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A cute and satisfying set of mechanics, as usual from your games! :) I like how the mechanics synergize - creating, destroying, moving, and the minesweeper numbers.

I enjoyed reading your Pre-mortem. (And I recommend others skim it, if you're interested!) I think I understand what you mean with the awkwardness of the mechanics and with some of the puzzles. But from my perspective, it seems like you did a great job working with the mechanics you had, and making puzzles with constraints that are inviting to reason about (though still difficult to reason about! and sometimes trial-and-error-y as you mention). I'm glad you decided to wrap it up and publish it. :)

Cute concept and player character. The physics were a bit jank but I enjoyed sliding on the ice in level 3. Music was fitting and positive. The game made me think, what if you somehow had to figure out a hueristic for the best places to put the pots, instead of being told where.

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Silly mad libs game. I laughed at a few of the sentences, and the marks. Absurd how you're leaving a review for a person! And a Mark variant at that.

For those playing: You have to press Enter to go to the next Mark, clicking the button didn't work for me.

Laughed at the parody game names and thumnails, especially "Starve", haha.

Hahaha, nice!

Funny idea. Similar to our team's entry, haha. I couldn't figure out what caused my score to be higher or lower. Or what causes the synergies. Or how to make a video about the given goal - I see some clips match the goal, but not all of them. I also couldn't understand what clips like "ChangeF" or "FeelThe" mean.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We weren't aware of this rule. I just added a paragraph in the game's description apologizing about this. And changed the game's cover image to remove the picture of Mark and the "VETK" logo.

I like how objects that help you can transform into objects that hurt you, and vice versa.

The acceleration and grouping of the sheep is satisfying to perform.  As well as seeing them group up on 1 tile. The random levels are sometimes impossible and sometimes trivial, but it's interesting to try to figure out whether they're possible or not.

Intriguing mechanic. Though, I kept just trying moves at random to make it past obstacles. I have trouble trying to think ahead because the maze has such complicated geometry. Level 5 seems rough, I'll stop here. Rotating the maze is a powerful and fun action though.

Completed all the levels. The intro cutscene is funny, well done. The animation of the block settling down is entertaining.

I appreciate how intricately the levels are crafted, with weaving paths. But I agree with others that it feels picky and frustrating to have such tight timing.

Reached level 7. The music coming in and out with the panic meter is funny and smoothly composed, it's fun to listen to. I wish I didn't have to restart from level 1 every time I mess up.

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Very cute! It has a rhythm to it. I like that I can play for however long I want to. And I can choose whether to try to be accurate or as inaccurate as I can, for fun. The characters' faces are very emotive!

Additional control not listed: Space bar to start/stop the arrows

I had trouble with the controls. I could only build a simple rudimentary machine in infinite money mode, that only did left arrows at an irregular pattern. But it's an interesting idea building a network that outputs arrows for a dance game.

Victory! Inventing ramshackle robots frantically is a lot of fun and feels like something I haven't quite done in a game before. Seeing them flail and then improving my designs, and coming up with a design to brace against cannon shots - I just had a lot of fun! The clank sounds are quite satisfying too. I would enjoy seeing 2 people play versus mode against each other. I bet there are some really cool emergent strategies and build patterns.

Thanks for uploading your playthrough, it was helpful in getting me un-stuck in one or two places.

I love this game. Just completed the true ending.

L: Love using items in creative ways to overcome obstacles. It's really unique and memorable, I want to make games like this. Unrelated to that, I dislike the fake  walls, though I understand their purpose.

R: Nice audio work. The main Sylvie Lime theme is really going to stick with me.

T: Cute art and characters!

C: The characters, dialogue, and setting are endearing to me. Lots of touching moments, and hilarious moments! Heartfelt and special. It's also interesting seeing the items and the game through each character's eyes. And the design conflict between S and L is great food for thought for me, I'll be thinking on that.

S: Thanks for making this game happen! :)

Cute! Put a smile on my face! :)

Gotcha. I can imagine it's difficult to make the RNG feel fair, especially during a jam timeframe.

Interesting idea. I thought of Null Hypothesis when playing, so it makes sense that it was an inspiration!

