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Good game... but where's Pinky? Jk jk
Glad you're back Kale :)

Are you planning on working on this project any more, bug fixes etc., or are you moving on a new project?

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This was pretty dang cool. I like the subtle humor everywhere, and I didn't have to know any trivia beforehand to enjoy the game.

Also, piloting the flying bus was pretty fun. :)

Hey glad to see you're still making new games! I like this one, a quirky little mushroom-collecting adventure. It felt soo good to finally catch that pesky fairy! And love the animations. The animation transitioning from gameplay to dialogue, with mushrooms? Awesome!
How long do you have to wait to get a ghost veil?

A really well-polished game, the movement just feels good, the enemies are intuitive yet challenging to defeat and maneuver around, the story is cool, and the humor is great. The art is really good too. I could definitely see people paying for a game like this, yet I got to do it for free. Thank you!!

Dang WebGL. And the music was really good, I'm humbled that you were inspired by me! While I don't have as crazy of an experience as a lot of people do during this time, it did help calm me down and go for a nice wintery walk, and for that I thank you :)

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I really liked it. Loved the story, the ending kind of surprised me but it made a whole lot of sense, and it was a nice walk and was very peaceful. I like the environment a lot too, I love the soft colors and it was cool how much detail came through with the really low resolution. I wish there was a little more blending for faraway details, maybe have less contrast for faraway objects? But then again you do have the part where you look over the giant ice lake, and that needs as much clarity as possible. Idk, I really liked the game and it was really calming :)

Edit: I didn't participate in the jam so I won't be able to rate it but I liked it anyway :)

Love it. Love the music, love the art, love the calming atmosphere of the game. I really like your guitar chords :)

Thanks for playing, glad it's weird enough for ya ;)

Thank you! I appreciate it :)

Really good, I loved how every bullet can be both your savior and your doom :P

Really interesting take on the top-down shooter, 5 stars for creativity from me. I liked the level layouts, and I think this game really forces you to take shots carefully while in the face of huge pressure from the time. Really good work! :D And looks like programmer art to me, which is perfectly fine!

Thanks, glad you liked it! I'm so happy the difficulty curve worked out so well, and yeah I spent a lot of time on level design so I'm glad that worked out :D

Yeah if I updated this in the future, I'd add just a bit more polish like environment art and more particle effects. Originally I was going to have it on a street but since I'm a one man team and this is my first jam I didn't have the time so I focused on gameplay instead :)

Thanks for playing, I'm so glad you decided to check out my game! :D

While there's been a few shoot to move games in these jams before, I'm blown away that the game is procedurally generated and that you made such an immersive game in just 48 hours! I really liked the control scheme, it felt nice to control and it really streamlined the game. Mouse only is really comfortable to play!

I also like how the different enemies are so unique, and you have to employ different strategies for each. I had a blast (ba dum tsss) shooting away and dodging bullets, felt like a pro gamer everytime I shot someone and moved away just in time.

My only thing is that the items were a little confusing, I know you ran out of time to make a tutorial but that's my only critique. Other than that, I loved the use of just 3 colors and the MUSIC! I'm a music guy and I absolutely loved your soundtrack, so cool :)

Thanks for the kind words! I'm really glad the difficulty curve worked out for you, that was one of the biggest things I worked on and the biggest thing I stressed out about while making this game. Thanks for taking the time to play my game! :D

I love how much you worked on just the core game mechanic, the mouth moving. Everything revolves around that, and it's pretty fun trying to get the guy to choke down some mixtapes :P

I love the voice acting as well, it's really funny and adds a lot of value to the game. The graphics are funny and everything in this project revolves around the goofy game idea. Good work! :D

Going to have to remember the beefy bass, definitely something I'll want to use in the future because it just feels so good.

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Absolutely loved it! Even though we've seen "shoot to move" before, I think this is 5 star creativity because of the sheer number of different weapons to play around with. Every single weapon has its pros and cons, and each one is fun to play with! The pistol has lots of control, the minigun almost none but can launch you really fast, and the rocket launcher... is just glorious in general. The gameplay is amazing, I think this is one of the most fun games I've played this whole game jam. Every new weapon is just so dang fun! 5 across the board from me :D

I really liked the feedback too, the particles and beefy sound effects were really a core part of the gameplay experience. Good work overall, and best of luck, hope more people find this gem of a game :) If you don't mind, could you check out mine as well? :)

I love the difficulty of this game, there's a nice difficulty curve and it's easy to jump back in again every time I failed (which happened a lot :P). I loved the "juice" as Mark would call it, the particles and sound effects were amazing!

I thought the gameplay mechanic was pretty creative, and the different colors made it very easy to figure out. Very good aesthetic design! I liked the art style as well, it looked good to my eyes :)

Also the music! Nice job! I love video game music, and I really like your take on it. I'm going to have that theme stuck in my head for a while, it's so cool! Good work for making all the gameplay, art, music, sound effects, and an amazing project overall in just 48 hours on your own! This is my first game jam too, and I love seeing that I'm not the only one who did it solo :) If you wouldn't mind, could you rate my game as well? I found this game on Discord and thoroughly enjoyed it :)

I really liked it! Controls were very easy, and I love how absolutely everything in the scene is functional and has a purpose. That's something rare in most games, I love how interactive and fun this game is!

It escalated rather quickly, which perfectly fits the theme. I love the sound effects and the art, and I think this is just a really polished game! Definitely needs more traction, I'm going to post it on the Discord. Could you check out my game as well? :)

Thank you! I will get on that :)

Try playing it in fullscreen! The issue with zooming in is that you can't see where the pies go after you shoot them, it's a balancing act because if the pie goes off screen and hits something it's super frustrating. Fullscreen is recommended if you have trouble seeing!

