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this is for boxy's life <3

glad you made it through to the end ;) hope you enjoyed it!

thank you Kyle!! underwear for all and for all a good night

<3 <3 <3 thank you!

awww thanks for playing!! i'm glad you enjoyed the convo, sorry it was cut a bit short! and yeah the music is aMaZiNg glad you enjoyed it

love the hot dog stress, thank you for the peaceful boyfriends at the end <3

dumbass begone. never type again

...WOW i can't believe you actually got to the end that's amazing!! thanks for playing and for making the video ~ 👻

!!! glad you enjoyed it ;)

hehe yeah it's a bit of a slow burn as they say. thanks for trying it out :)

it's true we do :/ thank you for playing <3

awwww thank you >:)

omg this was so sweet! glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the vid!

that's what i'm thinking, but never actually got a chance to try it that way! thanks for playing ~

that was pretty funny

i enjoyed it

also there were some cool effects, like the rolling itself was really cool, and i loved how when you hold the help key the lines animated in line by line!!! love stuff like that! also enjoyed how the music layered when you reached 50 people! did it do that for the rest of the tiers also? never got to 100 :'(

so simple but so effective! really love the tension of getting bigger - that much closer to finishing the level but that much easier to get hit!

very pretty! nice colors and cute character design

wow that was a pretty cool mechanic but also WOW BEAUTIFUL EFFECTS! really good job on those! so fun to look at

thanks! glad you played to the end!

i like the way it ramps up at the end! fun to see so many things moving at once

this was so precious!! mechanic was really cool once i got used to it, really loved using vertical formation to slip between ufos and using the blockade against the bulls! ending is so beautiful ~~~ ty for making!

that was so beautiful! the animations were so precious and i really loved the little dotted background! really tender mechanic, the first few levels of just sweetly guiding this butterfly along were really nice. seeing the mechanic evolve and get puzzly was awesome too. will always yearn for those first levels of sweet butterfly guiding though ~

cute mechanic!! at first i thought it was just matching the colors by matching colors, which was already cool, but then i realized it's TWO enemy types, and then i was like woooaaahh

circumago! that was pretty cool! hiscore 3538 >:) took a while to get a hang of but after that the process of setting up different loops on the board and slowly filling them up was really cool. fun brain bending!

ohhhhhh this was so cozy! felt so nice to be a guest in this home, to come in from the rain

so pretty! already has so much character and setting! really really lov ethe main character design and mechanic, and the choice between like feeding the snake or stomping the enemies? not really sure what was happening but yeah really cool character design+gameplay matchup!

w0000aahh that was fleshy af!!! thank you for this isolated eroticism!! love it <3 nipple room was pretty intense. lots of keyboard pressing, like touching a nip?? very clever!

i love names that rhyme!! <3 that was good, getting peed on was gross, but the kissing was nice

these colors are AMAZING! love the ui also ~

spooky atmosphere! pretty harddd, love the level design and visuals

woaaahhh weird. yeah my bad i totally forgot that there are different types of keyboards in the world!! thanks for letting me know about this!

thanks for checking it out! so the "/" key that player 2 uses is (on my keyboard) the one to the left of your "right shift" key! it's the one where if you hold shift + / you get a question mark. maybe it's not on all keyboards?? sorry about that if that's the case D:

this jam was so gooood! thank you

oh that was really nice

thinking of making a first person nipple licking game on an alien planet but

not sure yet

yay! good luck with the game!

oh my this is beautiful!! can't wait to see where it goes! love the name ~

here's a script someone else posted on another thread: stick it on your main camera and set the height variable to 144 and it'll force your screen to mimic that resolution!

other tip that i'm trying for the first time - not quite sure of the pros/cons yet - is i'm making a unity unit equal to a pixel. so when i import my sprites, i set my pixels per unit to 1, and then i don't mess with any scaling! this also means that as long as the x and y positions of my sprites are integers, they should be pixel perfect! i do have to make sure my sprites are exported with even numbers for dimensions though (instead of 7x7, i would have to do 6x6 or 8x8).