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right?? tell me about it

Thanks for making this vid!! :D

GAY BUGS!!!!!! glad you enjoyed :) smooch button is vital

omg shadow skeeter!!! that's a great idea. >:) yeah switching directions is something that wasn't explored at all but could definitely add some interesting variation! or at least rails that send you in a different direction.

also yeah hopefully we'll put out a 2.0 with less blurry character icons cuz those characters are TOO pretty to not show at higher resolution

Hey!!! :) Thanks for checking it out and glad you enjoyed it! Yeah vim jam was fun!! Ghost game was cool :) (and of course that CLIPBOARD haha). Thanks again for playing ~

Ahhh got it!! No worries no need for the screenshot, even the description was helpful enough :) And no worries it's super useful to find out when a certain part is balanced in a way that makes it harder to figure out!! Ty for the info!

Yay thanks for checking it out!! Glad you liked it ~

For the part where you got stuck, do you remember if you couldn't figure out how to keep going, or did it seem like the game got stuck in an impossible state?

That was a lot of game! It was a pleasure to play through! Super impressed with the effect of the candle lights and shadows! It felt so natural that it took a while for me to see it and appreciate it. I also really enjoyed the main character's animation.

The bosses were cool, and I loved that the first 2 gave you an ability based on their abilities. That was such a great way to tie everything together. I was a little disappointed that the last boss was a 1 hit KO, I died both times and wish I had more of an opportunity to face off against that boss.

Don't really have thoughts difficulty-wise since it seems you can't die or run out of time (except in that final boss), but what was there was enjoyable!

Finished it! Got a little scared in that last level that I was gonna lose but I made it. I really enjoyed this! Loved the sound design and music, it really set the scene and tone very well. Loved the resource management of the 3 stress-reducing pickups - overall it felt like you turned the idea of fetch quests into a fast-paced tense action mechanic which I thought was really great! The stress of navigating big levels looking for the bubbles over people's heads landed really well, as did talking to some of them and realizing your stress meter was still going up.

Great job! Oh also drinking in the parking lot was fun haha. I don't think I needed to because I did it once in the office and it was fine, but it would be cute if you could only drink in the parking lot.

haha yeah that lightning can be tricky! thanks for checking it out, just played yours! i played the game and rated, now it is time for me to "go outside" "interact with people" and "not forget my mask!!!" :)

I beat it! It took a while to get a hang of, but then it felt satisfying when I beat the bosses! I never used the dash because the dash always just sent me right off the edge to my death. For the same reason I didn't jump in the first level, but in the second level I started jumping a little, but only straight up and down so that I didn't fall off. I think making it so you can't dash off the edge (or reducing the dash distance) as well as reducing your airborne speed would have helped the experience a lot!

Also I think a found a bug where the 3rd boss never attacked me at all (which I was grateful for) - so that one was very easy. Other than that, great job with the boss AI!

The art was beautiful! It felt chaotic but controlled at the same time in a way that felt really nice. Loved the particles coming off the water at the bottom. Overall very clear and exciting colors!

fun boss, played it through to the end! :) you can check my team's out at

i freaking love that song so much ty for associating it with this game. it's not a question now!!

I liked having 2 characters, though I mostly used the arrow character! I did switch to the melee character during the boss. Speaking of which, the boss was cool, and collecting all those coins after beating them was saitsfying! It was difficult to feel a real sense of stakes without a health bar, but it also allowed me to just focus on the fun of finding keys, opening doors, and running past monsters!

Played it! :)

Played as far as I could until I got to the jump right below the area with the blue blocks. I thought you placed the platforms below that very well, where if I feel down on a jump, the platforms below tended to catch me! I appreciated that a lot, because it would have been very frustrating if I fell to the bottom every time. Good job with that placement!

My biggest frustration was wishing the bats had a little less health! For a long time I thought my shooting wasn't actually doing anything.

