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Thanks for these. 

Gotcha, yeah in that case I just try to use a 1:1 aspect and the camera script scales it pretty well. Here are my standalone and web player settings respectively. 

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Text in the UI?  If you're using a canvas, that's my one weakness with this method. UI  doesn't scale at all since it bypasses screen effects. Normally that's what you want but it ends up screwing things up in this case. I ended up having to use a transparent render texture with my UI elements on it.

In this post I talk about the UI being a problem. I don't have a perfect solution yet but when I do, I'll post it here for sure. I know some other people on the discord have been struggling with text too. 

As far as player settings I've just changed the web player window to 640x640 

Larger update to add a separate section on if you're doing lighting. Big storm here so I'll update again when power is back on and I can use my desktop instead of my laptop.

So, I originally was going to make all the dialog boxes by hand since I only have a few I need but "él liquido#8803" on discord posted a tiny font which I plan on integrating into a simple dialog system.  I'll ask him if I can pop a link to it here but in the meantime check the Discord for the game jam and it's in the "Resources" channel. 

Nice work on this, didn't expect to see it!

Great to see such a wide variety of tech being used and supported for this jam.

Yeah, I was getting ready to reply with that but I wasn't sure if you guys were on the same team. 

I haven't used it in this jam, I'be played with it a few times before but I see no reason why you couldn't use it for this.  Would probably be ideal really. 

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Hello All,

Haven't decided if I want to mess with GBStudio or not yet, but if I don't, I'll be using Unity. Here is how to go about setting up your scene for use on this jam. I'm not going to cover a 2D lighting version as I did for the LOWREZJAM simply because of the 4 color limit of the GB. If you're interested, you can look at my other guide

Simple steps from here on in. 

  1.  Create a new unity project and use the "2D" template. 
  2. Go up to Window > Packages to get the packages window. 
  3. Click on Advanced > Show Preview Packages 
  4. Click on "2D Pixel Perfect"
  5. Install that package. (Bottom right of the packages window)
  6. Go to your Hierarchy and select your Main Camera
  7. Now in the inspector, go to Add Component, and add the Pixel Perfect Camera component.
  8. Then set if up with these values. Make sure the Reference Resolution (x:160, y144), Upscale Render Texture (checked) and Crop Frame (checked) settings are changed DO NOT check stretch fill. CHANGE your "Assets Pixels Per Unit" to whatever you're using. In my case, I'll change it to 16 since that's what size my tilesheet is. 
  9. Import your sprites normally but make sure you change the Filter Mode to "Point (no filter)" and compression to "None"
  10. After that, you can add your assets to the scene and they will behave in a pixel perfect manner with rotation support and all. 


Canvases do not respect image effects or anything like that so your UI elements will need to be sprites in the scene. You can use a separate render texture with them if you need to (that has helped me in the past) 
(EDIT: This isn't technically correct, you can use worldspace canvases but in my experimenting in the LOWREZJAM, I couldn't get them to stop stuttering. They wouldn't stay in a fixed position but you might be able to use a rendertexture + worldspace ui) 

Feel free to post any questions below or in the Discord.

- Happy Jamming!

This is the way I did it last year, it's the easiest way to get a 3D game to 64x64 for sure. I feel like an ass cause I didn't read this before posting my own unity guide but mine is really just specific to 2D. To my knowledge, this is still the best way to do it with 3D.

Thanks for this. I haven't done any rotation stuff yet so good to know!

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So, for those of us who use unity as our primary, it's always nice to find ways to do things in unity without doing anything too hacky or dirty.  I've been looking at this technique a for a few days so I want to split it into two parts. One with lighting, one without.

- Normal 2D Mode (NO LIGHTING)

Now, the way to do this before was a render texture set to 64x64 (as I did last year in my horrible 3d platformer). BUT, now there's a better way (for 2D at least) (THIS SEEMS TO WORK ON 3D TOO). 

I've looked around the last few days and found that in the package manager, if you go to the top right under advanced and click "show preview packages".

You'll now have the ability to install the 2D Pixel Perfect package. Install that bad boy and add the "Pixel Perfect Camera" component to your main camera. Then, set it up as it is shown below. 

EDIT: GO AHEAD AND SET "UPSCALE RENDER TEXTURE" TOO. You can run in edit mode to preview in the game window.

