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That was fun but i really struggled at the cannon level. Sometimes the pigs fall by themselves forcing me to restart the level, and i found it very hard to aim properly because i believe you change their charge direction when you dodge. Maybe giving a bigger hitbox to the cannons could make it a more enjoyable experience !  Good job on your submission !

Thank you ! This got me started, have fun !

I did beam them both,i just struggled ^^

I struggled to beat the boss, probably because he is OP. Then i played as the boss and the player is probably OP too 😅

That was fun, good job on your submission !

Beautiful, i absolutely loved the style for both gameplay and narrative, everything blends very well together. But why would you put so many boxes and no diamonds in it, you monster.

Good job !

Damn this look good. And this gun is SOO JUUUICY. A lot of efforts when into the making of this game and we can feel it. This pixel art is beautiful and i really enjoy how you implemented the tutorial.

The roll is a bit buggy in some circumstances but the only thing that really bothered me was the map design. There was some VERY GOOD elements but dilluting  a game like this with copy pasted sections and lots of backtracking just felt like putting water in a good wine. At this point i am obviously just nitpicking you did an amazing job for 10 days and the game was very enjoyable.

Congrats !

Thank you, the boss actually opens his mouth and smiles for 2+ seconds before firing the laser but it's not as obvious as we expected it to be considering how many people missed it 😅

That's nice ! I love the visuals, i don't know how you manage to make things work with such a low resolution, you wizard. Good job 

Thank you for your feedback ! 

I agree the movement might be a bit confusing and we argued about different approaches but for consistency we believe it is the only way to make some kind of sense. It is basically a 1 dimensional movement wrapped in 2d space so holding down a direction to keep moving made sense but visually at some point the player would've been going in a direction opposite to the input and after playing many games with this control scheme, when your reflexes kick in to dodge something as you are upside down with inverted controls, you will press the wrong direction ^^.

Maybe i cheesed it once i understood you could overcome gravity by spamming vertical inputs 🤭

This was promising but it is painful to wait through the whole unskipable intro in order to retry once you fall of the edge. I read that you uploaded the wrong vuild and that's very unfortunate, it felt fun drifting around !

Thank you very much for your kind words :D

That was fun, it was hard to get close enough to the boss without taking damage but once i understood you could block the boss with your grenades it wasnt a problem anymore :D Good job !

It is very hard for the player to make decisions when he can't really see what is hapenning, something as simple as a display of the trajectory based on present velocity could help a lot, or maybe hint the player for the X velocity required for his altitude ! 

I also tried to make a game about putting stuff into orbit in the past and it was painfull to see how unintuitive it seems to most players. Couldnt beat it without cheating ( i used this 🤫)

It was fun anyway, good job for a first jam !

Such a cute game, very nice atmosphere. Good job guys !

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I got hooked, the skill ceiling is actually higher than i expected as there is some next level strats to stack barrels.  It has everything an evolved monkey can dream of, except maybe keyboard controls. Good job that was fun :D

Thank you, I'm glad you appreciated the effort we put into making this game !

Thank you very much it means a lot ! 

And btw if you kept shooting him when he was crying, you were clearly bullying him, you monster 🤭

Thank you :)

Nice ! This combo attack felt great. 

I think i encountered a bug, it told me to kill 2 feral ogre but i could only find one. Good job on this submission there's a lot going on !

That was fun ! I have to admit i didint get past the 30 souls level. As others pointed it out already the walljump not working everythime was a bit annoying but if that can help you fix it i think it only failed when trying to walljump from the same wall multiple times. jumping between walls didnt seem to have the same issue.

Good job !

We wanted to heal the boss a bit when the player dies but we didin't have much time to playtest and balance the whole thing so we decided not to punish the player so everyone could beat it. 

Thank you very much for your feedback !

Cool boss fight, but damn it is so hard to dodge the attacks ^^

Good job !

I thought the smile would've been enough but i didin't realize it was too subtle, thank you for your feedback !

That was cute, good job on your submission !

It is very hard to see whats going on zooming at 500 mph, you should probably try to place the camera higher the faster you are going. 

Am i still a psychopath if i feel bad for enjoying this ?

Just like in real life

I absolutely love the mouth sound effects, when the boss died it cracked me xD. Good job on your submission !

One of the best entries i've had the chance to play so far, look good, sounds good, plays well, and nice little story. 

Good job to your team that was really fun to play !

Nice song but damn, those obstacles are fast. Really nice choice for the animations ^^ good job !

That looked good, but did you try to hyptonize me 🤔? 

You should consider displaying the boss health !

That was fun, good job !

Thank you :D

Clever take on the limitation, that was fun, well done !

Thank you very much !

Thank you ! I am glad you enjoyed it :D

That was cute, i think it could be great to see the boss's health.

That was fun, a pleasure to see a multiplayer game playable in solo. Good job !