Thanks for the fun time!

art good........ sound good....... kiss good........ letting Him see you....... bad........

i enjoyed this game very much!!! rackin up those body mods and smooches!! the boss was very scary. i guess that is the point. well done!

wow!!! the atmosphere! the art! the sound! this game was a treat for the senses for sure! it was so beautiful just to look at and listen to, and it was great to find that the boss fights were really cool too. 

i found some of the boss attacks a little tough to react to, and got through it eventually, but would have appreciated a just a littttle more time to attack to most of the attacks.

loved being a sword. boss character design was so good!

oh one note: in the non-boss parts, i consistently failed to notice the spikes and just kept walking into them. i think a thicker red outline and maybe making them a bright colored spike to really pop from the background could have helped with that issue.

great game!

butterflies! i really enjoyed the simple act of placing/deleting platforms. really shook up the platformer loop a little! i thought the style and graphics were beautiful. minimalist but full of character, sharp lines but wobbly camera movements! very stylish, well done.

overall i found it a bit too difficult/unforgiving. personally i couldn't make it past the red zone. the controls on the wall jump were tough to figure out - i think perfecting that would have solved a lot of problems.

great work overall!

woo! boss fight! just played :)

very satisfying 3-phase boss fight! i was very pleased that the drones had super-clear tells, PLUS their attacks were still satisfying dangerous and scary :)

i knew the drones were invincible because i read the itch-page description, but otherwise it might be nice to maybe give them a more muted color to make them feel less damage-able, or give them a "clink" sound effect when you hit them so it doesn't sound like you did anything. that and maybe changing the boss's color to be higher contrast, like maybe a gold or white or something!

that was a long sentence to say - i really enjoyed the game, and there was some info that i had to get exclusively from the itch page, and once that is conveyed in-game as well it'll be even better!

just played it :) great game!

that was a really quite subversion of the theme! having 2 bosses but needing 1 boss to kill the other?? really enjoyed that aspect of it. putting myself in harm's way but then evading at the last minute was really cool and felt very intentional and satisfying when pulled off correctly. i don't have much in terms of constructive criticism game design-wise! maybe adding another move to the boss's moveset could have shaken things up a bit. great job!

would love to get some more hands on my team's entry for the jam!

i've got time tonight so i'm planning to go through some more jam games! drop yours below if you wanna do a trade ~

oof! i really got sucked into this one! great job :) i loved the simple loop of flying down to the flowers, flying up to drop off pollen, collecting more pollen, and then harvesting the honey that developed in the meantime! it had really sweet slow-paced vibes. i think my biggest suggestion is that personally, i didn't enjoy having a queen bee speed upgrade! i think in a game like this, the joy comes from increasing the automation. by making the queen faster, it made the other bees a little less useful, and also took away from the sweet slow-paced vibes! maybe a "honey carry capacity" upgrade for the queen bee could have kept the game still feeling calm and chill, wall also allowing you to upgrade your player character.

that was a long way to say i really enjoyed the game! thought it went great with the theme and the controls were smooth and had a blast just watching the little queen trail as i zipped along. also is there an end state to the game? i hope i didn't miss out on an ending haha

the movement felt so good in this! i loved having to like trace my way around the edges of the various shapes. jumping was a litle tricky for me during the boss fight, but during the less hectic moments it worked really well for me!

the boss fight had very fun and different moves, i especially liked the simplicity of the long beam that forces you to hide behind a rock. i just wish that i had maybe a few hearts or something instead of instantly being killed. i reaaaaallly appreciated that getting killed didn't reset the boss encounter :) but dying instantly instead of having a few hits gave me less of an opportunity to feel like i was learning how to be better against this boss. i definitely WAS learning, but i think the feeling is there less when you instantly die.

art was beautiful! those colors were popping!! off my screen!! incredible

i loved the idea of slowly taking away each of your abilities. it was a very novel reversal to me! unfortunately for me, i was not able to keep up with the difficulty ramp! i couldn't get the past the level where your double jump is taken away - so i'm very glad you had the level select! i got to check out the boss. i also couldn't beat the boss but it was really cool and had some good animations. overall i loved the vibe of the game - the cutscenes talking to satan had consistently enjoyable writing, and i loved his talking sound effect!

