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i like the main mechanic! swapping between turrets keeps you on your toes.

thanks for the game :)

we have surpassed go. we deserve 200.

always cool to see new control schemes

fun little game, was a little confused how the chain of bouncing damage worked. i didn't do the jam this year, so i can't rate ya :(

well, no, i'm not familiar with it, but i gave it another go and got all but 1 star now.

cool effects, but i can't seem to figure anything out :(



power washing + now can i tell my mom that i'm doing my chores while i'm playing my video game?? isdafjkl sdfk 


beat it

snow big deal!

the combat was fun tho!

i liked that enemies wouldn't fire when they were offscreen and i liked that the simple variety in the enemies. a 2nd attack on a cooldown could add a lot to the pacing of comabt along with maybe scaling up how many enemies spawn. didn't really feel like much of a boss fight or on the edge. the art/animation was cute and music was pretty good. and if you show me a treasure chest, please let me open it! even if it's just a bunch of gold color square that pop out :)

did not understand how i got out of the forest. two up for north, one down for east, but which way did i even want to go? almost quit, but glad i didn't. cool to see a few different environments. i liked the heart shield and egg bomb. the aesthetic never really seemed to be that coherent and some better art/effects would have added a lot. the writing was interesting and weird, i kinda was just skipping through it, like i do with most games, but then at the end i paid attention some :)

i enjoyed crawling a lot

very nice aesthetic. the palette and ambient sounds all very good. would have preferred if the cursor had been hidden/locked to screen maybe? and would like the blossom was a different color or something to distinguish it, as well as the obstacles branches being easier to distinguish from the background. wasn't hard to tell after i figured it out, but it took a few runs.

high score 85! heh :)

wow. the rick roll. 0/5. jklol. beautiful visuals. would have liked the camera to zoom out to keep the boss on screen or something when i moved to the perimeter, kinda hard to know when it was safe to move back to the inside ring. also, to sort of make it more incentivized to stay alive, you could just allow the players laser to become more powerful over time perhaps. could really amp up the visuals the longer you stay alive/do damage. anyway, really high marks. loved the art direction, the boss attacks, the movement/shooting generally.

the background star pattern was lovely!

the pacing and combat could have been improved, but i loved Lover in a Dangerous Spacetime (it's a big inspiration for the game i'm currently work on outside of this jam).

i really liked having the hotkeys.

and yeah, the big portal just said something has gone wrong, reload. so only played thru one level i guess.

hahaha. very fun. boss was pretty simple. i dug the tiny pixel art and the attack animations. didn't see how On The Edge theme applied.

really liked the splash screens :)

really interesting pick up idea to rebuild the platform. was initially confused if the items were floating or not, because they had no shadow. cool boss visual, would have liked low poly attack effects or whatever. pretty simple combat, but hey, no bugs in my play through!

fun, bosses were good. restarting levels without your extra ammo kinda led to a difficult spiral. the health lanes didn't seem that great to me, i thought they'd create a lane where along my trajectory, but i guess it was meant to be "on the edge", but that didn't feel great.

i liked the idea of having to attack the enemies directionally. the effects animations and sounds were excellent. the intro art was also top notch. i didn't go off the top or left for a long time and just kept dodging the energy beams and was confused. eventually, started walking off the bottom edge and then would kill the 2 enemies that spawned over over and. and each time i walked off, my health would also regenerate. i'm not sure if something was bugged or not. i never met a boss or anything.

one other note: the main menu font was not very readable, while the in-game menu font was good. also a mish mash of different art styles, palettes, and UI was funny, but not great. but it's a jam game, so i get it.

i'm watching patrick type his comment on his stream as i write this comment. fun. given how surprising and how funny it was when the boss died, i'm now not sure if i support adding a health bar for the boss, which is was going to recommend. amybe a health bar filled with "????" ? hahah.

anyawy, thanks for the experience

I haven't played any auto battlers,  so I can only say that with very minimal rules that this did kinda capture some of the feel of an RTS. i would hvae liked to understand the dynamics between small/medium/giant troops. i just spammed the middle size to beat the boss. as long as my first troop defeated that guy's first troop, it would snowball. but the stress bar was fun, if maybe i had to manage my troops too, instead of simply just watching the bar and then clicking a bunch of times before immediately hitting space bar again.

anyway, cool game. i'll remember it.

it was fun, the different upgades were cool. hard to tell when i was taking damage and when doing damage. a sound effect could definitely help with that.

maybe it was user error, but clicking on the mirrors or drag/dropping them, just had no effect.

yeah, maybe it was just user error about the jumping, not sure. gg.

great character art, background art, animation. Combat and boss quite simple, not clear feedback on health. And with such gorgeous animation, would have liked to see cooler attack and death or just more of that art!

The music, what there was of it, I did like.

The puzzles were good, gets a little too...track-the-orders-of-operations-effectsy for me. i'm not sure what is gained from the isomorphic perspective? it actually took me a while on the 2nd/3rd puzzle to realize the objects were all just rotated reflectors, i thought they might have been splitters or something. i think top down grid would have been clearer and made it easier to reason about.

and sandbox wouldn't work for me :(

the concept and the rotation of the pixel art were fantastic. the boss was hilarious. the feel of the platforming wasn't great. walking up rotating stairs probably isn't exactly trivial to implement :)

awesome design concept! the thought did occur to me that it could have been interesting to have been the boss and moved a little slowly and been heavy and then you could click to try to assign your workers or something. also, did i miss some UI element that indicated the health of the house? i saw the balance arrow at the top, but just wasn't sure when the house was doing to die.

Definitely felt like I was on the edge. But yeah, trouble playing it. The cover art intrigued me.

the victory music was sweet

it was fun, made me laugh being a chicken mech. i didn't make it very far, but would have been cool to have gotten like an ultimate ability or something other than just the dodge/dash.

what! the boxes all move on their EDGE! 


really sorry about the getting stuck in the giant box. that was my fault. i know patrick said you were at the end, but i think maybe you were just at the Edge. had you jumped over it and made your way to the boss? but anyway, thanks for playing, glad you liked the game.