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Enjoyable game!

Nice puzzle concept. It took a little while to "get" it but after that it was fun.

I like the combat system but sometimes dice would appear move towards me way too fast to react

Really well done, cute visuals, and very creative!

How can I tell which is the "correct" number to complete a level?

Pretty cool!

Nice music and good simple visuals. A little too random for my tastes.

Really nice job, had a lot of fun!

Hey, thanks for bringing attention to this issue. We just released an update that should fix it!

I appreciate the feedback! I agree that the control scheme could be better.

Thank you!

Thanks for playing 🙏 I'm glad you liked it! 😁


Excellent gameplay!

You are certainly right, I'll update that :)

Thanks for the bug report, I'll look into it.

Thank you!

Appreciate the comment! It did take a long time to build the map, but it was very fun to do so :)

I'm glad you like it :)

Appreciate the feedback :)

Thank you! I hope I can come up with some!

Got into a real nice flow with this one. Good job!

Haha glad you like it. Thanks for the feedback!


Thank you :)

I'm glad :) Thanks

Thank you!

Really great combat system that is unexpectedly deep! Good job.

Excellent idea and good execution! Good puzzles. I like the skill tree, too!

Super cute art and music! Lovely puzzle design as well :)

I like it.

Hey that's a cool game! Looks highly replayable. I can tell a lot of good work went into it, good job :)

Cool! Deceptively simple, yet so much content.

Excellent platformer, good level design!

Great controls!

Nice concept! Very replayable.