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This game is AMAZING! I've played many Tower Defense games, and this one is by far my favorite! I'm very impressed with how much progress you've made since the first game jam, and I can't wait to see more :D

I played this on my stream to 70 people, and its an art stream, so *normally* the viewers drop to about half, but everyone stuck around and stayed engaged because your game is so much fun! This is a really good game, and I will support you guys all the way through this. You guys should be super proud of what you've done so far <3 Excellent work.

Also, shoutouts to my boi swagshaw

LOL thanks jade <3

thank you for the kind words!

LOL im very pleased with how things turned out, I'll admit

LOL *raises hand gently*


lmao Kmc, do you look like the bus driver? *blushes*

Charming, fun, nice-looking, and kept really nicely in scope. Excellent work :D

Thanks for playing, Kodedile :3

thank you!

LOL swaggy. your game was amazing dude, thanks for playing and putting up with my garbage submission

Thank you so much for your kind feedback ^_^ this entry is really scuffed so I'm glad to see that some people played it. I'm excited to play your entry as well! :D

Woah, thank you so much for your feedback! I'm surprised anyone played this POS, and I really appreciate how kind your feedback is haha xD

Brilliant and wonderfully executed. Your interpretation of the theme was excellent. I'm not going to lie, I had a moment where I thought about my recent breakup and nearly lost my composure... but that emotion you made me feel is part of what makes this game true art. Thank you for participating, you did beautifully

I had fun playing this one! Great job submitting in such a short amount of time!

Great job! I loved the humor that went into it, a real treat! Thanks so much for participating, Oakley!

Team Austin did such a good job! Love you guys <3 Your game was excellent

I loved this! Unique idea, and fun to play!

Thanks, Pilsify!

Lol I love making them flop around! That's quite entertaining, haha, great work!

The art is so charming, I couldn't help but giggle. I am also an avid button masher, so I appreciated the gameplay. That dang buffalo almost got me!

I'm not great at TNT yeeting, but I do love trying! Their attempts at leaping across the gap is comical and fun. Maybe I'll be a true yeeter someday T_T

Thank you, sawen! That's a very kind and generous review, I appreciate it ^_^

Thanks, Cicero! I'm really glad you liked it :D

Cute and funny and nicely drawn. Love <3 

I love this! It was so cute and funny. Wonderful submission, great job.

Great job, guys!

Thanks, buddy :D

Lol! Thanks, dude! I'm glad you liked it. Will definitely try exploring something to do with the key and other items :D

Thanks so much, Zeph!

I love what you submitted here, it fit the theme really well. The game mechanic was very unique, unlike anything I've played previously. It was engaging and had me determined to win >:D
I would have played this for a lot longer if chat wasn't writhing in pain watching me fail over and over, lol! Awesome job, Alek.

Really interesting mechanic, would love to see it go further. That asteroid really gave me a run for my money, lol!

Great job using Pico-8, you really captured a retro feeling with the movement style, coded music, and throwback arcade mini-games. Loved it!

Beautiful! Great use of the theme, fun mechanics, charming art style and color palette. I seriously could play this for hours, would love to see more levels! Very well done.

The pixel art is really cute, looks great. I love the right and left click punch attacks, this could really be taken somewhere interesting. You also managed your scope very well. Regardless of your initial plans, as the player, it felt like everything that was supposed to be there was there. Well done

I agree with Zeph, I hope to see you continue making this, I'm very interested to see where it goes

So much character in this submission! There's a whole city filled with various assets, cars speeding around comically, the whole thing just felt very alive. The music was also insane and awesome, I loved it. Great job everyone

It's awesome what you guys managed to do in such a short time! The blood-soaked sword mechanic is something to  build on, too, well done.

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Loved the feature mechanic, and great use of the theme! Thanks so much for submitting, guys :) 

Edit: The pixel art for this was amazing, and its implementation brought the environment life really well. How could I forget to mention that! Great job guys

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Great job! Loved the easter egg, too ;)

Edit: I just wanted to add, you used the theme really well, the art was clean and well done, and the game loop felt complete. If there was anything missing from this game when you submitted, I wouldn't know! Wonderful work, guys