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Yeah I meant to fix that “low and far” issue but ran out of time. In my testing I just sat on the floor and that worked out well.

I’m so glad you were able to play it! Thank you for the feedback :)

Thanks for the reply and the rating! Greatly appreciated. We knew going into this that we were greatly restricting our audience by requiring VR. The motivation for VR was twofold (for me):

  1. Kenney’s 3D assets look like fun little toys I wanted to hold.
  2. I almost never see VR entries for game jams and wanted to see what happened haha.

This is hard! Good visuals/audio and I love that you used Godot!

Super fun. Really good puzzles! This was clearly well thought out. I didn’t get through all the levels but there appears to be a lot of them. For 48 hours the polish and puzzle quality is extremely good.

This is one of my favorites I’ve checked out so far. Super cool concept and seems really polished for 48 hours. Great work! Audio is solid too.

Great gameplay and presentation!

Movement was really good! Easy to pickup and play.

I like this a lot. I played the first level a few times because I knew I could do better haha.

Really good presentation!

This is a solid concept! I did figure out that you can walk to the side and then kill them all in a line pretty easy haha. Had to die a few times first though.

This was super fun!

Fun concept! Sound FX, music, and overall presentation are solid!

I was like “Rotate the car…what could that mean?” Then I hit “E” and my mind was blown.

Very unique concept.

Fun game! Great concept and the level design is really nice.

This is hard! Really fun concept. Reminds me of Beyblades haha!

This is super fun! Really great concept too. And the car/driving physics are great and super forgiving.

Great idea!

This game looks amazing! Great work. Super fun too!

Super fun! This would be great on a phone too!

Spot on for the theme! super original. I love it. Pretty tricky too. I kind of wanted hot-keys for rotation.

Love the look of this game! Great music too.

Great presentation! minor rotation on the ship when you move left and right made the flying feel really good.

Solid presentation! Really hard though haha

This is a really cool concept. I got to a point pretty quickly where I had the whole spawn surrounded and I was just crushing all the enemies no problem, which was honestly pretty satisfying. If the defense guys had a timeout it’d be a bit more challenging.

Judging by the response to the above comment I’m guessing yes.

Quick question. This line:

“You can edit (i.e. crop or change the color)”

How does that apply to 3D assets? Can we crop a 3D asset? For example, if I want just the hands off a 3D character.

You’re the best! Love all your stuff!

Love it! Works great on Linux and I love the free assets.

Great job!

Excellent work!

Solid concept! Super easy to pick up and play. Great job!

Great job! Love the “movement costs life” concept.

Great job!

Excellent! Great music too!

Done and done!

Thanks for the feedback. Yeah I might’ve gotten carried away with features haha.

Yes and probably. I’m using the smallest font I could find that’s creative commons licensed (from I’ll look for a smaller font otherwise I’ll need to make my own.

(1 edit)

Thanks for the feedback. I’m open to suggestions on keyboard layout and stuff if you had any thoughts. I feel like it’d be simpler with a game pad for sure. And I could probably just get rid of the magic punch attack. You really only need sword and the 360 attack. I can’t think of a good way to do the potions though.

Simple and fun! I love it. Ran great on my pixel 4XL. The shooting mechanic is super intuitive too. I got to 72 kills before they got me. Great job!