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wonderful game! please keep me in the loop if you want to build on this game

cute visuals! 

wonderful game! loving the art! the vibe. everything is wonderful. 10/10 wish i had friends 

fun game. only thing, i was tossed into the game a bit too fast for the first few letters

wonder art! alot of fun. only thing, i was not sure who my boss way at first

wonderful game! great mood. only thing. the reset button was too close to the main keys so i reset more then i wanted to

loving the visuals! 

such a cute game! loved the art and game play!

there is alot there with only 10 days! wonderful work! 

this game... had me.. on the edge of my seat ;) alot of fun! played it on stream! just wow! great effects! you two make the dream team 

a wonder game! so cute! maybe have a double jump down the road that uses their wings. if you make this a full game please keep me in the loop!

wow! another wonderful game from an incredible  dev. only thing, maybe make the first boss have a bit less health. everything is perfect 

wow! another wonderful game from an incredible  dev. only thing, maybe make the first boss have a bit less health. everything is perfect 

loved the controls, music, sfx and art! wonderful job! 

lol I knew keeping the zoom in was a mistake! Darn you twitch chat!!!

id say keep it to three main ending, but you if want more, just outline them as subsects of the main three


In what way?

such a creative game. i shall have nightmares from this day forth of the alphabet. Visually streamlines. i knew what i had to do. The tutorial levels were so helpful. please let me know if you are adding to this project. 

Honestly, visually one of the better games i have played during this jam. made me want more levels. lol can't wait for a story mode. wow, such a simple idea but you really built on the theme of the jam. 

that screen effect really added to the game. the simple visuals were really nice. ok. Let's be honest, i am in love with all your games. but there is something about this one that is so streamlined. Great use of the theme. easy to learn hard to master. 

sadly, my reflexes are not that of a highly skilled warrior. because of this weakness i was unable to master this wonderful game. i think this will be a lot of fun on a phone. there is so much potential. 

where do i start? aside from the minigame required to upload the game. I had no issues at all. the amount of polish in this game after only 48 hours. like wow. the game was easy to understand.  fun to replay. 10/10 would watch that idle animation forever

i really loved this game. Just everything, from the art to how you used the jam's theme. you made getting blood on my hands fun. a wonderful game from a wonderful dev!

loving the visuals. great use of the theme. 

every pixel on this project sold me. from the store page to the sprites. i loved the colours, the game mechanics,  i think it played really well with the theme. the only thing is; that it made me wish i had someone to play with. as my hand-eye always seemed to lag behind. ill try it again after my training arc. great work again 

digging the game. the collectables maybe were a little unclear. but i eventually learned it . lol great work. 

the screen effect really sold this game to me. and the art played so well with the rest of the games flow. great work

well howdy. took me too long to figure out that i can lasso traps lol was a lot of fun. loving the art

loving the art. easy to understand. hard to master. please let me know if you add on to this down the road. it won over my heart lol 

cute art. what a wonderful bunch of puzzles. 10/10 the art though 

fun idea, sadly with the invisible enemies i wasn't able to play it too long. however, keep me posted if you build on to this game. alot of potential. 

what a wonderful game. took me a few tries to get the hang of it. loved the art. I shall wake up in the middle of the night from now on haunted by dio bones. 

so cute. made it fun to torment the owner lol loved the art, the idea... just everything right down to the feel of the controls. cant wait for a level two ;)  

alot of fun! great work. 

the dark souls of causal bird games. lol loved the visuals and the idea. thought it was a great use of the theme. great work

I thought i was playing a puzzle platformer. what i was actually playing was a love story. lol great game. loved the tears animation you added, made me feel bad when i messed up the level. 

just wow. from the visuals. to the control shifting. to the feeling, I'm playing a game within a game. just beyond impressive. first game jam game in while i was utterly speechless the moment the game started. great work! i mean it. 

the music made me think I went down the wrong alley and things are about to get real. lol and was i right.  another wonderful game from a very gifted dev. only problem, and really the best problem to have during a jam. I wanted more levels to play! 

a wonderful puzzle game that bested me. those hearts! they still mock me! great use of the theme. and perfect puzzels.

great game. the only thing i would say is the hitboxes and the different sized pixel asset. a side from the. it was a lot of fun.