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Yeah and that sounds like one of those bugs you have to go deep into a rabbit hole to fix.

Thanks for playing and thanks for the feedback! We did talk about that and potentially adding it in the future or maybe making a larger scoped version with it. I’m glad you liked it regardless.

I liked this game a lot. Audio wasn’t as bad as you described on chrome and the visuals were really pretty. Very polished and loved it.

I’m really glad you liked it! This was the first game ever for the artist and the music was just ridiculous.

Yeah I think after the jam is done we’ll tweak the timings on the drink bonuses and the delay between customers. Definitely shouldn’t feel like an unfair loss.

Thanks for the feedback and thanks for playing!

Thanks, the music was so ridiculous and perfect! Glad you liked it and we’ve already thrown around the idea of adding a small tutorial after the jam is done. Thanks for giving it a go!

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I really like this. It reminds me of Metroid X DigDug. Class system was a nice touch

Hell yeah, I’ll give it a go after work, you should play/rate/comment on other people’s games so that they come back here and know to rate yours!

For sure, definitely wouldn’t mind giving it a go. Also I totally get that. It ended up being a 72 hour jam for us cause we could not get motivation until like the Thursday before. Either way, glad you participated and jamming is definitely the best way to get into the groove of making games.

Lol we had issues at 0 hour with the web builds too. Had to beg us to be allowed to upload one after deadline (which was granted). Really annoying when a build just explodes at the end. Either way thanks for putting this together and I’ve sent it to a few fans of the genre and they seemed to like it.

Maybe try uploading a downloadable version. In my game there are some bugs that only happen outside the editor too so I get how frustrating it can be.

You are awesome, I was actually super bummed to not get a chance to play it. I’ll be giving a go after work!

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Had to come back and give it a go. Didn’t have a lot of time but got to the level with 2 orb thingies to collect and the gold glove dudes just wrecked me but I’ll be back to whup their asses. Anyhow. I loved this game despite not fitting in the restriction. For next time you can take a look at my guide to 64x64 res in unity. Works for 2 and 3 dimensions.

Edit: For anyone curious this game works just fine in Linux under wine.

Thanks friend! It was definitely a challenge making a cooking game readable at this scale. Had a ton of fun though on this and I loved the happy mood on this one. Thanks again for giving it a play.

I agree with others about the complexity of the game but I did enjoy it. I also appreciated there being a Linux build (even if I prefer web builds). I feel like it would have appealed to me more if I was a fan of XCOM. The game is pretty well polished by jam standards so good job!

This looks great! I can’t get it to run on Linux under wine, though admittedly I didn’t try very long. Good work either way!

Get an error trying to extract, but I saw your other comment saying it wasn’t done. Still wouldn’t mind giving it a little look-see

I had the same thing, big sad as I wanted to give it a go.

Downloads seem to be missing for this. A shame for sure it looks fun.

If it helps, it is complaining about the input system in the browser console (F12)

I love pixel art dungeon crawlers and this one was no exception. Supremely polished and I really had no idea you could fit a game like this into 64x64 and still have it readable. 11/10

Thanks, along with the controls I think the camera movement needed another pass. Or even just allow the mouse to override it.

Yeah I wish I had just one extra day for the movement controller code so I could have popped in some air-control. I like this idea but it definitely needs another iteration.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks, I do agree on the air control bit. It makes the second room super tricky. Glad you liked it I’d definitely like to refine the movement controller and patch the game up.

Bit off more than I could chew (as one does). There is no win state, lots of sounds missing, mute button doesn’t work?, UI never got refreshed, some lighting issues, could have used another art pass.

I really enjoyed this, thank you

It’s broken, I am only somewhat sorry.

Looking great! I’m excited to try it.

Lol happy to help friend

You could have some mechanic that manipulates the dungeon for the next run. Or maybe subvert expectation of mechanics.

Well, 4 years later, and I never finished the Unreal port. Ended up making a weird rpg thing at that time instead.

I still don’t know how you chonked this out so quickly but I’m impressed. Creative and a lot of fun!

I like this game a lot, its similar to my idea but in a first person view.

Okay, not gonna lie, this was pretty epic. I was really surprised by the mechanics.

I did have the game crash but mine does the same thing after the 3rd level if you hit next so.

I did the same thing, got here yesterday and I’m pretty sure mine is at least partially broken it’s good enough for the jam. Luckily I’ve done android before but it’s not that terrible once you get it all setup.

Yeah I ended up going ahead and grabbing one. I’d wanted one anyway so figured why not. Hopefully it gets here in time :D

Thanks for the super detailed response. I ended up going ahead and ordering one but these tips (along with a bunch of other documentation I’ve found) should help me get started while I wait for it.

I didn’t realize how hard these would be to get hold of but glad I was able to in either case. Looking forward to the jam!

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For me on Ebay it seemed like I could have it here about halfway through. Which would let me design a game first couple days then figure out how to make it work on the console after.

Edit: Not how I prefer to do things mind you, but it would work.

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So I want to get in on this. I was a fan of the OUYA but never ended up getting one (long story). My question is: do I NEED an OUYA to join the jam? It seems like they’re fairly cheap but wanted to ask ahead of time.

If not, how can I get started without it?

Yeah, using textures is out at this resolution cause it gets too muddy. I had to do a lot of tests to find good readability at this resolution. It’s a shame the fog (that I used) doesn’t work in WebGL because it really helps navigation.