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Marco Giorgini

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thanks :-) and yes - *spoiler* - he's supposed to be what the Greeks called Hermes (a messenger, able to move fast everywhere, and a trickster, with specific abilities)

thx :-)

thanks :-D

wow - thanks for your video :-)

well - thank you so much :-) - really happy about your words-  you're one of my "heroes" :-) and your work inspired me long before your code release

thanks :-) - it deserves it (and I've read your notes on Mastodon - I'll work on them today) 

thx :-)

thank you so much :)

thanks - I'm really really happy about your words - The Pawn is one of the games I love and even if I'm fully aware that any comparison with it is more a sign of kindness than anything else - I really appreciate your words

you're too kind :-) - but thanks - a not minimal part of the work I'm doing in my engine compiler is indeed in the image conversion towards C64 color specification

thanks :-)

I'm really happy about your note :-) - thank you very much

thank you so much for the shout out :D

thanks :-)

Stavo iniziando a valutare la cosa giusto oggi (ma devo fare un po' di valutazioni - il gioco ha davvero tantissimo testo che ho scritto però direttamente in inglese e che quindi dovrò tradurre) - grazie intanto per l'interessamento :-)

thank you so much :-) really happy to read that

really nice game :-)

and - uh - maybe this is the problem - you need to move against your opponent while you press fire - move toward AND press fire

yes - but enemies have health and attack and defence too - so to kill them you need to hit them more than once (I mean literally click+click+click). Increasing your attack level (swords) is something you should do - because at each new level goblins are harder to kill.


thanks :-) glad you like it :-)

thanks - glad you liked it - and thanks for your nice video too :-)

thx :-D

thanks :-D - I'm not good at "sticking with plans" lately but yes I hope to be able to create at least another title for this little gem as soon as I've finished some other projects Roguish took precedence to

ah :-) thank you very much for your words and your nice video :-)!

thank you so much :-D

thanks :-) I hope you'll like it :-D

yes you're right - I'm now with another tool but I used Avast for some times - and ok, it makes sense - I stopped using it because it warned me about just built executables (not all of them but it happened a lot of times) - but that's more MY problem than THEIRS of course - I mean, mine, using (I guess) VS2008 to (C) code at home

thanks :-) (and I'll check if I can fix the missing input - that's weird)

and well to be fair Unity is surely overkill for such a 2d game (and it's engine weight - bare - I guess is 10/50 times my whole win32 game)

thanks again :-)

thanks Marco :-)

btw: to be extra sure I re-downloaded the exe in the zip I've submitted and it's a perfect copy of mine (I mean, local and remote copies are the same)- and then I've checked it with a couple of online virus checkers (like this one: and none of them said anything about it. But, as I already said, you don't need to trust me - considering source code is provided too :-)

Thanks anyway for your note (and for your time)

well - yes, I'm not "known" by Windows as a valid developer (it's a direct download - not from its store) and no, it's not a trojan :-) - but you don't need to trust me - source code is on github (link provided) - you can build it by yourself (or play web version)

thanks for playing my little game in your video :-) I cannot understand spoken German (I can just - hardly - read it a little) but I watched your gameplay (and I subscribed) - happy about that

thank you :-) really happy for your feedback :)

yes - I couldn't enter at least one place I've seen but i've already been inside several others (including one that needs a keycode - in which I've found drawers). But ok - if those keys are needed elsewhere I'll keep looking then :-)

thanks :-)

game's great :-) - but i'm a bit stuck - and I'm unsure about something - is the small key for top/middle drawers? because is so - I cannot use it (and I'm struggling to find a way to use gloves :-) )
Anyway - a really enjoyable game - congrats

yes - that mail should be good .-)

Hi - I've started your game and have a first look around - it seems quite nice :-) - and I'll surely try to finish it

I'll be glad if you want to try my engine for the porting - and, if you're not at all in a rush, I could give it a pre-check (so at least to start it) if you don't mind sharing your code (did you use directly C# or a more specific script language, played by Unity?)

Anyway - you did a great work :)

thanks :-) - normal way to proceed is to examine <elements> or talk to <people> or take <objects> - the hilighted texts are usually objects for verbs

anyway thank you so much for your time and for adding my game to your list

he he he - thank you so much :-) - I'm really glad for your words (even if I won't admit anything about ideas food :) )

Thanks .-)