Very well polished, levels are very well crafted, the difficulty curve is on point, it follows the theme perfectly, the art looks pretty cool to me (I like minimalism!), and I love the character. Good work! I'm not really sure what else to say, it was fantastic! 

I hope more people view your game, and I think I'm going to promote yours too so that more people see it :)

The art and special effects were really good! I especially like the camera shake and particles when you destroy something, as Mark Brown would say I really liked the "juice!"

I like how it tells you which movement scheme is happening, it's kind of nice knowing what's going on even if you can't control it.

When the turret malfunctions, it's a little hard! Maybe in the future you could add a line renderer so that it's easier to tell where it's aiming? I dunno, just a thought. :)

Good entry overall! If you don't mind, could you play mine as well? I would really appreciate it :)

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Thanks! Have you tried fullscreen? It's recommended if you have trouble seeing, or try downloading too :)

Very good art and presentation! Kinda sad to be honest, but I guess that's part of the atmosphere!

Hope everything's going ok! I'll bet it's hard to explore these kinds of genres.

Gameplay was very unique! I like how many different ideas you came up with that kept the gameplay fresh.

I also like the theme of the game! Trying to control different souls is a great little twist. Also, good job keeping it with the theme, the other souls can get a little out of control when you're not looking :)

I think there's only a few things you could fix: without fullscreen it's a little wonky (it's ok I get it!), and when three souls are stacked on top of each other, it's a little hard to keep it that way. I don't know if trying to fix that would mess up other things, so it's ok if that doesn't happen :)

Nice sound effects and music too! Overall, a very good entry. If you wouldn't mind, could you rate mine too? :)

While I've seen "you can't control your jump," you did it so well and so uniquely that I can't complain. Very very good!

I like the difficulty progression, you get some time to figure out the controls and see how it works. I REALLY like the timer mechanic, it brings some control to the player and makes the game feel fair. My biggest issue this game jam has been seeing games out of control but unfair, and you both fit the theme and made a playable, fun game!

I like how you had parts where you HAD to jump, and parts where you SHOULDN'T jump. Very interesting twist, and makes the game more than just a "wait for the next jump" game, but rather one where each jump has to be carefully planned.

I LOVE the music. Video game music is one of my biggest things, and I think you really did a good job especially having to write this with just a few hours. Art is amazing. Polished, really good in general.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to play this! I got 485 jumps :)

Thank you! Yup, 48 hours solo and my first one :)

Thank you so much!

Thank you! :D

YAY! Glad you liked it, I'm really glad you liked the sound effects :)

And the difficulty curve comment is a huge relief, I was a little worried!

Thanks! Hope you had fun. :)

Glad you liked it! Yeah, I wanted the game to be pretty hard, I hope it's still fun. :)

Thanks for the compliments! :)

Very very long, I couldn't see anything but sky and ~10000 distance :P Maybe it's just because of the WebGL build, I know things can get messed up sometimes because of that. Didn't knock you off for that though! :)

Really relaxing, I love the SFX and the music. The gameplay is out of control yet relaxing, just a subtle reminder that even if we don't have total control over everything in our lives we can still enjoy it. Maybe I'm being a little poetic but I liken this game to Journey or Flower. :)

Good work, made me happy. There was a bug where my seed fell through the ground, but that's ok :P

Wow, thank you so much!! That's really nice to hear for me :)

I'm so grateful for your positive words, this made my first game jam even better :D

A+ for sound design, absolutely loved it. Even if you didn't create the audio during the jam, where you placed it in the game is fantastic!

I really liked how you'd introduce new colors gradually. The first time I saw a new color I was like "oh ok, a difficulty increase" and the 5th time I saw a new color I was hardcore panicking! Felt pretty out of control. I loved the character and the art, very appealing to the eye!

Good work! And good luck in the future. If you could rate my game as well I'd be grateful :)

I like the concept, it has a lot of potential! I really like how you have to mess with the different kinds of blocks with their different gravities, and how the gravity is uncontrollable for the player (mostly) but still feels fair because it's at a pretty constant rate.

Got up to the impossible level on one player, got 19 rooms cleared. :) I think it's great you made your own audio for the game as well! I love video game music. Maybe just bring up the music an octave? It's hard to hear when it's so low.

Good work and good luck in the future! And I'd love it if you could rate my game as well :)

I didn't mark you down for the camera motion, I really enjoyed it! I just have a weak stomach so I couldn't play long :)

I really enjoyed your game and I thought it was a creative take on the game. Could I ask you to check out my game as well? :)

Cool game! I think it's a really unique idea and I like how frantic it can get with trying to click on multiple things at once. The camera angle was pretty creative too, I have pretty bad motion sickness but it was cool while I could play it ;)

I also think the adaptive music with the higher error is really interesting! Good work.

Wow, I am really amazed! This is actually more fun than 90% of the games I've tested during this game jam, no joke. The controls are really responsive, intuitive and easy to control, and I had a blast playing this. And the physics! Wow.

I started making games around your age too, but nowhere near as good. Keep it up, and keep learning new things! I'm only 17, but I've learned a bit in these past 7 years of game development and I know that you'll go even farther than I have. Good luck in the future dude! :)

Interesting concept! I love the little guy's animation.

Things start to get a little too out of control if you start bouncing off the walls too much... you followed the theme too well! ;)