also, the dash was super satisfying, and the dash meter in the top left corner was super polished and well made!

first game from the jam i've played where you get to be the boss!! yes!! being the big dino with the crown fighting against the tiny heroes really did capture the boss vibes in a fun way. a confusion i had is: i wasn't sure what losing health beyond the red line did. did it make me stronger/weaker? hope i wasn't missing out on something too big!

with cover art like that how i could NOT play?? ... such great cover art. also i enjoyed the game! it was HARD but i had a few good rounds. i really wish the projectiles were a bit slower especially when people are just getting used to the game.

i appreciated the small visual touches on the main character - the lean of the motorcycle when moving left or right was nice, and i also like how the pig looked in the direction you're aiming! great job!

i've never haunted so many houses in my life! i loved the theming and halloween vibes. it did feel a little overwhelming when the screen expanded to its biggest size, but i still enjoyed shuffling the ghosts around to different houses. i do wish that i didn't have to click to see how many ghosts were currently in a house! personally would have preferred to just have that info displayed if there was more than one ghost there.

also on the options menu i LOVED the ghost clipboard. such a freaking cool clipboard!!!!

bees!! visually loved being inside a beehive! i found the E.D.G.E. jump to be a little unpredictable, which took away a bit from my enjoyment of it. also wasn't sure why there was a normal jump if the E.D.G.E. jump already took care of that. i love love loved using the audio to find the bees!! that was so freaking cool and worked really well. letting the buzzing sound help me locate them spacially in 2d.... a very satisfying feeling indeed! great job

oh no was that poop in the pipes??? please don't tell me.. i dont want to know......

anyway nice game, i enjoyed having to plan out what pieces i would need to use and then kind of piling up the rest in a little corner. it was like spacial and resource management! would have loved to see it with maybe a smaller play area to make the space management aspect more intense. also right now there's a few pipe segments that didn't feel like they had a use, so just making them like a trash square could be interesting!

that's a great note!! yeah didn't realize till the end, like should it be placed at the CENTER of the sprite, or the BOTTOM of the sprite - and it just feels kind of ambiguous. an indicator on the rail would totally help!

this environment was so beautifully crafted!! just got stuck looking at all the cute textures and admiring the glow. the character designs were super sweet too! my favorite was definitley the boss at the top and the helpful cryptid. they were just helping out :') great job and also loved the music!

wow this was beautiful to look at and listen to!! the art is seriously incredible. it made dashing around and dodging things very enjoyable! biggest wish is just for a little more feedback on things - would have loved a health bar especially, and would have liked clearer for feedback for when i fail or pass one of the mini-games. great work!

That was so elegant! I just want to see more! The short encounters kept me excited for more but were still challenging enough to be satisfying. Final boss encounter had biggg boss vibes with just the simplest of changes.

One suggestion is for the turrets that change direction in a repeated pattern - I kind of wish there was an indicator showing where they were gonna shoot. Avoiding the projectiles was already challenging enough - having to remember where it was gonna shoot next didn't particularly make the challenge more satisfying for me, just a little more frustrating.

 Well done and overall enjoyed my time playing it!

this was such a good take on the theme!! i loved the mystery of what new time-passing element was going to be introduced next, and i appreciated that the minigames were all very different from each other. the art and music were very charming and also stylish!

one suggestion is that at the end the time acceleration happened too fast for me to notice/appreciate. i thought i had 9 years to go and suddenly it said 0, 0, 0! if there was a way to make that a little more gradual just so players could appreciate all the work they'd been doing, i think that would make for a much more satisfying payoff!

um this art style........ freaking good... loved just standing still and watching the clouds slowly change shape. so cool! the 3 characters all spot on. the music was also great and the JUMP sound was like... it matched the tone of the game so well!  gameplay-wise i definitely wished there were a few more checkpoints, cuz you get set back quite a bit!

just played it! perfect score! my team's is at:

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played it a few times so i get a perfect score! appreciated that perfect score got a slightly different ending :) also really liked the visual style of the boss