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The Ice LakeView game page

A small walk
Submitted by TylerCode (@Tyler_Code) — 1 day, 15 hours before the deadline
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Authenticity (Use of resolution restriction)#1884.1214.121

Ranked from 33 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Did you work in a team?
Just me, as a solo. Was pretty fun, have never done a game like this before.

Was the resolution a challenge?
Hardest part was readability. In 3D you basically have to go for a textureless look in order for it to not be too muddy. I was actually going to go for a post-apocalypse look but snow was easier to read so I went with that.

What did you learn?
I took this chance to learn the new terrain tools (hence the caves), the newly free Bolt tool (I usually script but like having another option for quick scripts like the popup and fader scripts. And lastly I played around with volumetrics which don't work in WebGL. Honestly, I think bolt will come in handy for small scripts in the future, I was planning to learn the new timeline too but ended up running out of time to implement a true cutscene.

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Excellent! Great music too!


It's a nice experience, and hopefully you do continue working on it, maybe in a higher resolution? I would love to play with an option to disable the music so I can enjoy the snow crunching effects!


Yeah I’d definitely like to keep working on it, will probably up to 128 or 256 post-jam to see if I like it more.

For sure! I actually have a branch ready to go with music and sound options.


Very nice calming atmosphere. I got lost when I was supposed to see the cave unfortunately. Maybe some kind of guidance arrow to the next blue spot would have been nice. Good job on the 3d game :)


Thanks, yeah one of the last things I meant to do was to put a larger sphere outside the cave to make it easier to find but I totally spaced it.


This is so relaxing! I'm seriously impressed at how you made full 3D graphics work at 64x64 pixels!


Yeah, using textures is out at this resolution cause it gets too muddy. I had to do a lot of tests to find good readability at this resolution. It’s a shame the fog (that I used) doesn’t work in WebGL because it really helps navigation.


Chill atmosphere and the ambiance was nice! For me the low resolution was too much and I'd like to see how this would look at a more generous 256x256 resolution haha


Thanks and yeah I was considering a post-jam release with a higher resolution. I also want to figure out a way to fake the volumetrics for the webGL build.


Beautifully put together! Easy to follow checkpoints and a good length for a sit-down narrative experience. Nice chill atmosphere (no pun intended).


Appreciate the kind words friend and thanks for playing my game!


really great atmosphere - great the idea of the specific elements to follow - but I got lost after the bride (I may have some problems with some colors - so maybe it's more my fault than yours). I'll surely replay it soon - trying to get till the end

Anyway - so far I've liked it very much


Yeah I felt at 64x64 it wasn’t really realistic to expect people to just figure out where to go. Also, if you have any problems with colors I consider it a design failing on my part if you can’t play, so thanks for pointing it out. I’ll patch it post-jam to have the orbs cycle through some colors I think to help with readability.

Thanks for playing my game :D


Wowzer. Very calm and beautiful. I found myself very engaged and in suspense for the next blue bubble. Who knew 64x64 could look so serene!


Appreciate the kind words friend, first time doing anything with a story not great but it’s something.

(1 edit) (+1)

I really liked it. Loved the story, the ending kind of surprised me but it made a whole lot of sense, and it was a nice walk and was very peaceful. I like the environment a lot too, I love the soft colors and it was cool how much detail came through with the really low resolution. I wish there was a little more blending for faraway details, maybe have less contrast for faraway objects? But then again you do have the part where you look over the giant ice lake, and that needs as much clarity as possible. Idk, I really liked the game and it was really calming :)

Edit: I didn't participate in the jam so I won't be able to rate it but I liked it anyway :)

Developer (1 edit)

Appreciate the feedback, was inspired by your channel to put the music together myself on it so that thanks goes to you.

Also yeah the colors blend a lot better on the desktop but the fog I was using uses a compute shader and doesn’t work on WebGL as a result. Super sad on that.

Also, thanks for the feedback on story. It’s the first time I’ve done anything with a story and I think the entire game has less than a tweets worth of text for added challenge.


Dang WebGL. And the music was really good, I'm humbled that you were inspired by me! While I don't have as crazy of an experience as a lot of people do during this time, it did help calm me down and go for a nice wintery walk, and for that I thank you :)

Developer (1 edit)

Pushed up at 2AM since I don’t think I’ll have any time to work on it this weekend (so let me know if bugs are found cause it’s likely). I will gladly do a linux or mac build upon request since the volumetrics only work in standalone.

Would love any feedback on the game since I’ve never done a story based game let alone a walking sim with 4 words of dialog per screen.