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thanks for you note - yes - it's very chaotic and it could be better with a difference balance - I'll do some test with different speed .-) thx

Congratulations for your results in TVGameJam - I didn't talk to much about your entry but I liked it and it was SO original&fitting - my congratulations .-)

A big thank to TurianShepard for this video .-)

like it - classic gameplay with a twist - good looking pixel art .-)

thanks :-) happy you've been able to try it

And - yes - this Happy Days episode was the first time Mork was shown on screen - Robin Williams was more or less a last second random choice because the designed actor refuse to do that part. He was *brilliant* everybody loved him and everybody praised him - and few days after he was contacted for the first time by a big name for acting (and then he was proposed to do a his own spin-off series called Mork and Mindy). That's more or less the history behind.

thanks for playing it :-) Some tips (if you're curious)
- you can freeze Rick and THEN move it - so when concentration is broken he won't move
- you can freeze Rick and PUSH him instead of controlling him (the mix of the two things is the best way to win)
- only Monzie is really dangerous at touch - then there's Arnold, that anyway won't hit you in the same continuous way - the other two can just throw objects - you can decide how to move knowing that
- you can increase freezed time shooting more time to the same guy (but Monzie can wake people up neverthless - and he can be freezed for a maximum of 15 seconds top)

a nice variation of a classic game - quite smooth and fun .-)

thank you so much :-) yes - not easy to play at least not at first - thanks to try it :-D

thanks :-) and yes sorry game is a bit hard, at least until you start to get the different guys behavior
I'm glad you found the gfx feeling vintage :-)

yes of course :-) I'll share it

wow :-) very great graphic and I like the game play idea. I found it really hard using keyboard & mouse - but maybe is easier with a keypad. And it should be superfun with friends .-)

nice idea - but indeed enemies get nasty quite soon and it's hard to survive (probably I need to get used to the controls) - not bad anyway

thanks .-)

really cool idea - congratulation

like it :-) nice and fun game. And graphic works well

nice game. I love IT Crowd and your game fits well :-)

best quiz I've tried so far in this jam. Loved it

nice work - game's cute. I liked the pixel art and music too

loved the atmosphere AND the graphic choice. I will play it again (because I wasn't able to find the warehouse - and now I've read about it in comments). Congratulations

not bad - maybe a very classic game play but difficult&fun :-)

I was curious to see how many GoT games will be in - and there are just two (if I got it right)

eh eh .-) - I know it's hard

thanks for letting me know the shift works .-)

nice to see a trivia on those themes - even if I could get a decent score only with Stranger Things .-)

ok - I didn't expect a trivia in this kind of jam - but this is not the only one - and Jeopardy is in theme indeed :-) I didn't go too far with answers - but that's my fault :-)

nice idea - with a nice graphic and game-play. Yes, I've found the blurry choice a bit odd - but it's a funny game to play with

super cute :-) love the overall aesthetic - and also the game-play - congratulations

yes - absolutely cute and original - nicely done

a bit of a classic - but intro dialogues are funny - and well so it's the game .-)

nice stuff :-) my finger hurts now and I couldn't win a single play - but it's been funny and guy -well - creepy I guess it a good choice for describing it .-P

thanks :-D

thank you :-) really happy you had the chance to play it

thank you so much :-)

really loved it. Game mechanism is funny and I love those low-res folks - congratulations

nice idea - and a nice game

thanks .-)

same for me (PC version)

so good :-) great idea and really loved all the characters & their dialogues

can't find the pyro .-) 

clap clap clap - nothing more to say than that

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W-O-W - your game is so great I'm really envious :-) - great idea, fun to play, and with a great gfx too


if you still got time, now you can use SHIFT instead of CTRL for controlling ray (I hope this way it won't have side effect on Mac)
Oddly enough I've tried the game on my Macbook and even with CTRL I didn't see problems (but I'm going to update the OS now - maybe it worked because it was not updated)

Thanks again .-)

a really original  concept - even if i have to admit it took me a while to understand what was the point .-)