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Hi, i'm 27, i can work on the design / code in unity. I will probably use low poly 3d assets to make things easier.

I took part in 2 jams alone this is what i've done : 

Horde - Weekly Game Jam #150 (7 days)

Orbit - GMTK 2020 (2 days)

If you are intrested, DM me your work :

Love it, very relaxing. 

Cute little game. Loved the eyes ^^

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Good game and very well executed ! i Loved the solar wind mechanics, it really add depth to the gameplay. I also worked on the idea of gravity for theme but relied more on intuition than planning to solve the levels. You convinced me to add a previsualization of the trajectory to maybe add more complex levels !

Thank you for your feedback, it is now fixed and much better ^^. It is a shame i didint do it during the jam.

I really like the artstyle, it's very clean. Nice little experience you made there, well done !

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Surprisingly i went to the end because i was curious, now i think my life has no meaning, or is this the meaning of life ? Did i make a mistake when i gave my soul to a random pop-up ?

I actually enjoyed it, i liked the humor, great experience and good take on the theme. Well done guys !

Fun game, i loved the color shceme and the artstyle, very pelasing. Good job !

Intresting game, maybe not enough forgiving, going to the door took me much more tries than it should have ^^, good job !

Also as other mentionned, the game size is too big for no real reason, it is probably because of the music you used because deleting the file "FinalBuild/Drone_Data/sharedassets0.resource" ( 354 Mo ) let me run the game properly without music.

Thank you for your feedback, i agree it is very hard, i got good enough at it pretty fast during development as i knew what i was doing and i took for granted some elements like camera placement, perspective is probably the hardest thing to overcome in this game. Thank you for playing !

Fun and cute well done !

AWESOME and unique, very clever use of the theme and really good realisation. I am just really disapointed i can't give you more than 20 stars.

Oh boy this is very funny and VERY smart take on the theme. The title is just perfect. I am a big fan of physic-based games and you just fed my addiction. You've got something, pretty sure there is room for expansion of this concept ! Good job guys  !

Great game, love the art and this UI is cleaaaan ! Good job !

Very nice and polished game. Great attention to detail from the particles falling from the ceiling to using 120 bpm for the music to make it in sync with the timer. AWESOME soundtrack and nice aesthetics. The idea is great and very well executed, i just found the air control disorienting, sometimes i could change direction mid-air and sometimes it didin't work but i am just nitpicking at this point.

My favorite entry so far, you guys are the reason i mainly give 4 star to a lot of good games in order to keep some margin  for this kind of gem.

Kudos to your team !

Nice take on the theme, very good art and well polished game page, solid submission !  Good job !

Very original idea to remove some restrictions of chess, i can see this idea expanded in a pvp game for a broken but very fun experience xD

I Love the minimalistic visuals, alternating movement mechanics is a very intresting idea ! Good job

Great and complete game, just maybe too slipery ^^. Good job !

The dog is actually saving us from this terrible job ! Very cute looking game, love the artstyle. Good job !

Very nice ! I loved the start and end level animations, good polish. Well done !

Haha very nice ! Great animations especially the explosion of bodies, also loved the music. Well done !

Very nice and unique take on the theme, loved the aesthetics and the 2048 vibes are very pleasing, Good job !

Thank you for playing !

Very satisfying ! Good job

Haha this is so relatable, well done !

I'm glad you enjoyed it, thank you for playing !

Thanks !

Thank you :)

I loved the aesthetics.A bit frustrating to restart everything when you lose but it's still fair considering the number of levels. Quick note : there is a problem with the collisions, i managed to clip through the wall. Well done ! 

I didint expect that ending, it gave me goosebumps. Very well done and unique experience !

Thank you :)

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it !

Thank you for playing !

Well done ! 

Very nice, i found teh background a bit confusing but great art overall ! 

It gets very dangerous very fast 😧. Good job !

Intresting take on the theme !

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Very nice art and polish considering the short time frame !

"The day was sunny, i was happy, but this was before teh arrival of the childs. What should have been a pleasant afternoon became a battle royale in the toilets. " 😅

Awesome !

Awesome, literally out of control haha. Mention spéciale pour les bruitages xD