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Updated with a brighter version of the game. Hope it helps. 

Yeah, I was leaning towards doing something about that too. I may add some sort of light to the conductive blocks themselves. I just didn't have a lot of flexibility since the entire game was modeled in unity (using probuilder). I'll look at that if I end up expanding on the idea with additional levels etc. 

It's not so much the dynamic lighting, probably what's killing performance is the SSAO (Corner shading) and SSR (the reflections). The web version will have those stripped out since they run like garbage in WebGL no matter how fast your computer is. Web version should be up in ~15 min. Again appreciate the feedback, hopefully you'll be able to play the web version without issue.

Thank you for putting up with the performance issues and getting far enough to give some good feedback. I really appreciate it. I plan on making a web build as well that has post fx stripped out to make the game more accessible and less of a hassle to download and play.

10/10 would throw computer out a window over this.

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I didn't know about this jam, I'm really excited! Thank you for putting this together to clarify for us, I was a little confused being that I'm not an Unreal veteran by any means. 

Bringing this game to Unreal Engine as a test. 

Well its been a few weeks, I wonder if these are coming back? Nothing on the FB page either. Hope the organizer is okay since hes been pretty on point up until now.

Here is a free one I found. https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/16314

Another method that would look sharper would be a pixel filter on the camera. There are some on the asset store for cheap or you could write your own relatively easily. Here's one I found. https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/85326. Not what I did mind you but it would make things easier for some.

Bonus points in my eyes. Most aren't willing to brave a new engine.

Thanks, Alex, had a lot of fun with this Jam as I've never really done procedural content before.

Never undervalue prefabs. Unity's prefab system is great for this sort of thing. I can have the tiles all come pre-configured and then the generator just has to plop them in place.

I quite liked the game. I was curious as to how it worked. I assumed you used XNA but didn't pick through the DLLs much. Also, you have a Linux version which to my knowledge, puts XNA out.

Thanks to anyone who voted for me, I've updated the game now to the latest build (since I was holding back for the jam). Please take a moment to check it out and let me know what you think. Thanks again for playing, voting and the great feedback I've gotten.

Thanks, DragMZ! I didn't expect to by any means. I was expecting probably 4th overall.

Thank you Vix, All of the 3d models were done in Unity using ProBuilder. I cannot take credit for the water though. It's an asset based on the Unity Water 4 shader.

Thank you! I agree in that, I do want to increase the speed of combat and I think if I had buffed the speed of the skeletons a bit as well as the fireball speed I could achieve that. I'll play with it after the Jam concludes. I'm, also (literally right now) working on adding a fire rune you can lay down that gets triggered when they walk on it. I'll have to look at the escape issue since I have not seen that one before. 

I'm glad you liked it and if I see enough interest I may rebuild it as a co-op game with more than just fire. 

Great news, I was disappointed it wasn't further along cause I wanted to keep playing.

I really like this.

I really like this idea and I almost did something similar to this. I look forward to seeing what you end up doing.

1: Yeah I'm debating polishing until the end or just going ahead and releasing. I was still pretty impressed how far you got in a small amount of time.

2: I usually use a .NET core backend since I don't have a hosting cost because of my regular day job. The problem is it takes a while to develop so it's not ideal for a game jam. Plus then you are responsible for the data too so you have to be careful what you collect. Thank you for showing me this, it will definitely make things easier for me in the future. 

Created a new topic Publishing before completion

Just wanted to see what other people's opinions were about publishing a game to a game jam while it's in progress. For example, this jam goes 2 weeks, I've had 26 builds of my game in that time that I would have loved to share, but didn't want that first impression of the game to be what I'm scored or rated on. So what is the opinion of posting progress builds as you develop for a game jam?

I only ask because 2 weeks is not a lot of time to put a game together AND a web back end.

Wow, I have to say, I'm impressed. Out of curiosity what did you use for the high score table? Did you use an off the shelf solution or make your own?

I can agree with that. I've been doing the hour long game jams and realistically no one in their right mind would mess with them more than once.

@Alex thanks for posting this, I saw this about a week ago. Was this the inspiration for the jam?

Interesting for sure

Nice work, looks good

Not sure I won, but I think I did.

True, Imgurian here so I saw the flood of that haha. As you can see though, I ended up doing my own thing anyway. Finding the Declaration of Covfefe. 

Created a new topic Limiting Theme?

Was just curious what others thought of the theme. I felt it was fairly limiting.

Lol this theme is so limiting

Posted in The Theme?

I was confused too, was originally considering a C++ game that overwrote its own memory in a creative way but that would take too much time.

well shoot if I had known that I would have tried to cobble something together in a few days.

Nope. Didn't know that was a place. Figured it was a person.