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A jam submission

WTF Wars Dungeon Edition template for GDevelop 5View game page

GDevelop Dungeon Crawler
Submitted by Ulises Freitas (@UlisesFreitas) — 9 days, 18 hours before the deadline
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WTF Wars Dungeon Edition template for GDevelop 5's page


CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Technical Implementation#1662.8672.867

Ranked from 15 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

How does your game apply the limitation (and optionally, the theme)?
Fight to the limits

Team Size

Solo (1)

What main engine/tool/language did you use to construct the game?
GDevelop 5

Which diversifiers did you use, if any?
Light and shadows, flash monsters

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neat, couple of thigns tho, well, the boss is stuck in the middle, so I ended up milking up him/her,  there is way too much particle effect, and no matter how I turned my volume up the sound is too low, the Gameplay is quite enjoyable, I like the archer more, and also I love the screen shake feedback. it's a fun little game, hopefully you'll add some story soon.


hahaha. very fun. boss was pretty simple. i dug the tiny pixel art and the attack animations. didn't see how On The Edge theme applied.


very fun game ! played til the end , really liked the idea of having two main characters!

great work!


I liked having 2 characters, though I mostly used the arrow character! I did switch to the melee character during the boss. Speaking of which, the boss was cool, and collecting all those coins after beating them was saitsfying! It was difficult to feel a real sense of stakes without a health bar, but it also allowed me to just focus on the fun of finding keys, opening doors, and running past monsters!


I liked this. the combat felt pretty good and I like the style. a few suggestions I'd have: no acceleration and deceleration movement, it was more frustrating than fun, I had similar issues in my earlier games. music loop felt short, maybe a longer track or multiple tracks that can cycle. and additions of sound affects would help combat feel a lot better.

But I love the arrow fire and the spinning, it overall felt very solid and fun to play.


I decided to rate the first game and last game submitted to the jam. You were the first submission. Congrats!

For being the first, this is a really well put together short experience. I think the art and style is adorable, and even though it's such limited pixel size, everything was easy to read and identify as far as gameplay elements. Kudos for that! The swapping mechanic was interesting, but there was rarely any reason not to just go hogwild swinging the sword around.

After a few rooms I realized I didn't actually take damage. It's a shame, because I would have enjoyed the combat a lot more if I needed to make purposeful decisions, but without taking damage I just tanked through. Still a fun experience, though. Great work!


Enjoyed playing this!  nice manageable controls, nice art!  and I like the long range attack and switching to a close range melee weapon swing,  good gameplay , one concern though , I was stuck at the bottom wall during the boss fight , overall great game! keep it up!


played the entire game, got the boss at the end, now this is my opinion, but I dont like the sliding movement very much, remove it if you can, add health to the characters, I ended up only using the axe girl, make some puzzles that you need to change the hero, and the final boss, remove the timer of no damage, if you want it to be harder to kill, dont make it harder by time, make it because the boss atacks you with recularity that you need to stay away from him.

overall, nice game entry for a start.



Love the game. Good art style and sound. What I miss is where the theme of the game was? I guess there was a boss at the end but no edge in sight.