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absolutely beautiful. beyond compare. truly a masterpiece. the cats pajamas. a wonderful experience of garfielf oscillation. 12/10

this game was very good!


Awesome game! Great music, art, and general design. I thoroughly enjoyed it! :)

I mean I could stun lock him with spamming attacks, I just couldn't find anymore content beyond him. But maybe it's unlocked by hiding. I'll give it another try.

Thank you! I was thinking on some fixes for the tough to see far away objects. I was thinking of making new stages that are just more hallway-like. I'm working on redoing the UI. Thank you for the feedback!

Thank you very much! I plan on doing many in the future as well!! :D

Thank you! I was worried that people wouldn't realize it was a character portrait, I'm glad that that got across!

Thank you! The FOV and movement has been fixed in another version, that I will be releasing after voting. I'm glad you liked the Hotdog Rat!

Thank you! I agree, I'm going to be tweaking the camera and movement on my first update after the voting. I'm glad you like my art style too!

The colors were great and everything was easy to understand. Very Good!

Thank you! I have to admit the colors I picked could've been better, especially for the enemies. There will be another version released after the voting period. :D

Wow! A great challenging puzzle! I can't believe you did this in so little time! Excellent job!

Wow! Really calming and relaxing game. And it's sooo beautiful too!

Absolutely amazing. I love the feeling of being the lone survivor as you run to the choppa! Really impressive!

I love the whole style and aesthetic, but it was hard to figure out even with the description. Really beautiful pixel art. Good job!

Nice game, perfect amount of tricky.

Thank you! I had a lot of fun making it! I'm glad I'm getting so many people with really helpful constructive criticisms. It's really helpful so thank you! :D

Absolutely lovely game. From the music, to the noodle arms, to the abilities you use to get to see the cute end ram. Only critique is the size of the game. Super cute game, and loved the graphics! Amazing job!

Holy guacamole. Thank you so much for all the praise and critiques! I'm glad you liked it, and your criticisms are very, very helpful! You are absolutely amazing, thank you!

Thank you! Although it ends after the third platform, so don't feel too bad. You didn't miss anything. I think increasing the camera FOV would've made the game a lot better. I'll be working on the game further. Feedback means a lot!

Thank you! It's my first jam, so I don't have the best time spacing skills. I'm glad you were impressed though!

Really wacky, funny game. Loved it!

269 baby!!! The fact that I'm so excited for a score goes to show how much fun this game was! Really nice job! I had a lot of fun. :)

WOW! The colors and animations were really nice!  Very cute game. Well done and really good fun too!

Art and music were great! It's amazing that a group so large was able to put together such a well done and well organized product. Especially due to the time and communication constraints. Really fun game! Well done Lospec!

I loved the game! Reminded me of being a hotdog trying to wiggle my way down a tube to victory. Lovely!

Good sound effects and cool animation and art! The fighting felt a little lacking but all-in-all a good game. Good job!

The controls felt unresponsive at times and the walking animation looked weird. I couldn't even kill the knight.  It was a good concept though.

Very calming chill game.

Cool game! It was especially interesting to learn which hero did what and the strategy was fun! Great job.

Wow! Fun and well-done. I will definitely come back to play this on a slow day! Great job!

Thanks for the feedback! I was worried about the motion sickness, sorry about that :(. I think if i went a lot slower and decreased the sensitivity, that would've made it a lot better in that front. Thanks again!

Cool little dungeon game! When I saw procedural, that made me wow. Great job with it!

I always loved these types of puzzles in places like Pokemon. And here is no different! loved the use of the boxes. The only way that I think it could've improved is a move counter. Other than that great cute game!

Fun game. Unfortunately, I don't have any friends so I had to play against a bot. I hated that bot with a burning passion. But not because of the AI, it was perfectly balanced! (Not too hard, not too dumb!) Well done.

Wow! It was very hard to play but as I played it got more and more fun. Favorite part of the game was bobbing up and down with the amazing music!

Thank you for the feedback! I was a little jammed for time, but that's what game jams are all about, lol.

Had a little difficulty with the controls. But fun game in the end.