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Fun game!

loving the update!

really loved the controls and movement! would make a fun full game experience. Keep up the great work. 

thank you so much!

best time 43.8. such a streamlined game easy to understand! I can see that you are an award-winning dev! great work 10/10

I am loving the art direction!

omg!!! Hey buddy!!!

yeah, i get that slow then fast feeling. Balance is a hard road. thank you so much for playing! glad you liked the art!

a lot of great suggestions! thank you so much! 

FUN GAME! 10/10

fun game! where is level two???

this is remarkable! I really hope to attach this to a game down the line. 

a great game! would love to see this as a larger project!

hey, WR holder here. great game. cant wait to see what you come up with next 

love the art! it takes you a first few tries to understand what is going on. def a solid game.

fun project!

great game! almost won!

great game, that screen shack added so much!

great job! ready for the full game!

right? i love this game

loving the music! took me a few tries to understand the level. thanking the soundtrack kept me going. 

this game is a lot of fun! great game

wonderful game! please keep me in the loop if you want to build on this game

cute visuals! 

wonderful game! loving the art! the vibe. everything is wonderful. 10/10 wish i had friends 

fun game. only thing, i was tossed into the game a bit too fast for the first few letters

wonder art! alot of fun. only thing, i was not sure who my boss way at first

wonderful game! great mood. only thing. the reset button was too close to the main keys so i reset more then i wanted to

loving the visuals! 

such a cute game! loved the art and game play!

there is alot there with only 10 days! wonderful work! 

this game... had me.. on the edge of my seat ;) alot of fun! played it on stream! just wow! great effects! you two make the dream team 

a wonder game! so cute! maybe have a double jump down the road that uses their wings. if you make this a full game please keep me in the loop!

wow! another wonderful game from an incredible  dev. only thing, maybe make the first boss have a bit less health. everything is perfect 

wow! another wonderful game from an incredible  dev. only thing, maybe make the first boss have a bit less health. everything is perfect 

loved the controls, music, sfx and art! wonderful job! 

lol I knew keeping the zoom in was a mistake! Darn you twitch chat!!!

id say keep it to three main ending, but you if want more, just outline them as subsects of the main three


In what way?

such a creative game. i shall have nightmares from this day forth of the alphabet. Visually streamlines. i knew what i had to do. The tutorial levels were so helpful. please let me know if you are adding to this project.