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Unfortunately no error messages appear when this happens! :(

(I'm on Unity 2019.4.10f1)

Not sure if this bug has been caused by me upgrading Unity or by something I did in my project, BUT -


1) When I create a new doodle, it's all good! Until I hit save, and look at it in the inspector. When I do that, the top 2 quadrants and the bottom right quadrant are completely grey. :( When I bring it into the scene, the problem persists.

2) When I go to edit an older doodle from before the bug happened, as soon as  I click "edit" and the drawing window appears, suddenly the top 2 quadrants and the bottom right quadrant are completely grey in every frame of my doodle. :( It also appears that it's not a solid grey but a semi-transparent grey.

3) I have not noticed any errors appearing in the console indicating something is wrong.

Just wanted to bring this the developer's attention, and if anyone else has experienced this and has some workarounds, I'd love to hear them!

I love the Reference Image feature, it's super useful! It would be great to be able to choose to render the Reference Image semi-transparent on TOP of the doodle. This is useful for instance, if I'm like tracing a portrait or something but I filled in the silhouette with a solid color and am now trying to trace facial details.

(Not a new feature or a suggestion but thought it seemed like the right place to put this.) This is a script t to turn off DoodleAnimator components when not onscreen in case you have a bunch of doodles and they're slowing things down. I thought that's what was happening to me but it actually WASN'T, but I figured I'd share the script anyway!

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;
using DoodleStudio95;
public class DoodleHider : MonoBehaviour
    public SpriteRenderer spriteRenderer;
    public DoodleAnimator doodleAnimator;
    private void Awake()
    private void OnBecameInvisible()
    protected void Hide()
        if (spriteRenderer.enabled)
            doodleAnimator.enabled = false;
            spriteRenderer.sprite = doodleAnimator.Sprites[0]; // This line makes it so the SpriteRenderer still has the correct dimensions and knows when it really is or isn't visible
    private void OnBecameVisible()
    protected void Show()
        doodleAnimator.enabled = true;

The bug:

  • Enabling a disabled DoodleAnimator component activates OnBecameInvisible
  • Found it while trying to make a script that disables DoodleAnimator components in OnBecameInvisible and re-enables them in OnBecameVisible
  • I'm on Unity 2019.3.0f6


  • Add a Doodle asset to the scene as a sprite
  • Make a script with the following function
    private void OnBecameInvisible()
        Debug.Log("i am invisible :o");
  • Add that script to the gameobject of the doodle you added to the scene
  • Enter play mode, disable/uncheck the DoodleAnimator component on the gameobject, then re-enable it
  • Observe in the log the message "i am invisible :o" appears. The callstack looks like:
i am invisible :o
testo:OnBecameInvisible() (at Assets/Scripts/testo.cs:9)
UnityEngine.GUIUtility:ProcessEvent(Int32, IntPtr)

Fishins for the company!! This was so romantic and peaceful I want to be a fishing cowboy now. The writing was really good and varied and there was so MUCH of it which was a really nice surprise. Music added so much. Had the weird feeling the whole time like the sky was changing color but it wasn’t right?

I loved the dramatic cowboy angle - it was fun to just spin around cowboy mode and watch the lighting on the model. It was also a beautiful feeling after just fooling around for a while with wasd to just be able to hold a "ride into the sunset" button. Felt fated!

Ohhhh fullscreen I hadn't even considered that! Perfect solution I shall keep in mind for the future, thank you!

The upper right hand links on my published game's page are getting in the way of the actual html5 game since it's played in browser :( Is there a way to hide these buttons, or does anyone have a workaround?

cuz it's sexy chezwyk!!!

