source would be a helpful visual
- I wonder if a UI element indicating the order of the 8 hats that are actually used would be helpful. (Or, a customizable slider for the recursion depth, between 3 and 8)

A surprising amount of puzzles you can make with these mechanics! I enjoyed the easy puzzles at the beginning, it was fun to shuffle hats around.

Nice concept. The win condition is pretty complex, and I had fun reasoning about it. Satisfying to get everything cleaned up too!

Fun experience, and fun food for thought!