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gaming in gamerville~

Thank you, gamer!

Woo! Punch Up update, lets gooo

thanks, gamer!

Thanks so much, I'll try that!

unplayable right now. fixing tn. sorry guys (there is a whole game made, web build just borked)

Feel free to brainstorm ideas for different development approaches and planning to prepare yourself, but everything within the game itself should be made within the jam period. How closely your game fits the theme will represent that.

cool! cant wait to see

wow gamer i did it! level 2 was hard. I enjoyed this though, great job for a first time game jam submission!

You did such a good job how dare you say terrible things about this game. First submission to a game jam ever and its fun and you did a great job so there

really cool idea! I'm glad you came back to finish this. thanks for participating ^_^

Thanks for playing and reviewing, Jaydee! I appreciate it a lot

you did so great <3 pleasure working with you

web builds are preferred

export to browser, please!

Hey, Bardon. Unfortunately, I currently don't have a setup to play phone games. Its also unsafe for me to give online jammers access to my phone through their APK, so ive opted to avoid playing phone games in the future as well. I hope you're still willing to participate, thanks for understanding!

love you too randomness

you guys are amazing I love you

thanks bud, lookin to improve it some more in the coming weeks

The parts do attach but the version you played had some UI bugs that caused the feedback to not display when youre dragging parts around. Should be fixed now, give it another go.

Great submission, I loved it! 

thanks so much! yeah, the cutting floor was rough with this one cause of multiplayer stuff, glad you still had fun though!

Yay! Great job, Markus!

Ghost employee is a QT

I really like the cover art

Im a little ashamed of how much I enjoyed scanning the same carton of milk 18 times in a row

Plays well, just needs more audio and visual feedback. Well done!

Great job!

Great design, definitely continue to refine it, its fun. My brain wants to connect the pipes, it likey.

My suggestions would be to try adding some more limitations or rules on how the player uses the pieces, because I was just discarding the ones I didnt want by piling them up somewhere. Maybe a way to destroy them would be cool too (if that feature was already in there, I missed it)

Awesome submission. Damn, thoough, Bunnystick aint playin' around! I'm proud of my daughter for beating the crap outta me.

LOL thanks vault

I couldnt quite get to the end, but it was pretty cool

pretty cool idea!

oops, no build

no idea what im supposed to do in this game, include an explanation on the page, thatll probably help

The game did not run for me, either, unfortunately

Good things: I liked your use of the theme. The way you drag the mouse to accelerate took a little getting used to, but I find that awkward controls fit climbing games quite well, so I kinda liked it lol.

Things to look out for: I would be careful about your use of color and contrast in menus or sections with text, it was too jarring for me to read the explanation at the beginning. The selection of the path thing is great, but theres no blockades to show up and let you know where you cant go. 

This was an interesting submission, I enjoyed it. I feel like you put coding the mechanics as a priority, which is great, but in the future, be sure to add sounds and visual feedback in the necessary places. 

You got really good mileage out of cubes with the different enemy behaviors, that was a part that I enjoyed. Good job!

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Yup! At 3pm, EST

Why wouldn't it be allowed? Seems fine as long as you made it for this jam :)