Now after you've got that, you will have a pixel perfect, 64x64 game camera. I haven't messed with it too much more but wanted to share the research I'd done with the other people excited for this jam. 

With Lighting:

If you're wanting to use the new lighting systems, you need to first setup LWRP on your project.  Sykoo has a really good video showing how to set it up. 

At 5:30ish when he has you convert your resources to the new system go ahead and do it for the whole project.

After you've done that, all you need to do is add the Pixel Perfect Camera (Experimental) to your camera and give it the same settings as above (it works almost the same but it's been updated for LWRP (and DOES NOT WORK on the default renderer) and also is the only way to get it to work on the lights.  (LWRP COMES WITH THE EXPERIMENTAL VERSION SO YOU DO NOT NEED TO GET THE OTHER PACKAGE) Also, if you are adding lighting midway through the project, make sure you still use the experimental one because otherwise lighting doesn't work.

Original Pixel Perfect Camera

Pixel Perfect Camera (Experimental)

Hard to tell the difference I know, but it's there. 

I ended up just uninstalling the normal 2D package after that. 

Happy Jamming!

I really hope you guys can get some funding or pass this project on to get it finished. I'd pay a kickstarter to make sure this game happened. Just my opinion though. I've gotten everyone to play it and I really like the concept

Perfect! Thank you sir, just wanted to clarify what the audience was before getting to it.
That sounds like a lot of fun.

For the stations since I think that's the coolest part of this whole thing. What kinds of games are you looking for? Like what kind of session times do you want? What kinds of people would be playing? (Are they game literate is my main question).

Just curious since that's what you want to use the jam games for.

I think this is going to be my favorite jam ever.

I really like this idea a lot and honestly having your game publicly displayed like that at the end? 11/10

It said everything must be made during the jam (fair enough) what about libraries like "InControl" for unity? These just add a generic compatibility layer for controllers. 

Same, just do jams for fun and practice

Im surprised this didn't win the jam. Thought for sure it had won as soon as it was posted. Good work regardless!

Nice, can you also maybe update the page with more details. I mean, frag fest implies a multiplayer shooter type game (which I could probably knock out for a jam) but would like to see more participants.

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To help with submissions I'd like to give out source for 2 games I did for games back in the day for another form jam.

Feel free to use them both as inspiration

Submissions open but not open?

I too would like to have this feature. For collaboration with other Devs. Like at the end of a jam, reach out to a fellow dev and ask to collab on a full version of a game.

(Necro, I know but its the first result on google so *shrugs*) 

As a side note, didn't get everything finished and there are a few odd bugs. Will make a post jam update to address. 

In the past, I've gotten around this by "Pixelizing" my game and setting all 3d models to "Unlit"

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Ha! I honestly couldn't tell you but I'll do some digging and as long as they are creative commons I could send them to you if you like

Edit: Got them as part of a sound pack I bought years ago. (Like,  10 years ago) so they aren't available anymore and I don't have license to distribute either. 

This game will keep getting updated when I make changes automatically so the final version will be upload right before the close of the jam.

THIS GAME... Is basically nothing. I spent too much time on the camera and generating system and I HAD way less time than I anticipated. Wanted it included and will build a post-jam update that addes the rest of the functionality and overhauls the graphics (lack of lighting is a crime, but rules are rules)

Thanks, will probably include it in the Jam version of the game. 

Damn nice work guys. 

Glad you liked it. I'm going to continue exploring this idea. 

Thanks! I'm also working on one where the wheels are magnets and there's no gravity. I'll probably build a full prototype of each and then see what people like more. 

Sorry for the massive bug, it was caused by the fact that the lightweight render pipeline doesn't support WebGL as of yet.

Updated, it ended up being because I'm using a beta of unity and the new rendering pipelines (still in alpha). Swapping it out got it fixed up.

Ah! I don't know how I missed that one. (Little rushed)

Updated with a brighter version of the game. Hope it helps. 

Yeah, I was leaning towards doing something about that too. I may add some sort of light to the conductive blocks themselves. I just didn't have a lot of flexibility since the entire game was modeled in unity (using probuilder). I'll look at that if I end up expanding on the idea with additional levels etc.