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I'm glad you had yourself a bit of fun! This was quite an ambitious number of mechanics, so there are some bugs and stuff. Much of it wasnt happening to me in PC version, just Web GL. I think there might have been something interfering with the raycasting, but didn't have time to figure it out.  Overall had a fun time making it though. Thanks for playing and letting me know your experience!

hey gamer! If its only a few assets, I'd be happy to help you out! Just ping me in the discord

You can edit your submission forms to make up for the error I made while setting up the submission forms, if you wish, as the problem has been fixed now. Thanks for bringing it to my attention in the discord!

That's very high praise, thanks so much for playing and thanks for your feedback as well! I am really glad you enjoyed it. 

Thank you for that suggestion! I wanna get that drop shadow looking good for the next update

Thanks, Julie! Your vod was fun to watch, thanks for playing my game and trying your hardest even though there was no tutorial or any kind of guidance given. 

You did great :)

Hey, thanks for playing the game and thanks for your feedback! 

The version of this game that you played does have a pause menu with the invert settings for mouse users, it can be opened with tab, there is just no prompt telling you so, because I ran out of time before I could add those things. 

The other problems you mentioned have already been addressed in the more current version of the game. It has more content as well! ]

Fun! I played multiple times

Thank you so much for playing, gamerrr! I'm really excited to keep workin on it.

Such high praise, thank you so much for your kind feedback, and thanks for playing! If you enjoyed the game, follow me on [someplace where I exist] and you'll surely see a big update in the future ^-^

Thanks very much, Dogveloper! I will be continuing to work on this game on the side, so I appreciate that good positive energy!

Thank you very much for playing, I appreciate the feedback as well!

I'm not ready for the chore life, the chore life didnt choose me

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Thank you so very much for playing the game and for the kind words too, gamer! Much appreciated. 

Excellent work on your end as well, keep up the good work!

I winned

good game, i like the powerzzzzzzzzz (with a z)

Cool game! Good scope, good job

Thanks for giving it another try! I couldn't finish a good implementation of coyote jumping for the jam version, but it will be in the next version ^-^

its really cooool I like it! fun game

Wow! Thank you so much for offering such high praise! Its a heartwarming feeling <3

Your game was really well polished, as well! It even had a tutorial which was super helpful. My game would have really benefited from one of those

I (fortunately) do not have access to a time machine, but I did scope down and cut many MANY things that I wanted, in order to determine the most minimum viable thing I could deliver. Between having two jobs and a wife, it took a lot of compromise to make the game playable and suitable for the jam.

Thanks so much for giving it a try, I appreciate it! I'll try to make it a bit more accessible (a basic tutorial with some in put prompts will help big time)
I've played a lot of the games on this jam but I didn't get around to yours yet, I will be sure to do that soon! Thanks again~

thank you gamer! look forward to some more in the near future :)

Thank you for your feedback and thanks so much for playing!

Now that the jam is done I'd like to flesh out some real levels, with pretty decorations and all!

The cam follow / cam assist thing was something I spent a little bit of leftover time trying to implement but couldnt squeeze it. I'll work on it for the next version though! Thanks for the advice on that.

Very glad you enjoyed the game! So, is a boomer platformer a platformer for older generations? Is that what that means? LOL

Thank you gamer! Your game was excellent, too, I loved it very much.

I know exactly what to do next! MAKE GaMEe

Hey! Thanks so much for playing, Art Surock. Appreciate it loved your game too :)

Strange camera, huh? Hmm, did you try pausing and inverting the camera in the settings? Maybe that's what you're talking about? Or maybe the fact that I had to cut follow cam from my scope? A more specific answer would be helpful, if you're okay with that.

In regards to your other comment, I believe you're talking about Paper Klay. Kev and I are acquainted. If you talk to him, you tell him I said "he copied me" :P or something hahaha.

They just both happen to be chicken characters, my avatar and his game character, they are not similar in design at all, aside from representing the same animal. The full version of this game will be very different from his, and the controller already has a completely different pacing, his game is meant to be much more casual than mine. (btw, I know you're not actually being accusatory, just wanted to clarify for anyone reading)

I love his work btw its awesome! The dude has really got his shit together. Definitely keep watching those dev logs

Thank you so much for playing! It means a lot. I didnt include any tutorial or input prompts in my game because I ran out of time, but I tried super hard to compensate for it by embedding the basic controls in the embed art for the web build LOL

thank you gamer! don't know if you caught it, but the art was slightly different based on whether or not you fixed your house, as well

" '+1 Rep for bringing up cataquack' - Curdle Games " - Evan's Resume

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I liked it a lot! If anything, the only problem I had with it was that it didnt go on forever! I wanted to see just how many shooties I could shoot with my T-shooters heheh. I had a lot of fun playing it, good job!

Thank you so much, gamer! I really enjoyed your game as well!

Thanks so much! Do you remember where you got stuck? I wanna take note of where to do some more collision checking (or maybe you meant you couldnt find the relevant checkpoint to unlock the next path?)

Thanks, Grim, I'm glad you like it, gamer!


Thanks for playing, Wispre! And thanks for pointing out the pause menu as well, I'm hoping more people will take a look in there, or at least on the info on my jam page. I wish I had time to make an input tutorial before the deadline! Guess that's just how jams go

Hey Luke, thanks for playing. Did you read the Gamer Tips in the pause menu? It's the first one that says you can gain more air by holding the jump button. If you keep a-holding and letting go in mind to control your jump arc, you will find the controls you need! You can also get a little extra needed air by diving right at the apex of your jump. The game is meant to be hard though, so good luck!

Did you try using the pause menu settings to adjust the sensitivity or invert the camera pitch? That might help. The pause menu can be found with either Start or Tab. Also, I'm glad you like the music! They're actually all unique songs that cue based on progression, they are just similar tunes made by the same composer

Thanks for playing, Akira! Haha you got the "broken home" ending :P

THEME RELEVANCE -- There wasn't a form for it for some reason, so I'll write it here:

The game has checkpoints that do the standard checkpoint thing, respawning the player at the last one they touched. However they also sometimes trigger new paths to appear, paths that cross with the ones that were initially accessible, specifically when you cross paths with old friends.

In addition to that, I designed the game and the level with future thoughts of speed-running in mind. I specifically made it so that checkpoints can be cheesed to save time if you're going for that PB. 

Speed-run timer and leaderboard coming next update! (Which will be after the VimJam4 ratings have concluded)

Thanks so much! I'm glad you came back now that the game is functioning, I appreciate the feedback :]

I had the same issue while testing my game, that depth perception on the top edges can be surprisingly tough with the lack of texture variation and geometry in the environment. 

I will be continuing work on this for roughly another week, so I'll see what I can get done! Thanks for your encouragement :D I think I'll add some bushes, trees, rocks, and textures to the ground, maybe different textures for the sides of the ground, that should hopefully help with detecting those top edges a bit better!

thanks so much, grim, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

woah cool! yet another way of playing I did not expect to see