The action game structure is interesting. I like the idea of being able to get "good" at a "puzzle" game. Thinking on the fly about which angles and paths are the quickest/best to make the combinations I want, adds that layer on top.

In its current form though, I'm not a big fan of the action. I get frustrated when I get stunned multiple times in a row, when the two objects I want to combine fly far away from each other, when things just don't seem to line up, when I combine the wrong things, etc. But I can see what you were going for, maybe an easier difficulty is what I would want.

Nice tile-path-building game. I successfully completed a run after a few tries. The tiles where you get penalized each time you pass through them are interesting. It's also interesting being able to hold onto tiles in my hand, though sometimes it felt like I had no choice, such as when the tile I just drew is the only playable tile.

Nice game. I like the dreamy colors. I wish I could see the shadows of my current object orientations.

Clicking on the cylinder does not work for me in Firefox, though it works in Chrome and the Windows build. Not sure why.

Neat! 🙂 Satisfying to solve. And also satisfying to navigate a level where it seems like there might be multiple paths, but it's carefully constructed to just have 1 path.

It's mesmerizing seeing the world repeated so many times!

Haha, love it! Interesting mechanic with powerful and chaotic results.

Cute premise. I was able to hat three hares. Had trouble making deductions but had fun.

Cute game! I couldn't solve it, but I really enjoyed figuring out what was going on, and then how to accomplish goals. Very nice!

I would have liked some kind of world map so I didn't have to visualize the graph of the world in my head. Or even just some visual indication nearby the doors, like 1 changed tile, to remind me of where they lead.

Also, platforming challenges got a bit aggravating after a while. If I fall down that grey stone pit one more time... haha. It makes me wonder if the game could have been implemented as a top-down walker instead of a platformer, or otherwise remove platforming challenge. But I definitely understand you taking inspiration from those two games.

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Interesting merging the concept of inventory with the concept of a programmable procedure! It makes me wonder about generalizing it - what spell would a rabbit be? Or, what if hats were programmable?

Adorable! Adorable mechanics, puzzles, and rabbit. There's lots of interesting interactions, and I like how they all make physical sense for being an adorable rabbit who always prefers to nestle inside of hats whenever possible. I feel like there's more potential with the concept somehow, maybe a theoretical 3D version.

I could only barely pass the second screen, but I'm intrigued by the mechanics and the graphics! Real-time elements in a sokoban-game isn't something I often see explored, and it seems interesting in this game.

Nice set of mechanics. The levels quickly got out of hand for me, with how many possibilities there are! I wonder if there could be a more constrained variant somehow, or maybe just more constrained levels. Clive got a bit uncomfortable for me with being edgy, but I appreciate his character design.

Very interesting perspective on magic tricks! It's almost like a zachtronics game - you're given inputs and outputs, and you have to figure out the procedure. I couldn't solve either of the tricks, but I can see the potential in more tricks.

Only played the first two levels, but compelling mechanics! It's fun to summon lightning and blocks out of thin air. And to use blocks to maneuver the hat. It makes the hat feel like a powerful and dangerous object. Wish the puzzles were easier so I could see more.

Nice set of mechanics, they're quite intuitive but also have some unexpected consequences. Which is a great combination! I quite like the sound and visual for walking down the stairs, haha. The game has a retro feel, not just in the graphics and sound but also in the sensibilities of the level design - sprawling, multi-part levels, and some puzzle constraints hidden away by architecture. That was a nice change of pace for me, having played a lot of games from this jam recently.

Nice little game. I like that my player character can wear the hat temporarily, haha.

Couldn't quite grasp what was going on. But the bunny jumping over objects, and hats containing multiple objects, seem neat.

Wow! Delightful mechanics! Most puzzles were too difficult for me, but I enjoyed skipping through the puzzles. I also wonder if these mechanics have more potential in some way!

Satisfying making magnets attract and repel each other! The background effect is interesting. I appreciate all the simple levels. Though I do wish the levels were ordered by difficulty; a few felt out of place to me.

It feels like there's potential to explore with these mechanics - I know I've seen a WIP project or two with these same mechanics. But I don't know if there are a lot of magnet sokoban games out there already or not.

Nice concept, had fun playing. I found myself wanting easier puzzles, perhaps with only 3 abilities, to get into it, but I had fun regardless.