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I dont have access to a mac to test the game on it. Maybe you need to change the permissions ? I can't help you sorry

i wont add controlls sorry, right click will always be the only button to jmup

Thank you for the feedback. I didin't realise how slow it was. I updated the game it should be slightly better now !

Cute game, good job !

Great concept ! I got them good !

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That was fun ! Good job on the aesthetics it looks very good.

Amazing level of polish. good job

I will never even dream of hitting 10,000 points. Just maybe give the player a preview of the incomming enemies to avoid losing against an unforeseeable enemy.

Good job !

Good luck ! There is actually 3 upgrades for speed. Attack speed, bullet speed and movement speed !

Thank you ! Glad you enjoyed it :D

I love your work. IMO your style will fit perfectly to a nervous arcade game.  You can check my games on my itch profile. Hit me up on discord if you are interested ! 


If i remember correctly i managed to stack 3times the 5x bonus 

Pretty confusing at first even with the tutorial area. Reading the comment about angry birds made me understand instantly what i was supposed to do !  The blue dots are not worth the effort to get them, or maybe its just because i suck ^^.

Love the gameplay loop ! that was really fun. Good job ! 

That was cute, good job ! 

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The player doesn't learn about the bounciness of the meat form until he has to do a move that make him fly across the map without any visibility about where he should go / land. The player falls into the unkown, maybe you don't realize it because you know the map but it is very confusing 

This game is very confusing, the difficulty is way too high and the path is not very clear at first sight. I tried to master it but i just couldnt i gave up after 15 min of frustration 😥only reached the first checkpoint, i guess.

Great idea, the combo system is sweet ! i wish there was more levels. good job !

Looks very nice. i didint find a use for the vertical control.

Is that any good ?

The music is chiil, hard to understand the purpose of the green wall. Got first place 😎

I wish there was more levels, i started to get hooked to this portal vibes.


What i had to do was a bit confusing, i loved the visuals tho and i can see myself playing a survival game on an infinite railway. 

Good job !

Took a picture of what i believe was his face 😂

i wanted to get good but the impact of the randomness made my journey to the first place very frustrating, and i didin't get there 😭Good job

Oh boy it's very hard how can someone get to 6k ? 😮

good job !

Vool concept, I had to tryhard once i understood the multiplicator multiplies itself. 

Got first place 😎

Good job

That was fun, good job,. Got first place :D

I didin't understand the boot and fuel upgrade. Maybe just give  some informations on the game's description ! Got first place tho, good job :D

It is very brutal to get dropped in the game like that, maybe start the forward movement once the place has clicked to give him time to understand what is going on. Got first place 😎 Good job !

Good job ! Got second place, i played for so long it gave me an optical illusion, i swear the leaderboard was moving xD

Glad you enjoyed it, thank you for playing !

Multiball into the magnet boost is the way !

Also, the magnetic boost increases the value of the bumpers by 5 for every hit during the magnetic storm, multiple balls stack this faster, also reactivating the magnetic storm before it ends resets the duration but the stacked bonus stays.

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i agree with the other comment, fairly easy to break. The music was really chill. It was sad to wait for the death of my character, just like real life 😥.

Good Job !

I felt like there was enough space on top / bottom, maybe just making the resolution something like 10/8 will make room for the ui (20%) below and give the player a square shaped playing area.

The playing area is smaller on the top, so i was mistaken but you can see it here.

I had to let myself die, the game should get harder the longer you play ! Also, i was able to survive only by keeping my magnets rotating 😅 (i stopped doing so when i noticed you get more points when the sparks hit the center of your shield, which was a nice touch). Good job !

Got 1rst place :D. I just wish the playing area was in the middle of the screen, it was very stressfull  not to be able to see further on the sides / below. Good job !

Thank you. The game has been updated with sound effects ! there is still no music tho 

It became  impossible very fast ! Got 1rst place  😋

Love the minimalist art style, it was very satisfying to play, very juicy. My only problem were the controls, it was hard to control my character when i was not on the bottom platform. Maybe the  bullets should be darker it was hard to see. Good job 

Some Vampire Survivors vibes, i like it. Well done that was fun.

I can barely pass 2000 i must have missed something, how do you manage to score 10k ?  I probably just suck