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Yeah, using textures is out at this resolution cause it gets too muddy. I had to do a lot of tests to find good readability at this resolution. It’s a shame the fog (that I used) doesn’t work in WebGL because it really helps navigation.

Thanks, yeah one of the last things I meant to do was to put a larger sphere outside the cave to make it easier to find but I totally spaced it.

Yeah I’d definitely like to keep working on it, will probably up to 128 or 256 post-jam to see if I like it more.

For sure! I actually have a branch ready to go with music and sound options.

Thanks and yeah I was considering a post-jam release with a higher resolution. I also want to figure out a way to fake the volumetrics for the webGL build.

Okay, this is a lot of fun, hard, but a lot of fun. Would be interested in how many moves each level Can be completed in.

Appreciate the kind words friend and thanks for playing my game!

Yeah I felt at 64x64 it wasn’t really realistic to expect people to just figure out where to go. Also, if you have any problems with colors I consider it a design failing on my part if you can’t play, so thanks for pointing it out. I’ll patch it post-jam to have the orbs cycle through some colors I think to help with readability.

Thanks for playing my game :D

Appreciate the kind words friend, first time doing anything with a story not great but it’s something.

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Appreciate the feedback, was inspired by your channel to put the music together myself on it so that thanks goes to you.

Also yeah the colors blend a lot better on the desktop but the fog I was using uses a compute shader and doesn’t work on WebGL as a result. Super sad on that.

Also, thanks for the feedback on story. It’s the first time I’ve done anything with a story and I think the entire game has less than a tweets worth of text for added challenge.

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Pushed up at 2AM since I don’t think I’ll have any time to work on it this weekend (so let me know if bugs are found cause it’s likely). I will gladly do a linux or mac build upon request since the volumetrics only work in standalone.

Would love any feedback on the game since I’ve never done a story based game let alone a walking sim with 4 words of dialog per screen.

I was actually sad it was so short but man this could really be expanded on into a full game.

I was actually sad it was so short but man this could really be expanded on into a full game.

Yeah, I noticed that too, that it felt like if you jumped like on the same frame that the playform started going down it wouldn’t register.

Thanks for checking it out!

Hey thanks! I’m really glad you liked the concept cause it’s one I really think I want to expand on after (someday) when I finish DeCrypt. Also, if you got to 9 or 10 you basically saw the entire game!

Yeah the camera was a last minute addition and it helped with Bob, but made Rob almost unplayable. I should have just offset them to the left and left vertical movement alone. Will definitely patch after the jam concludes.

Again I really appreciate you taking the time to take a peek.

Thanks, I almost didn’t want to post the video cause I was like so tired I had to edit out like 100 “umm”s

Thanks for for watching my video!

Got a video up for my struggles making the game on a Raspberry Pi 4

Got a video up for my struggles making the game on a Raspberry Pi 4

F in the chat for my shit. I thought I was going to get the core a couple times now but always gets me when it has about 1/3 hp. Fun game, great adherence to theme and I am bad at this game for sure :D

Thank you sir for the kind words and thanks for playing!

No I totally get it, camera on my game makes it difficult to see the platforms you’re trying to land on but gotta wait to fix :D

Thanks, I just ended up having some time left over and I was afraid of breaking my game trying to add something last minute so made a trailer instead :D

Yeah sfxr is a great tool even if it doesn’t run on the raspberry pi properly. :D

Dude I know! I saw yours and I was like “well, obviously I didn’t have a very original name there” :D

Yeah I really want to look at this mechanic more in the future. Doesn’t fit in my current longer-term project but hopefully I can do something with it soon.

I’ve never played it but yeah your game definitely reminded me of it. I think I like this implementation better cause controlling two characters at once is stressful :D

Yeah totally agree! It could have but I should have either invested more into it or scrapped it.

Yeah I should have tested it a bit more. It was a super last minute addition but it seems the whole game is out to screw over Rob :D

I have not but also I was super tired when I first played it so I’ll probably be giving it another go!

After I played some more games, it seemed like there were a couple of games with that issue so could be my stuff, could be a strange engine bug with webgl. Who knows haha.

I was amazed at what you did have in such a short timespan so good work!

And a lot of patience haha. Thanks for giving it a go!


Lol at first I thought this was going to be easy, I was very wrong! Great game, lots of juice and the was very appealing to look at!

Lol thanks! That’s exactly what I was going for!

As you should be! I totally get the balancing thing, I really wanted to do a tweaking session on the levels but totally ran out of time.

Reminds me of the best level of Titanfall. Interesting concept and I kept getting lulled only to get wrecked!

Thanks! I think I’ll eventually revisit this concept when I have some more time!

Love the art style, killed the lover almost immediately! 11/10 game.

Sad it’s bugged but very cool. Will be coming back after a post-jam patch!

That’s rough cause I really like this concept. I’ll be bookmarking it to come back to for sure!