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I really hope you guys can get some funding or pass this project on to get it finished. I'd pay a kickstarter to make sure this game happened. Just my opinion though. I've gotten everyone to play it and I really like the concept

Perfect! Thank you sir, just wanted to clarify what the audience was before getting to it.
That sounds like a lot of fun.

For the stations since I think that's the coolest part of this whole thing. What kinds of games are you looking for? Like what kind of session times do you want? What kinds of people would be playing? (Are they game literate is my main question).

Just curious since that's what you want to use the jam games for.

I think this is going to be my favorite jam ever.

I really like this idea a lot and honestly having your game publicly displayed like that at the end? 11/10

It said everything must be made during the jam (fair enough) what about libraries like "InControl" for unity? These just add a generic compatibility layer for controllers. 

Same, just do jams for fun and practice

Im surprised this didn't win the jam. Thought for sure it had won as soon as it was posted. Good work regardless!

Nice, can you also maybe update the page with more details. I mean, frag fest implies a multiplayer shooter type game (which I could probably knock out for a jam) but would like to see more participants.

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To help with submissions I'd like to give out source for 2 games I did for games back in the day for another form jam.

Feel free to use them both as inspiration

Submissions open but not open?

I too would like to have this feature. For collaboration with other Devs. Like at the end of a jam, reach out to a fellow dev and ask to collab on a full version of a game.

(Necro, I know but its the first result on google so *shrugs*) 

Am I doing something wrong? I really like the way this looks and looks like it could be fun. I put food on the tile but it gives an error in the console and nothing happens.

As a side note, didn't get everything finished and there are a few odd bugs. Will make a post jam update to address. 

In the past, I've gotten around this by "Pixelizing" my game and setting all 3d models to "Unlit"

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Ha! I honestly couldn't tell you but I'll do some digging and as long as they are creative commons I could send them to you if you like

Edit: Got them as part of a sound pack I bought years ago. (Like,  10 years ago) so they aren't available anymore and I don't have license to distribute either. 

This game will keep getting updated when I make changes automatically so the final version will be upload right before the close of the jam.

THIS GAME... Is basically nothing. I spent too much time on the camera and generating system and I HAD way less time than I anticipated. Wanted it included and will build a post-jam update that addes the rest of the functionality and overhauls the graphics (lack of lighting is a crime, but rules are rules)

Thanks, will probably include it in the Jam version of the game. 

Damn nice work guys. 

Glad you liked it. I'm going to continue exploring this idea. 

Thanks! I'm also working on one where the wheels are magnets and there's no gravity. I'll probably build a full prototype of each and then see what people like more. 

Sorry for the massive bug, it was caused by the fact that the lightweight render pipeline doesn't support WebGL as of yet.

Updated, it ended up being because I'm using a beta of unity and the new rendering pipelines (still in alpha). Swapping it out got it fixed up.

Ah! I don't know how I missed that one. (Little rushed)

Updated with a brighter version of the game. Hope it helps. 

Yeah, I was leaning towards doing something about that too. I may add some sort of light to the conductive blocks themselves. I just didn't have a lot of flexibility since the entire game was modeled in unity (using probuilder). I'll look at that if I end up expanding on the idea with additional levels etc. 

It's not so much the dynamic lighting, probably what's killing performance is the SSAO (Corner shading) and SSR (the reflections). The web version will have those stripped out since they run like garbage in WebGL no matter how fast your computer is. Web version should be up in ~15 min. Again appreciate the feedback, hopefully you'll be able to play the web version without issue.

Thank you for putting up with the performance issues and getting far enough to give some good feedback. I really appreciate it. I plan on making a web build as well that has post fx stripped out to make the game more accessible and less of a hassle to download and play.

10/10 would throw computer out a window over this.

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I didn't know about this jam, I'm really excited! Thank you for putting this together to clarify for us, I was a little confused being that I'm not an Unreal veteran by any means. 

Bringing this game to Unreal Engine as a test. 

Well its been a few weeks, I wonder if these are coming back? Nothing on the FB page either. Hope the organizer is okay since hes been pretty on point up until now.

Here is a free one I found.!/content/16314

Another method that would look sharper would be a pixel filter on the camera. There are some on the asset store for cheap or you could write your own relatively easily. Here's one I found.!/content/85326. Not what I did mind you but it would make things easier for some.

Bonus points in my eyes. Most aren't willing to brave a new engine.

Thanks, Alex, had a lot of fun with this Jam as I've never really done procedural content before.