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Flappy bird with health?!? You’re so generous. I could actually play this version haha. I like that it works on my phone too. Good work!

Good point!

Really polished effects. Love the pixel art. Enjoyed the concept and I like any game where you play as a robot. Was easy to keep playing it over and over.

Nice art! Fun use of theme. Fun gameplay. Nice little package :)

Love the art! Great concept and gameplay. Would love to see more someday.

This was fun. I liked that the first two levels acted as somewhat of a tutorial. The second level really shows how to use the mind blast effectively. The graphics were great too. This is an impressive submission for just a month of work. Good job!

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I really like the idea and it was fun to kick the little guys. I had a lot of trouble with the camera though. Made it tough to aim the rock, but without the rock I was able to get by just ignoring the camera.

This is one of the more creative uses of the theme I’ve seen so far. Good job!

Great use of the theme and the art and humor were solid too. I think I hit a weird bug where I only could get one attack in for the main game, but in the tutorial I was able to hit more. That…or I’m just bad at it.

Voice acting was fun. Good use of theme.

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Nice to see someone else learning from heartbeast. We also used some of the player mechanics from the same tutorial. (+10000 points for using Godot)

Fun game with good polish. I like the little bugs that make it so you can jump higher.

This is impressive for 1 month. Was I really playing online with other people or was it just simulated?

This is one of the most polished submissions I’ve seen. Interactive main menu, story-board style intro, and classic platforming FTW. Great job!

Fun game! I was able to keep him awake but it was a struggle for sure haha. I really liked the coffee minigame - I wish that happened more often (or was like something I could just play as a mode).

This was fun. Graphics are good and animations are solid. Crouch animation is lol. Pretty intuitive. I had some trouble with the platforming aspect (just kinda hard) but that’s maybe the point.

Good game. I liked the “fishy” audio lol. Wind direction mechanic was fun.

This was tons of fun! (funny too) - idk if I did well…I earned 74k (which honestly seems low considering how many cars completely destroyed me lol)

Great job! I was really interested in checking out all the minigames. I love the concept of being the boss. Great humor throughout too.

Great game! Very intuitive. The tutorial being there is great but I found I didn’t even need it. Just learned as I went which speaks to the design of the game and interface.

This game is solid. I had a lot of fun playing it. I loved the zombie level (favorite for sure). Theme interpretation is on point. The level where you have to escort a way-to-slow NPC is lol.

I think one thing that could make this better would be a pass on the movement for the player character. Maybe a little bit slower overall and some acceleration/friction goes a long way.

I made it past the 2nd platform! I had to pay attention to the prompts a bit more haha. I really love this game!

Great job! I really like the concept. I had a hard time figuring out what to do. I couldn’t make it passed the 2nd platform. I tried to tunnel with a pickaxe like the instructions said but I must have been missing something b/c the guy wouldn’t build the tunnel after he got the pickaxe. The concept is awesome though, I really like this and I will come back and try a bit longer to get it b/c I think I’ll really like this game once I get all mechanics.

Thanks for the feedback! Sorry about the bug. We ran into a few super minor edge case things in testing that we didn’t have time to fix. I never managed to get stuck but I definitely believe it.

Yeah I meant to fix that “low and far” issue but ran out of time. In my testing I just sat on the floor and that worked out well.

I’m so glad you were able to play it! Thank you for the feedback :)

Thanks for the reply and the rating! Greatly appreciated. We knew going into this that we were greatly restricting our audience by requiring VR. The motivation for VR was twofold (for me):

  1. Kenney’s 3D assets look like fun little toys I wanted to hold.
  2. I almost never see VR entries for game jams and wanted to see what happened haha.

This is hard! Good visuals/audio and I love that you used Godot!

Super fun. Really good puzzles! This was clearly well thought out. I didn’t get through all the levels but there appears to be a lot of them. For 48 hours the polish and puzzle quality is extremely good.

This is one of my favorites I’ve checked out so far. Super cool concept and seems really polished for 48 hours. Great work! Audio is solid too.

Great gameplay and presentation!

Movement was really good! Easy to pickup and play.

I like this a lot. I played the first level a few times because I knew I could do better haha.

Really good presentation!

This is a solid concept! I did figure out that you can walk to the side and then kill them all in a line pretty easy haha. Had to die a few times first though.

This was super fun!

Fun concept! Sound FX, music, and overall presentation are solid!

I was like “Rotate the car…what could that mean?” Then I hit “E” and my mind was blown.

Very unique concept.

Fun game! Great concept and the level design is really nice.

This is hard! Really fun concept. Reminds me of Beyblades haha!