OH when you said "I like to think though that this evokes helplessness and futility in the player" that REMINDED ME that while i was struggling and consistently dying, i did think to myself "damn these crushing game over messages are literally how i'm feeling... impressive..." so... that worked! <3

oh nooooo this one was so good!!!!!! iron ferret!!!!!!! the interplay between being in your tank and out of it was so interesting. leaping out to grab some ammo and leaping back in felt so feral. loved going into the tight passageways to get health or whatever, leaping over some spikes. being able to squeak as the ferret was a really cute little touch! i thought this was great and has so much potential to be expanded beyond! simple modular and adorable. <3

Ahhhh!!! This game is both my favorite that i've played so far but also the most frustrating! I love love love the graphics, the music, the character, the opening, the writing, the atmosphere. In those aspects this has def been my favorite of the jam! Mysterious animal evening vibes done so well! And I loved the parallaxing that felt a little more chaotic than your average parallaxing in a good way. And loved the anchored moon, and the GAME OVER screen was really really beautiful.

But it was just really hard for me! It took me a long time to figure out how to activate the 3 abilities so I wish there was some more instruction there. I also wish there was instruction on what the 3 abilities are used for. I got as far as the green level but just couldn't reliably do the part where I have the fish through the blocks and then chicken upwards to safety. Often times I would fish a little too late. When I'd get past that but then die and have to do it again... Anyway I loved the game and just wish it was a little more generous and less precise! More checkpoints?

didn't get all the way through the second world but the music for the first world was so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so incredible

This was so CUTE! All the dialogue was really good. Wanted to see more of Planticus but maybe I have to wait for the sequel. It was really interesting experiencing the mini-games as random encounters, which created a really nice feeling in the ending when you're surrounded by random encounters. Nice escalation! Also loved the credits. Classique

Aww I was excited to see more! You've got such a cute character!!! I love his little blushy cheeks and the white outline really makes him pop. I love the background design, the solid colors are nice and scratchy and the little black scorched grass kind of stuff along the bottom is really nice. Compelling character and art style ~

Woah...... I love love love the concept of correlating the directional presses with the dialogue, so that the button you press for the rhythm aspect also reveals who's speaking. That was such a fun and surprising way of delivering lines! I totally lost track once the game sped up and didn't read anything else hehe, but during the first few simple intro beats that was a super enjoyable aspect that made each directional key have such a distinct character :')

I love a good plague doctor! This game was hard for me but very satisfying when I got the hang of it. The wall jump felt really nice and reliable which I appreciated. I loooove the little character! So cute! And I thought the background art especially was so beautiful :( something about just those simple outlined backgrounds was very pleasing to look at. "???" level at the end was also really cool and a great finale! Great game ~

this is for boxy's life <3

glad you made it through to the end ;) hope you enjoyed it!

thank you Kyle!! underwear for all and for all a good night

<3 <3 <3 thank you!

awww thanks for playing!! i'm glad you enjoyed the convo, sorry it was cut a bit short! and yeah the music is aMaZiNg glad you enjoyed it

love the hot dog stress, thank you for the peaceful boyfriends at the end <3

dumbass begone. never type again

...WOW i can't believe you actually got to the end that's amazing!! thanks for playing and for making the video ~ 👻

!!! glad you enjoyed it ;)

hehe yeah it's a bit of a slow burn as they say. thanks for trying it out :)

it's true we do :/ thank you for playing <3

awwww thank you >:)

omg this was so sweet! glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the vid!

that's what i'm thinking, but never actually got a chance to try it that way! thanks for playing ~

that was pretty funny

i enjoyed it

also there were some cool effects, like the rolling itself was really cool, and i loved how when you hold the help key the lines animated in line by line!!! love stuff like that! also enjoyed how the music layered when you reached 50 people! did it do that for the rest of the tiers also? never got to 100 :'(

so simple but so effective! really love the tension of getting bigger - that much closer to finishing the level but that much easier to get hit!

very pretty! nice colors and cute character design

wow that was a pretty cool mechanic but also WOW BEAUTIFUL EFFECTS! really good job on those! so fun to look at

thanks! glad you played to the end!

i like the way it ramps up at the end! fun to see so many things moving at once

this was so precious!! mechanic was really cool once i got used to it, really loved using vertical formation to slip between ufos and using the blockade against the bulls! ending is so beautiful ~~~ ty for making!