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Unfortunately we ran out of time and and decided to upload despite some bugs or meshs not updated.

If you are unable to start the game, you can press windows button on keyboard and then click on Start Game

I think you forgot to upload the game, now it cant be rated for the jam

But, if you upload it, i'll play

Very nice, pretty cool art, minimal and clean

Maybe too annoying to switch by cliking on the tool icon, i would play a lot more if i could switch with some keys, reached 34 seems like impossible to me to switch and click the exact spot to use the tool (maybe im dumb)

Bro, is still work in progress?

Such an interesting art, i love the camera movement that goes from almost top to somthing like 30 degrees but...

I made the entire path in 1 minute and then waited a looot to see people reactions, and when someone was bored, changed the path to let them leave, i think could be better planned, maybe flowwers dies, maybe some way to speed up time, maybe some different terrains or some path tile that attract "pink dressed people" or some tiles that can attract guys or an economy mechanic, each path has a cost and flower too... just to make things more interesting and continuosly active (ive made 20 hearts but i could go to infnite tecnically)

Btw, as first jam this is a pretty finished and working game, maybe too simple but completed, good job!

Maan, i was so intrigued by the story, a bit perplexed about too many mechanics but...

Once started, nothing happen, i tried almost all keyboard buttons, mouse drag and even esc do not work, what am i doing wrong?

Guys, you always do awesome games (discovered at VimJam on septemper), super clean UI, good sfx and satisfying gameplay (even though im not so super at rythm games)

Damn awesome draw but unfortunately pretty hard and unbalanced gameplay

I tried 5 or 6 games and literally unable to defeat enemies (except a few), too many shots to kill and too slow to avoid them and attack

Ok, jetpack joyride like, nothing super brilliant but pretty funny see a flying rabbit

Not such an awesome idea make a giant button in the middle of the screen, pretty ugly and disturbing since it is constantly changing color in background
Btw its hard at beginning, but after a few try its fun, appriciated the various background, but a bit flat in the middle
I only did 53

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Not bad, interesting, challenging

The problem is, i do not have a feedback if plants recieve water or not, pretty sure that planted flowers can be revived with 3 (precise) shot of water, but i do not have idea of grounded flowers, i tried a lot of direct shots and a few "rain" shots hoping that water could hit them but nothing

Good, but fixed could be better

Ehm, ok but could be better
- pretty cool graphic, clean and simple, but in game is really poor, maybe a few more trees in background may help
- rotating camera with mouse is ok, but would be better if i could flip the way
- after moved with wasd and passed over 4500$, i was unable to use plants, none of the plants could be planted on terrain

First, thanks for playing it!
Second, we were thinking about a second unique move for each character, but time forced us to cut this idea

Damn funny man lmao
Btw i've tried again the game skipping all puzzles just to arrive at the end and got the same result, i think that my low low PC continue to get stuck inside like the "elevator platform" that i cant use
Btw i'll try once more just to be sure, i've really love the game, literally the first played at jam completed

Man, i ABSOLUTE love the animations of the boss lol
Love the dance in main menu and love the walk on the rythm of the song lol

About the game itself is a bit hard and i generally agree with people down here

I've played it again and i'll tell the same things
This is an awesome game, great art style, immersive music and deep story. Despite the tutorial issue this is a really great game
Just a question about the story;
The kid left the home to search the monster that is making parents quarrel; but once the monster has been defeated appears two of them... Does it means that the real monsters are the parents (that were searching his kid)?

I laughed at the end, pretty accurate
Fun to play, solid as coding and nice progression level
The stuff to do really make me feel stressed lol, good job!

Maan, i've also tried to stay face back to enemy because of shield to the back and not tried to find a button to use that shield lol...
i know, tutorials in a jam are time waste and not always easy and fast to do
By the way i'll play the game again just to see the end, thanks

Man, these puzzles are really good, nice level design and pretty fun to play, good job!

Guys... this is insane, freakin awesome aesthetic, shoot sound is satisfying and really mad boss, i'm still stuck on Noodle master, i've only reached 50% of his health, damn crazy
and good trade off the use of the edge really good job!

Cool art but frustrating to restart all over again... on third or fourth level i was taking the last  food and all blocks fell down together and i was not expecting this... but restart from begin nop, im sorry

Nice aesthetic, ther's a lot of different enemies and are all pretty cool, good job for a one man game

Guys, till the boss was one of the greatest game, cool artstyle, awesome camera movements, deep themes, nice drawings and challenging mechanics... but then... the boss what the hell should i have to do?
- sword do not hit boss
- sword do not reflect prjectiles
- arrows to sides do nothing
- tried to avoid projectile and send to the head of the boss
- tried to cycle more than one projectile
i have no hint or idea on what to do
i was so interested to the story... rip

Man, this game is kinda LMAO
By the way, good idea and pretty accurate post process for being stoned lol

Man, I LOVE the aesthetic, volumetric fog is always a good idea lol, pretty good environment models, nice cutscene and really good job for being a single developer

For being a one man game this is awesome, really cool puzzles, great aesthetic, relaxing mood good job!
Just a thing... please never place a "restart all" near to "back a move"... i was around level 6 or 7 i dont remember and accidentally pressed "R" instead of "T"... i dont wanna do it all over again

Awesome Aesthetic, really pretty good animations, boss song is stucked in my head, great job!

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As soon i read the description i felt i had to play it (love space ect)

Since is a Monkey ball kind and i love monkey ball, i like it
cool environment, funny character and some tracks are challenging
for being a solo game it's really great

Awesome aesthetic, funny music, really great drawings, nice idea a rolling dice, not a bug found, colors are helpfull to better orienting and everything runs smooth. Really good job!

awesome aesthetic
awesome boss mesh and texture
too many time between phases
but not bad over all

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First impression "it looks like Portal, must be a puzzle and must be fun"... it was lol
- i thought about "edge limitation" only when read "boxes do not fear edge"
- mood really relaxing, clean scenes and interesting character, awesome
- i had a few difficulty to understand which boxes were able to take bars with them
- does the level with 2x2x1 box as elevator with comment "moving boxes are dangerous" is completable? the collision do not take me up
- completing puzzles is satisfying
- NOOOOOOO i was at the end (i think), with giant box and giant plane, but i've compenetrated with that giant box and stucked inside... even Resetting level do no helped...
i was around 255 moves but wasted a lot of them rip

Really cool, good puzzles and funny mechanics that make me feel i was programming not really cheating, it felt like i was coding on unity the movement of walls lol

- maybe numerate walls and camera could help to better recognize them

- in a level i was able to see the boundries of map when flipping, but not immediatly up, mayeb better show the boundries, not necessary too explicit

- the music stops few minutes after game starts