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wow - I really love it :-) congratulations :-)

thanks for your words .-) - and yes - I hope to use the engine to make a longer game (but not necessarily related to this one)

wow - a really nice game with a perfect atmosphere. Congratulations :.-)

thanks -) I'm really happy you played it and liked it :-)

not able to :-| - I'll try next year

Very nice :-) - and music works quite well too

very short - but a really fun game and (as far as I can tell) it fits perfectly the jam theme) :-)

wow :-) as usual a really nice game - I really loved the story and the graphic. Congratulations .-)

I haven't tried haxe - the other three are great - and so the choice depends more on your tastes AND the kind of game you want to make.

I prefer Defold - but if I were you (and if I were in doubt) I'll check a sample project for all of them and check what's the more similar to your preferred coding method/idea. Any choice requires a lot of time to learn not the language but the SDK and the way to work - so a bit of early checks are worth the time - imho.

Good luck for your game .-)

I use Defold mainly to forget about multiplatform issues - including html5 port. 

The result is lightweight (and that's something I care a lot about) - Lua isn't hard to use, even when you're in a hurry - and compared to what I did before (multiplatform c engine, html5 done using emscripten) using Defold is surely less tricky - and faster.

If you're already a programmer I suggest you give it a try - but if your goal is "just" to make a point'n'click game and you're not already a coder check AGS or Visionnaire before that. 

a really impressive and atmospheric 3d game - with a great music .-) - not a huge fan of 3d games - but yours is good and it's really an intriguing adventure game

nice variation of last year's game - voice and video works well - and so does sounds .-)

graphics&sounds are intriguing - but (probably due to my slow PC) moving to reach a meaningful point takes really a lot of times :-|

uh - nice graphics and nice sounds (really nice sounds) but (at least on my slow PC) it takes forever to reach the point in which - yup - i died

Happy you were able to play and finish it :-) and thanks for your kind words and feedback
But yes - I've tried to go a step forward (as game complexity and story) compared to Villa Apate, and reading users' impressions it seems that not everything was as smooth as I hoped.
Thanks again .-)

thanks! and yes :-| - my English is far from perfect and it reaches even lower levels when I'm in a real hurry - and yes - I should adjust at least some elements to make things easier or at least more natural
thanks for your feedback :-)

thanks :-) really happy for your kind feedback -) - and I really hope to be able to improve/polish the things you said .-)

thank you so much - I'm really really happy you like it (and you've been brave enough to finish it)  .-) - and you're right - wordy should be my second name, above all when I'm in a rush :-| 
After jam end, I'll surely try to fix at least text errors - and I'm tempted to try to polish and work more to finish it with missing parts I couldn't fit in time  - thanks again for your kind feedback (also with my engine)

it's a fun game with a lot of different elements .-) and characters movements are really great

It's really nice and fun - I'm not a lover of 3d platformers but this one is good as characters animations,  movements, and fighting :-)

ah! thank you so much :-) - I'm really really glad you liked it :-D

thanks :-D - really glad you liked it!
I don't know if I'll be able to be back in this specific story setting (my time for making games is limited and I've other projects I want to try) but in case I've got already some (at the moment, very basic) ideas both for a prequel and for a sequel .-)

Great graphics :-) a really nice magic visual novel .-)

Wow .-) graphics is really great. And the story too - just sorry you couldn't put choices or puzzles in time :-|

Nice game! your back story is rich and your visual art peculiar but fascinating. As others told you the text speed is a bit high but that's not a real problem most of the times. Congratulations

I really like it - I love SciFi stories (even if I didn't know the short one you picked as a base for your game) and I surely loved your graphic (and you did a lot of frames!) - congratulations

Really nice game - I didn't know the short story behind it - but your graphic&sounds work very well with the implementation and the result is impressive. Congratulations

thanks :-D - I'm really happy foryour words

thanks :-) glad you liked it :-D

Really nice - a touching theme for a well-designed game where the background story is (sad and) solid and the mechanics you chose for the game are a good match. I liked the character graphics (and the cut scenes)

Really nice - a touching theme for a well-designed game.  You did great work with characters and background stories. I've found it a bit boring the day-to-day work but it indeed works well to add atmosphere. Congratulations

thanks .-) and yes - you're right - I'm sorry for the poor English (I'll release a more polished version after the jam period) and yes the original plan was to have Sara and Andrea able to move more (I've cut at least four areas - Andrea was supposed to go back to the Villa with Artemis Statue, and Sara to help Enrica to find the other two pieces needed for the wand - already set in the game).  The game was supposed to be bigger - but then I've seen there was no hope of finishing it in time and I've got to cut and cut :-|
Thanks for playing - and for your feedback - really appreciated.-) 

I loved the first part - and I loved this second one (even if shorter - I really really want to play more :-) )

A tribute to this game genre that's more than perfect - as rhythm and puzzles - with an extra quality for the graphics part - congratulations :-)

Thanks for your words and for playing it :-) - and I'm happy you were able to finish it!

Out of curiosity, about characters&rooms: original plan (the one I've had at day #3 during the jam) the number of locations and characters were higher (I didn't use at least two already drawn chars and there were other 3/4 planned) - but I've had to cut them to stay in the 14 days limit

thank you so much - you spent really a lot of time playing :-) and I'm really really glad you liked it
Yes - you're right - I put long texts in a sequence of short pieces for that reason (not everyone checks options and reading speed is a really personal thing as I've seen). Still, I should have shorted some (or more than some) dialogues / lines that were too long globally AND I should provide an alternative text for a second check so to make it easier&quicker the player's life when one's simply trying to get a missing clue looking or a using again something.

Thanks for your words

thanks for playing :-) - and yes - I should try to add some in-game hints (or change some interactions - I'm writing down feedbacks about that)

I simply kneel down - game's astonishing - your graphics (above all background one but characters too) is stunning, the story is really great and Paco's music works in a perfect way with everything else. 
An impressive adventure game - even not considering the two weeks time frame.


Ok, even for this game I simply needed to try a second time to see the missing piece :-)

Nice one - theme, graphics, voice acting AND - uh - the song really rocks .-)

Ok - I've had to play it a second time (the first one I didn't get some actions so I couldn't finish it) but this is one of my favorite games so far .-) - a really great game, with graphics, voice acting and a chilling story hidden behind a lot of comedy situation. Congratulations 

Nice idea - and well-designed office and fun puzzles .-) - above all the "dark secret" of your female colleague :-D